How to Build a Positive Work Environment For Your Team

employee productivity

Which companies can we call “successful”?

The success of any company depends to a large extent on its goal and how far-sighted it is.

Most firms follow the old business model where the main goal is to maximize profits, and workers are the plus value that Marx once spoke of, saying that capitalists use the proletariat as masters used slaves and vassals used their servants. According to Marx, the capitalists deceived the ordinary proletariat by taking all their profits, leaving the ordinary workers the means of subsistence, thus making them dependent on the capitalists whose wealth was constantly growing and the life of the proletariat did not change for the better.

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There is a big gap in Marx’s theory because he does not talk about the risk that the capitalist takes in investing his money and does not say that this risk is not shared with the proletariat.

Therefore, the lower profitability of employees is to some extent justified given their lower responsibility.

However, a salary that provides the employee with only a minimum to survive, which reduces his life to survival, is not justified at all. This situation is not only justified from a moral point of view and from the point of view of the Convention on Human Rights, but it is also not justified from an economic point of view.

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Employees and their productivity

employee productivity

Modern economists agree that the main factor influencing employee productivity is personally. Studies show that external factors in the form of small incentives or penalties are effective only in the case of mechanical work that does not require cognitive effort.

However, today more and more mechanical work is performed by robots, and most vacancies require cognitive effort.

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In the case of work that requires cognitive effort, even large incentives are regressive (productivity decreases).

Accordingly, the question arises, how to positively affect the productivity of the employee, when it can only affect himself. The answer is quite simple. We need to give him more freedom.

Everyone has a certain potential and can be discovered only by giving a person more space for expression and development. For example, some successful companies on the last working day will allow employees to form groups and work using the company’s resources on projects that they would like.

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Everyone has a certain set of virtues that he strives to develop and which gives him joy when he performs them. That is why an employee who works hard 6 days a week for 7 days goes to feed homeless animals in the shelter, pursues one of his hobbies, or does something that is clearly not like the rest.

That is why people do not like work that is monotonous and does not provide opportunities for development. A person constantly wants to grow, competes with someone (low personal development) or with himself (high personal development).

A person sets clear high goals, much higher than just making more money.

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In fact, this point is one of the highlights in the relationship between employees and employers.

From time immemorial, roughly speaking, since the days when the main source of human food was hunting, people have understood that in order to survive you need to unite, in order to hunt a mammoth you need to enlist the support of others.

Team Creating

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team building

If you look at the great achievements of mankind, it becomes clear that this paradigm has not changed to achieve a great goal requires a team of like-minded people.

And such can be collected only by giving them enough freedom for self-expression. Only then will workers feel a sense of belonging to a great goal, and will stay at work longer, not because they were forced to, but because it is important for them to achieve this great goal that should change the world for the better.

The main point here is that your employees should feel they are more than just working power. They should feel they are part of a team.

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You should create an atmosphere of total credibility constantly telling that honesty is the best policy, and acting so. Moreover, when you choose your staff to be employed, make sure that all the candidates are taken by the idea of developing your business.

For instance, if you want to open a vape shop, look for those who strive for vape pens ( Their eyes should sparkle when they explain to you which is the best vape pen for e-liquid.

Your shop assistant’s sincere interest in a vape pen will show your customers that your company takes care of the quality of your services. Moreover, it will create a company where all the employees will be more than just co-workers.

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They will have a solid ground for friendship, which will definitely improve the working environment.

The same works for other spheres. If you are not interested in defining the best vape pen but cannot live a day without playing computer games, start a company that produces and sells computer games.

Hiring a couple of programmers who play games will benefit. They will have the topic for discussion with a pint of beer after work.

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Moreover, they might take part in game tourneys as one team from your company, which will provide more word of mouth advertising for you. Isn’t that a perfect combination of fun and profit?

Creating a corporation also requires these principles. For sure, it is far more difficult to find, say 5 thousand people interested in cars (if we talk about car corporations).

However, you might broaden the limits of these criteria. Some of the workers can be interested in cars, others in mechanics; some of them can be interested in creating marvelous ads.

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However, all of them should feel that the company is taking care of them. Be direct about your requirements, but be flexible and never forget to have a real interest in your workers.

Arrange teambuilding events for your employees. Think of arranging such events for employees and their families. Try not to organize parties for 1 thousand people. Aim such events at creating rapport.


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The success of any project is in the people who work on it. Therefore, creating a team that will stand together and that could be friends one day is a real key to success.

Remember that despite a person’s productivity being more internal point than an external one, you can create such conditions that a person will be glad to work for you no matter what the financial benefits are. Think of creating a team that will always back you up no matter what happens. Be open, sincere, and flexible

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