How to be Content with Life: The Road to Peace of Mind and Happiness

In this fast-paced world full of technology and material items, it’s normal to find yourself wanting more.

A better car, a bigger house, or that dream vacation.

Many of us yearn for these materialist things and believe they will lead to endless happiness.

The truth is that finding happiness doesn’t come from dollar signs and our human desire to find a way to get bigger and better in everything in life!

To feel content is to be happy with what you do have- not what you don’t.

Being content with your life doesn’t mean that you have to sweep your goals and dreams away- instead, feeling content means you’re more likely to see clearly, which will then help with life goals.

When you learn to appreciate what you have in life and find happiness in it, then you’re more likely to find the way forward in other aspects of your life.

Read on for my top tips and handy advice on how to be content with your life- while still having goals and aspirations for your future.

What does it mean to be content with life?

If you look up the word content in the dictionary, you’ll see that the definition is: ‘a state of happiness and satisfaction.’

Our lives are busy- it often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to fulfill all our tasks, and then by the time evening arrives, we’re burnt-out.

Tiredness can lead us to put off doing that assignment till tomorrow, canceling on that catch up with friends, and not looking-up that important thing!

The problem is that this lack of motivation leads to us being frustrated with ourselves, and in turn, worrying that we’ve messed up things with our job and friends.

This leads to more worry, which leads to a lack of happiness in life.

So, you’ve been working all day, you can barely keep your eyes open, but you force yourself to do that assignment, even though you’re so shattered all the words are blurring together.

You meet up with your friends even though you’re too exhausted to manage a coherent conversation with them, and you make yourself look up that important thing, even though you’re too tired to take it in.

Pushing ourselves to do things we’re too exhausted to do can lead to poor work, unhappy friends, and the inability to properly switch off.

So how do we find that happy middle place where we can be content with life while maintaining the right balance of managing work, people, and everything in-between?

Mind management

It may sound simple, but a happy mind leads to a happier mindset and, therefore, a more content outlook on life.

Successful mind management takes time, patience, and self-belief.

Basically, to be content in life, we first need to learn how to manage our priorities in life and find a way to be well-balanced.

Every journey has a beginning, so start yours today- buy a notebook, journal, or organizer and jot down some of the things that make you feel happy.

It could be work success, meeting up with friends, painting, having family days out, yoga, saving up enough for that house deposit, romantic weekends away, and spontaneous nights in with movies and pizza.

Now, you need to prioritize these things- put them into different categories, so in your ‘adult things to do’ column, you can put life goals such as all things work-related, home buying, assignment deadlines, bill paying things, etc.

Then there’s the ‘family and friend time,’ category- family and friends are a massive part of our lives, and realizing their importance and making time for them is a great way to finding life contentment.

So, make sure you make time for a catch up with your mom, a friend’s birthday meal, and that family day out at the zoo.

Then there’s your ‘you time’ category- this is where you make time for the things in life that help you find clarity of mind.

This may be arts and crafts, running, or baking. And pretty much everything else that gives you time to think.

It’s important that you give your mind time to switch off from your worries in life and have some one-on-one ‘you‘ time.

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How do I get more content in my life?

Life is at times a crazy, non-stop rollercoaster- you go up, down, and do a few loop-the-loops.

It’s easy in the busyness of our everyday lives to end up focusing on what we don’t have, instead of what we’ve worked hard to achieve.

We lose focus on what makes us happy and dwell on the negative aspects of our lives.

Seeing the bad over the good is a quick way to bypassing how to be happier and being faced with glum and gloom!

So, with so much going on in your life, how do you learn to be more content with what you have?

Stop comparing yourself

So, the new girl at your workplace is 2 dress sizes smaller than you and has ridiculously shiny hair.

The guy at your gym not only looks like a real-life Action Man, but he is also friendly and easy-to-talk-to.

So, your younger cousin had the dream wedding to the love of their life, owns an amazing house with a giant swimming pool, and has 2 beautiful kids, a fluffy dog and a parrot that says ‘hello’ when you enter the room.

This is great for them, but they aren’t you- the truth is that the shiny exterior we see of someone isn’t the whole picture.

We don’t know what’s going on in their personal lives, all we know about them is what we see.

Therefore channeling our negative and jealous vibes toward them isn’t helpful for anyone, least of all ourselves.

Feeling envious of others is a natural human trait- we all feel it at some point in our lives. The key to being content is to learn to move on from this envy and not let it bother us.

In life, there will always be someone richer, taller, slimmer, more athletic, funnier, chattier, more confident, smarter, more attractive, more ambitious, and seemingly more successful than us.

So what! Focus on you, and what makes you happy. Don’t let the successes of other people eat you up and leave you feeling insignificant in comparison.

Your life isn’t the same as someone else’s, but that doesn’t mean that your life isn’t full of amazing things.

Stop comparing yourself to other people and instead focus on what makes you, you.

If you’re struggling to get out of the envy and think of good things about yourself, try writing a list of the top 10 things you like about yourself.

This will help you see that you have plenty of good things going for you- shiny hair or not.

Remain in control

It’s your life, and you’re in the driving seat- so don’t give the power over to someone else.

Remain in control of your own life to avoid that car crash disaster from happening!!!

Okay, so this is the real world, and sometimes events we don’t expect to happen…happen!

When life throws us a curveball, the key is not to freak out.

Every day brings with it something new- you may feel like you can only remain in control when life is going good, but this isn’t true.

Good or bad, you can find a way to feel content with your life- and to remain in control.

The key is to remain in control of all these things so can, well, control!

That way, when something unexpected happens, rest assured that this blip won’t counteract everything else- and you’ve totally got it covered!!!

Taking control tips: stay on top of your finances (so no splurging on that expensive jacket you’ll probably never wear!)

A clean home equals a clean mind- stay house proud and revel in the benefits of a sparkling, fresh, dust-free home.

Don’t get stuck in a rut- instead, every now and then, it’s good to pull yourself out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you a little bit.

Life’s too short to say no to everything out of the ordinary- sometimes, you have to know when to say yes!

Make time for self-reflection

Set aside 5-10-minutes of your day for some all-important self-reflection.

As time goes, 5-10 minutes is only a small chunk of it- but when used wisely, it has the power to make a large influence on your day.

We all need some time for ourselves, after all, we’re not robots. We’re human beings with a head full of feelings and emotions.

It stands to reason that for a happy mind, we need to learn how to reflect on our day and turn the bad into the good.

For instance, self-reflection can help you learn from your mistakes. So, you messed up that work thing by sending an important message to the wrong email address – oops!

Yeah, so okay, your boss might not be all too happy with you right now, but it’s not the end of the world.

As humans, we all make mistakes, the key to being content with life is figuring out how to learn and grow from them.

See the light in the dark. Sometimes, something small can feel like a great, big, fat deal at the time!

The truth is that small issues are always going to be small issues- however much we blow the problem up in our head.

Self- reflection is a great way of working through the day’s events and figuring out that what we thought was the end of the world actually isn’t!

Don’t get stuck in the past

Getting stuck in the past can sometimes feel like you’re doomed!

The truth is that the past is in the past- if we don’t learn and move on from it, then we’ll never discover how to be content with our lives!

Regardless of how much the past might hurt and linger in our minds, it can’t be undone!

On your journey for a content life, it’s important to remember that just because something bad happened in the past, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a happy future,

Getting stuck in past events means that we lose sight of the now. No good can come from lingering on past mistakes and letting them eat us up.

Reflecting on past events, realizing where we went wrong, and learning from our mistakes is the road to happiness.

One tip for figuring out if you’re letting your past rule your present is by reflecting on the last conversation you had with someone. How many times did you talk about your past in a negative way?

Many people choose to overthink how our pasts shape our future- but how exactly we choose to let it influence our future path is completely down to us.

Think about it- the hardest of times help us to grow and then move forward.

Learn from the past then leave it just there- in the past.

And relax

With daily routines full of commuting, work, assignments, making small-talk with people, finding the right response, staying positive, being on the go, and finding time to grab lunch.

Then answering phone-calls, remembering to do that ‘big’ thing, sending out that long email, planning out your speech for that meeting, picking the kids up from school, drinking enough water, making dinner, and so on…

And breathe…the key to being content with your life, is to find the right balance.

In a bid to constantly be aiming for the next thing, it’s easy to overlook the now.

Yes, that assignment won’t write itself- but you’ll probably find you ‘re far more able to focus on it if you first sit back and take some time out for yourself.

Look after your mind, let it have thinking and processing time. Take thought about what you want over need and always value yourself.

Every day is a new adventure, you’ll meet new people and discover new things. If you go into each day with a focused mindset over a frantic one, you will more likely to pay attention to happy aspects of your day.

Don’t forget who you are and what you’ve achieved.

And relax – after-all, you’ve earned it, and so has your mind.

How do I become happy with my life?

The key to happiness is learning how to be happy with what you have.

Don’t focus on what you don’t have but on what makes your life good.

Money’s great and all and so is being top of the ladder- but having all the money in the world doesn’t necessarily buy happiness.

Happiness comes from receiving a cuddle from a caring someone, cheering your friend up when they’re sad, finally completing that story you’ve been trying to write for ages, and decorating your small home to make it look bigger.

It’s not all about fast cars, designer clothing, and expensive vacations.

Sometimes a weekend away in a secluded log cabin or camping a short stroll from the beach is all you need to feel refreshed.

Being content with your life doesn’t mean that you need to forget about your goals and aspirations.

You should always have dreams- but the key to being content is to make your goals realistic.

One day you might be a world-famous singer- but for now, how about making your goal to get a gig in your local bar or join a band so you can meet like-minded folk to share your ideas with?

Big dreams stem from smaller ones. And happiness comes from within.

Rid yourself of negative vibes

Many people hold onto negative vibes and can’t seem to let them go.

Don’t expect the unreachable, and instead, you should focus on the positives.

For many of us, life can be overwhelming for well, pretty much most of the time- but it doesn’t have to be.

If you tell yourself that you’re happy with your life and remind yourself what you feel good about, then you’re more likely to think yourself happy.

Surround yourself with good people who see the good in you, and make you realize how awesome you are. Toxic people and bad friends are not good for finding contentment in life.

If you can’t help but be around negative people, such as work colleagues and family members, then take a deep breath and smile at them- don’t let them burst your content bubble.

You’re not the only one to feel down at times- don’t let your negative vibes or the bad vibes of other people cloud over your happiness.

How to be Content with Life:
An Overview

Life is what you make it, so make sure yours is a happy one.

Being content with life doesn’t mean you’re settling for below what you can achieve- you don’t have to give up on your dreams.

Being content is all about taking a step back and focusing on what you already have and what you’ve already achieved.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t also strive for that job promotion or to invest in that new car.

Instead, being content with your life is about realizing what you have and what makes you smile.

Work towards that job promotion because you know you could do a great job- not because you want the extra money to purchase things you don’t need.

Work towards investing in things that you do need, and that will benefit not only your life but your family’s too.

Always find time for your family and friends. Always find time for yourself.

Think about what makes you happy and hold onto it. You have one life, so think about yourself and your loved ones and don’t spend endless hours worrying about being something you’re not.

Happiness is far more than a flash car and designer clothes- happiness is truly excepting yourself.