How Stress Can Contribute To Epileptic Seizure? & Great Ways To Relax At Work

For patients with epilepsy, stress and anxiety are common triggers. These triggers can increase the frequency and severity of seizures if not controlled. While neurologists have long recommended epileptic patients avoid stressful environments, but the link has only recently become clearer. This link highlights various therapeutic interventions and alternatives for the same.

Epilepsy is essentially a disorder of the central nervous system. It is caused by abnormal brain activity, resulting in seizures, unusual behaviors, and even a total lack of awareness. This condition has been around for nearly 6,000 years. Its cures and treatments only recently came to light, and they are still far from perfect.

If you’re struggling with epilepsy, you might have to learn to live with it all your life. It requires various relaxation techniques and strategies to avoid stressful situations.

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The Role of Stress & Anxiety In Epileptic Seizures

Stress has long been known to have an outsized impact on brain activity. Anxiety, in general, leads to more stress. As such, stress and anxieties are deeply linked to epileptic seizures, with the former impacting sleep patterns and leaving chemical trails that have long been known to trigger seizure-like symptoms. 

Even people who don’t have epilepsy are known to have experienced seizures. This is referred to as psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES). PNES is an effect of prolonged periods of stress and anxiety.

For those with diagnosed epileptic conditions, however, the risks are substantially higher, requiring lifestyle changes to minimize stress-inducing activities altogether.

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 Role of Stress & Anxiety In Epileptic Seizures
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Those diagnosed with epilepsy can experience seizures even during periods of emotional stress and trauma. While the term ‘trigger warning’ has become a popular term in general parlance, it means something a lot more serious for people who struggle with epileptic disorders. In this case, the only solution is medication, lifestyle changes, and therapy.

Great Ways To Relax At Work For Those Suffering From Epileptic Seizures

For adults with a history of epileptic seizures, it remains essential to have certain relaxation tools and techniques on them at all times. This is true most especially at work. When dealing with particularly stressful periods and when symptoms start to act up, knowing the right techniques can be a lifesaver. 

Here are some simple tips and best practices for when the symptoms start to flare up in the workplace:

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1. Maintain An Organized & Clean Environment

Stress and anxieties are often the results of feeling overwhelmed, either with work piling on or being in total disarray. The best way to deal with this is by organizing and decluttering your environment. Do this so that you can clearly see what lies ahead and tackle problems one at a time.

An unorganized and clutter-filled environment is a key source of anxiety for most people. While getting rid of it may not undo anxieties altogether, it can substantially reduce instances of feeling overwhelmed.

2. Slow & Focused Breathing

The world around you seems too fast and overwhelming. The best way to slow it down is by adopting a slower breathing pattern. 

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Focusing and reducing your breathing pace helps you slow down your reality, reduce anxieties and give you time to think through problems without feeling thoroughly overwhelmed.

slow and focused breathing
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3. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

With epileptic seizures mostly being a disorder of the central nervous system, and attacking orientation and awareness in patients, a progressive muscle relaxation technique helps rebuild awareness and quickly overcome symptoms.

Once you understand what is epilepsy and its various symptoms and causes, progressive muscle relaxations will seem like a lifesaver. This is something that is indispensable for patients suffering from this affliction.

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This mostly involves sitting or lying down. Tensing different muscle groups for a few seconds each before relaxing, and doing this all over the body. This technique can drastically improve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and seizures.

Final Words

Epileptic seizures are a difficult condition for millions across the world, especially when it comes to working environments that they cannot always control. 

The above-mentioned tips and techniques should come in handy. But in the long run, taking treatment from a certified medical practitioner is absolutely essential. This may include various drug and therapeutic interventions.

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