How to Earn a Doctorate in Your Spare Time

Achieving the pinnacle of academic accomplishment – a doctorate – represents a profound aspiration for individuals cherishing education or pursuing career advancement. Yet, life’s complexities often pose formidable obstacles, creating a seemingly impossible challenge. 

Balancing personal responsibilities, professional aspirations, and the pursuit of a doctorate can be daunting. This guide illuminates a path forward, demonstrating that earning a doctorate in your spare time is not only possible but entirely within reach through careful planning and strategic time management, so keep reading to learn how you can do it.

Choose the Right Institution

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Earning a doctorate is a time-intensive endeavor, akin to a full-time job requiring approximately 40 hours per week. Striving for this degree while maintaining a full-time job is akin to juggling two demanding roles. 

Some institutions prohibit full-time employment during doctoral studies, further exacerbating the challenge. You can navigate the institutional challenge by choosing an institution that will allow you to handle both. 

Some universities offer fully online doctorate classes. For example, you can earn your doctorate of philosophy at Faulkner University in five years online, meaning you can keep your job and chase your academic goals comfortably.

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Effective Time Management

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A successful doctoral journey amidst personal and professional commitments hinges on effective time management – a delicate art that demands discipline, structure, and, often, sacrifices. 

Given the heavy workload of a doctorate, it’s not a matter of devoting a few hours each week, but rather, a significant chunk of your daily life. This might entail postponing certain activities you enjoy, be it leisurely reading, weekly game nights, or frequent trips to the cinema. 

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Incorporating reliable organizational tools such as digital calendars, task management apps, or traditional planners can prove invaluable. Remember, it’s about balance, not elimination. Occasional relaxation and social outings are essential for a healthy, sustainable study/work-life balance.

Set Realistic Goals

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As you embark on your doctoral journey, understanding time constraints and setting realistic goals is paramount. The desire to complete your doctorate rapidly is natural, but one must confront the reality of finite time and energy. 

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Some institutions impose static time limits on degree completion, while others offer flexibility, allowing students to pace their studies based on availability. This flexibility can be a lifeline for those juggling a tight schedule, as it allows extending the doctorate over a longer period. 

However, beware of time caps; some institutions permit only so much extension. Therefore, thorough research is necessary to select a program that aligns with your schedule to avoid overcommitting yourself, which can be overwhelming.

Pick an Area You are Passionate About

A doctorate journey demands resilience, patience, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. It’s not merely the pursuit of a degree but a long-term commitment to exploring the depths of a specific field. Hence, choosing an area that sparks your interest and fuels your intellectual curiosity is crucial.

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The length and rigorous demands of a doctorate program can feel overwhelming, especially if the subject at hand is not something you’re passionate about. In contrast, the challenges become more bearable if you genuinely enjoy the subject. 

While the workload will still be demanding, the burden of pressure lessens when you’re engrossed in a topic you love. 

Choose the Right Supervisor

Selecting an appropriate supervisor is a crucial element in your doctoral journey. This individual will be instrumental in maintaining your peace of mind throughout your studies. Ideally, choose a tutor whose work you admire and who shares aspects of your personal or professional background. 

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This shared experience may foster understanding and empathy toward your unique situation, facilitating a smoother, more supportive doctoral journey. Remember, a supervisor who appreciates your circumstances can be the difference between a grueling and a gratifying doctorate experience.

Final Words

Earning a doctorate while managing other life aspects is an ambitious, achievable goal. It hinges on the careful selection of the right institution. and supervisor, effective time management, setting realistic goals, and pursuing an area you’re truly passionate about. 

Strive for balance, maintain perseverance, and let your love for learning guide you on this challenging yet rewarding journey.

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