How To Date Stress Free

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Next, we will tell you why sugar dating is currently the most stress-free relationship, as well as its benefits, the roles it has, and we will talk about some statistics on stress in conventional relationships.

At Sharing Sugar we consider that a pleasant and unforgettable experience as well as the achievement of their goals is the most important thing for our users, as well as the fact that this defines our success as facilitators of a platform that specializes in the dates known as sugar dating, the same that are having a great impact around the world, since our human nature calls for innovation and we adapt to the new modern times fairly.

Sugar dates or sugar dating are the clear example that humanity is going through a modern era, in which we have learned to adapt our interpersonal relationships to our student or work activities, whatever  the case may be.

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Today there are so many stressful events all over the world, sugar dating with ukrainian brides with an anchor became one of the most interesting and happy times for every participant. Unfortunately, people do not understand sometimes how complicated the process of meeting and further dating is. And to make it ‘sugar’ and pleasant for both men and women is the great job provided by the managers, developers and so on. But it is worth doing to see the happy faces and listen to the love sugar stories. So the background of sugar dating is.

Sugar dating is a type that relationships that may or may not include affective emotions, this depends on the people involved and the needs of each one; It occurs between people of different sexes or the same sex. Its best-known presentation is that of an older wealthy man (sugar daddy) who becomes involved in an unconventional relationship with a young and beautiful woman (sugar baby), that is, an exchange of financial support for temporary company.

But sugar dating has other very interesting modalities that we want to highlight in this article, and to do this we will delve more deeply into the main terms that these new types of relationships involve and the benefits they imply.

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Who is who in Sugar Dating?

To fully understand how and what the roles are within sugar dating we must understand what the terms sugar daddy, sugar mommy / momma and sugar baby refer to.

Sugar daddy: he is an older man, (usually 40 and over) and wealthy who seeks the company of people younger than him (sugar babies, whether men or women, depending on their sexual preferences). The most common ways to develop your role as sugar daddy is by providing financial support to your sugar baby, but this does not mean that it is the only skill that a sugar daddy possesses, they also usually provide advice, tutoring or similar aspects in entrepreneurship, since they are commonly wealthy men with their own businesses or successful careers. Whether they provide this professional support through their experiences alone, or they combine both supports, it results in a perfect combination for their sugar babies, since it is very common to see them start their own businesses with the financial support of their sugar daddies and the necessary advice to do it in the best way.

A sugar daddy is usually a very busy person, which is why they opt for this type of relationship, since it’s convenient for them in terms of time, getting involved in a conventional romance requires investing a lot of time and this is what they have least, they have a lot of money but they lack time, and although the idea of courtship is a lot more romantic for most, it’s a luxury that a successful and busy man cannot afford.

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However, this does not mean that he does not spend a good amount of time with his sugar baby, he does, but he almost always looks for the 2 x 1 utility strategy, and it is precisely that when they have business trips, dinners executives or roasts with co-workers, they invite their sugar babies, although of course, there will be many occasions where they prefer to simply spend time with the boys; and this aspect is very important, because this is why it’s so common for them to look for college girls with whom they can have a good conversation and who know how to unfold in upper echelons.

A sugar daddy is a businessman, intelligent, an investment expert, and that is why they will invest their time and money in a person who will truly have rewarding results for them; someone with whom to spend pleasant moments and unforgettable experiences. It can be a married, single or divorced man, his marital status will determine several aspects and freedom in the relationship, which are agreed upon from the beginning.

 An important fact that we should not ignore is that a sugar daddy does not necessarily have to be a much older man, we can find some cases in which the sugar daddy is younger than his sugar baby or that they are of the same age or just a few years older, and normally in these cases we do speak specifically about the monetary aspect, since it may be a young businessman or an heir who enjoys his fortune and likes this type of relationship.

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Sugar mommy: it is the female version of the previous one and in the same age range, since it is an older and wealthy woman, who seeks the company of young people (men or women depending on their sexual preference), in exchange for jovial company. And it covers all the aforementioned aspects of the sugar daddy, but in its female version. It should also be emphasized that it may not necessarily be a woman much older than her sugar baby, as it may either be a young businesswoman or an heiress who likes to provide to her partner financially.

Sugar baby: is a young person who has reached the age of majority, (from 18 and on), who prefers the company of older people who have an economic position above the average; The sugar babies offer their company in exchange for financial support, advice, travel, gifts, allowances, tuition payments, house rent, car, etc.

It is very common to find cases where their sugar daddy or mommy pays for their rent and buys them a car, and all the necessary services to have a meeting place, this benefit both parties, since it refers to discretion and the safety and comfort of both. Many sugar babies are so intelligent that they see in sugar dating the opportunity to make their dreams come true, as they opt for business entrepreneurship and job independence and they take advantage of this type of relationship to the last detail as a lever to boost their professional careers and aspirations in life.

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Commonly, these are people who recently graduated or are studying a college carrier, who have very high goals and high aspirations and that is why they opt for this type of relationship. Since they face some social taboos in which sugar dating is classified such as an amoral act in which they are sold in exchange for money, but these people are perfectly clear that this is not necessarily the case, that is why they are usually discreet and persistent. They may have more than one relationship at the same time or some even have an established relationship and either secretly or with the consent of the official partner, they maintain their sugar dating relationship.

Why is sugar dating less stressful than conventional relationships?

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It’s very common to hear people or see their criticism on social networks about sugar dating and its stakeholders, labeling it as amoral and “the easy option” to climb in society and achieve your goals. The truth is that, based on their squared perceptions and ingrained stereotypes of society, they may be right, but from the perspective of modern, open-minded and stereotype-free people, it is a different kind of relationship in this world. In which both parties reach a “win-win” agreement, because they both get exactly what they want, without pretense or concealment or waste of time, and which is adapted to new and fast-paced times.

It’s a type of relationship in which there are no hypocrisies, only truths. And that from the beginning of the relationship the bases are established so that the agreement that best suits both parties is reached. Their demand in so much in this type of relationship that there are different websites on the internet and downloadable applications to interact and find the “perfect match”. For example, some of these websites ask sugar daddies or mommies to put their annual income data in their profiles, so that sugar babies are able choose what suits them best; Like any social interaction site, a profile is created with relevant information, photographs are placed to make themselves known, etc.

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Those involved can meet on the internet, in a cafeteria, at a party, in a department store, where you least imagine, this is possible, but the first interaction usually occurs through the internet, since it’s easier to get straight to the point this way and find exactly what you are looking for without so many complications, in addition to the tranquility and security of being one click away without exposing yourself each time in public places, from the privacy of your home, until a link is established.

Some scientific studies warn that conventional relationships can be stressful

We understand stress as a physical or emotional tension that can be caused by various reasons, or thoughts of frustration, anger, nervousness, anxiety, etc. And it is nothing more than the body’s reaction to such challenges or demands. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), stress is a normal reaction to everyday pressures, but it can be abnormal and harmful to health when it disrupts day-to-day functioning.

There are many studies in the field of Psychology about stress and its effects in the health of those who suffer from it, these studies generally focus on stress caused by work in the clinical area, but there are not many studies that focus on the area of interpersonal relationships, which is what interests us. And so, we emphasize this important point.

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According to a survey conducted in 2015 by SunTrust bank, 30% of those interviewed stated that one of the causes of stress in their love relationships was related to financial problems, and 70% of married couples said that money was the main reason for stress in the relationship.

When examining other websites, we find the same picture, the issue of money is one of the reasons why relationships go through challenges that can lead to total breakdown. For example, in an article published by the sexologist Kelly Gonsalves, he exposes 3 of the great reasons why stress is created in a relationship:

1. Uncertainty about the future.

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2. Arguments and disagreements.

3. Lack of effort by any of those involved.

There are also various studies that ensure that economic stability does have a positive impact on happiness, so money is not an issue that goes unnoticed; If we take into account the aforementioned, we find ourselves with a much greater problem in the crisis of couples, since the current pandemic will add its damage to everyone’s economy, including couples. It is for this and for many other reasons that in Sharing Sugar we consider that sugar dating seems the most relaxed form of romantic relationships that can exist and of the aforementioned problems, none are common in sugar dating.

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In a Sugar Dating-style relationship, it is very difficult to find stressful problems, as those involved are responsible for creating an environment of harmony and agreements from the beginning of the relationship, both of them expose their personal wishes and goals, and that is how they arrive to the perfect deal.

Although it’s a relationship out of the ordinary which evades long-term commitment, this does not mean that it does not contain all the romantic aspects of a conventional relationship, since romance, passion and even love are all aspects in these relationships, but with a touch of reality, this makes people have realistic and down to earth expectations, it’s not about unicorns or fairy dust.

Sugar dating is not for everyone, if you are overly emotional and have long-term romantic goals, getting into one of these relationships would be stressful and even worse, it will “break your heart”. If you are looking for conventional dating and are not sure how to start, you can check out some dating sites, to begin with.

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Sugar dating is for determined people who know what they want and who are willing to share and take advantage of the here and now without having expectations for a future as a couple, it’s rather about being a bit selfish or cynical if they want to see it that way, while still enjoying the romance and joy that the company of a couple brings.

However, we don’t rule out the exceptional cases in which a sugar daddy / mommy get married or make a life together with their sugar baby, because there definitely are, but they happen very rarely, since these relationships are somewhat temporary, and although they do not live the “Happily and forever together” for the most part, yes, a long-term or lifelong friendship is forged and this is priceless.

The success of sugar relationships lies in enjoying each other to the fullest each time they have encounters; sharing a sense of humor, initiative, ambition for success, emotional stability, honesty, sensuality, giving some importance to physical appearance and hygienic care, having availability (the sugar baby mainly, who must abide by the busy schedules of their sugar daddy / mommy), and not leaving the romance aside.

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For many it may not seem very credible that sexual relations are not an indispensable requirement in these relationships, and the truth is that they are not, since there’s different types of sugar dating, which are characterized by different circumstances, including some relationships that are not based on sex, but based on company only and accompaniments to events or just having endless chats.

We could spend all day mentioning the benefits that a sugar dating relationship brings and we wouldn’t finish listing them. As we expressed it before, stress is inevitable, but in excess it can detonate serious problems in a person’s life, and with this article we don’t mean that we are against conventional relationships, on the contrary, we are simply in favor of love and romance in general with all of its expressions, and we applaud couples who live fully and in harmony, both conventional and modern couples we always wish the best; Romance has different modalities and sugar dating is a very practical way to carry it out, without stress and without detours, it is precisely “win, win, and win”.

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