How To Find The Color Of Your Aura

Key Takeaways:

  • Knowing the color of your aura can provide insight into your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Understanding this can help you address any imbalances and promote healing.
  • Meditation and introspection, aura photography, and muscle testing or kinesiology are the three methods to find the color of your aura. Meditating and reflecting on yourself can help you perceive the color, while aura photography can give a visual representation. Muscle testing evaluates subtle changes in energy levels in your body and can determine the color of your aura.
  • The color of your aura is associated with different meanings such as red representing passion and energy, yellow signifying intellect and creativity, blue indicating calmness and communication, and white representing purity and spirituality.

Are you curious about the color of your aura? Discover how to effortlessly uncover its unique hue and learn the spiritual meaning of each one. You can unlock the potential of your aura and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Importance of knowing aura colors

Knowing the colors of your aura can provide valuable insight into your emotional and spiritual state, making it an important aspect to explore. By learning about your aura colors, you can gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, which can lead to personal growth and self-awareness. Understanding what is my color aura can also help establish deeper connections with others, as you become more empathic and attuned to their energies. Embrace the significance of understanding your aura colors and harness its power to enrich your life.

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Exploring the colors of your aura can provide a deeper understanding of your emotional and spiritual state, which can assist you in identifying areas of improvement and personal growth. This knowledge can help optimize your emotional health, providing you with a sense of inner peace and a harmonious balance between your mind, body, and soul. Additionally, learning about your aura colors can help you develop a greater sense of empathy and attunement with others, which is vital in establishing deeper, meaningful connections.

To enhance your understanding of your aura colors, it is important to pay close attention to the unique sensations and emotions you experience. Meditation and visualization exercises can be useful in identifying the colors and interpreting their meanings. Additionally, participating in activities that promote positivity and balance, such as yoga, can help mend and unite the different elements of the self. Remember to practice self-care and self-awareness regularly to strengthen your aura and maintain its optimal state.

Knowing your aura colors offers significant benefits that can enrich your life in countless ways. By embracing the significance of exploring your aura, you can create a harmonious and balanced self, that is in tune with the universe around you. Understanding your own emotional and spiritual state can also help you establish deeper connections with those around you, fostering empathy, understanding, and compassion. Start your journey of discovering what is my color aura today and unlock the secrets to a more fulfilling life.

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Importance of knowing aura colors-How To Find The Color Of Your Aura,

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Methods to find the color of your aura

Discover your aura’s color! We have techniques. These involve: meditation, introspection, aura photography, and muscle testing (kinesiology). With these methods, you can gain insight into your energy field and the colors it radiates.

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Methods to find the color of your aura-How To Find The Color Of Your Aura,

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Meditation and introspection

Exploring the depths of your psyche can lead to a greater understanding of your aura. Through deep reflection and self-awareness practices, such as introspection and mindfulness, you can begin to tap into the layers of energy surrounding you.

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By focusing your attention inwards, you can connect with the true essence of yourself and start to unlock hidden positive energies within.

It is important to note that meditation and introspection require patience and consistency in order to see results.

There are various techniques available such as guided meditations, breathwork and chanting that may help enhance your ability to focus inwardly.

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It’s also worth noting that every individual experiences their aura differently, making it crucial to create an environment conducive for meditation which will enable you to better perceive everything around you at a deeper level.

It is believed that outdoor meditation while surrounded by nature can aid in connecting with oneself on a core level.

Don’t let FOMO get the best of you, take some time out of your day today for some peace and quiet with yourself in order to unlock the mysteries of your personal aura.

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Through consistent practice, you too can find the color beneath all those layers.

Capture your soul’s inner glow on camera with aura photography, the perfect way to prove that you’re not just a hot mess, but a vibrant and colorful one.

Aura photography

The art of capturing an individual’s aura can be done through unconventional techniques and devices. Capturing a person’s energetic field can be achieved by using Aura imaging equipment, which measures the intensity of vibrations given off from an individual’s being. These vibrations are then translated into color-coded representations that are thought to represent their emotional state, nature or mood.

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There are multiple ways to capture one’s aura, such as through cameras or sensors that use biofeedback mechanisms to interpret bodily signals. Practitioners or trained professionals in this field often use Kirlian photography, which captures the discharge between two conductive plates with high voltage electrical energy. Victims of psychic attack are advised to visit healers who possess the ability to read auras.

Auras have been the subject matter of divination practices throughout history starting from ancient Greeks and Chinese cultures. The idea of human beings possessing a metaphysical energy has been popularized by many spiritualists and New Age thinkers around the world. Despite its dubious origin and varied interpretations, aura photography remains one of the most captivating subjects in the realm of mysticism and spirituality.

Put your muscles to the test and find out your aura’s color with kinesiology, or just trust us and stick with guessing based on your favorite color.

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Muscle testing or kinesiology

Using muscle testing or kinesiology is an effective method to find the color of your aura. By using this technique, your body’s energy fields can be tested by measuring the strength of certain muscles. A variation of this technique involves holding specific substances while muscle testing takes place. This helps in assessing which colors are present in your aura and how strong they are.

Muscle testing or kinesiology can provide more insight into the colors of your aura than other methods. The process involves asking your body yes or no questions through specific movements. Additionally, practitioners can use colors, shapes, and symbols to assess energies that may be affecting your aura. Muscle testing is also used to determine which treatments and remedies will work best for each person’s unique energy field.

It is important to note that muscle testing or kinesiology should only be performed by a trained professional who has experience with energy work and assessing auras. It is also important to keep an open mind during this process as the results may not always align with what you expect.

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In one instance, a woman sought out an expert in muscle testing to determine the colors of her aura. Through muscle testing, it was revealed that she had a strong presence of purple and blue in her aura, indicating intuitive and communicative abilities were prominent within her energy field. This information helped her better understand herself and focus on tapping into those strengths in her daily life.

Find out what your aura color says about you, without having to expose yourself to any awkward conversations with spiritual healers.

Common aura colors and their meanings

Explore unique traits of each hue! Get to know the 8 aura colors and their meanings: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, and Black. Each color offers insight into emotional, mental, and physical states. Discover your aura color!

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Common aura colors and their meanings-How To Find The Color Of Your Aura,

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The fiery and passionate hue of the color that symbolizes power, aggression, and energy is called Red. The aura radiating red is often associated with physical stamina, courage, confidence, and a zest for life. Those who exude this color are considered determined, strong-willed, and focused individuals who are capable of accomplishing great feats single-handedly.

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Red aura individuals carry tremendous energy within them which makes them unstoppable in their endeavors. This vibrant light surrounds athletes, activists, and leaders who inspire others to follow along with their strength and determination. Being in a relationship with someone possessing a red aura can be intense since they crave attention and love passionately.

Interestingly enough, people radiating red may also face some drawbacks when it comes to handling stress, as it can quickly drive them into fits of rage or cause them anxiety. They may also have trouble trusting others as they are fiercely independent individuals.

To unlock the potential of a dominant red aura personality type, learn how to channel one’s inner fire towards constructive means such as sports or other healthy pursuits. Discarding toxic relationships or learning to forgive past grudges is an important step towards leading a more fulfilling life.

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Discovering the color of your aura can be an exciting journey that gives one insight into their personality traits. Don’t miss out on discovering the wonders hidden within you by overlooking something as silly as ‘colors’.

There’s nothing citrusy about this aura color – Orange isn’t just for fruits anymore.


The radiant color of Orange in your aura represents creativity, vitality and enthusiasm. A dominant color indicates someone who is sociable and charismatic. It symbolizes positive energy, vitality, and the ability to communicate ideas. People with orange aura are often spontaneous, adventurous, with a desire for change.

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Orange is also associated with Chakra’s second center- Sacral chakra, located below the navel. It’s main function includes sexuality, pleasure and procreation. If you have a dull or dim orange aura, it could signify a sense of imbalance in thought patterns or personal desires.

It’s important to note that although one can have an orange hue in their aura today; people’s auras change over time based on daily emotions and actions.

Discovering your aura color is easy but having awareness will help to balance your thought pattern. Take note of what color resonates within you during meditation or self-reflection practice.

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Don’t miss out on understanding what’s going on inside your body at an energetic level. Understanding your Aura will manifest an empowered state of living!

Yellow aura? More like mellow aura, am I right?


The sunny and vibrant hue that radiates from a person is indicative of their aura’s Yellow color. Associated with intellect, mental agility, and happiness, people with yellow auras are eloquent communicators who have charismatic personalities.

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Yellow is the color of positivity and growth. If your aura depicts this sunshine hue, you may be keenly intelligent and possess excellent analytical skills, making you ideal for leadership positions.

It’s not just limited to intelligence or leadership – being a nurturing confidant may also be another characteristic of someone with a yellow aura. People showing this style may become healers or teachers, showing wisdom beyond their years.

For instance, Dr. Leo Buscaglia was known worldwide as an expert on empathy and human relationships. He wrote best-selling books and delivered speeches about interpersonal relationships’ importance – discernment affairs’ focus makes him an exemplar of yellow aura energy.

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Green is the color of envy, but also the color of balance and harmony – good luck finding that in the office break room.


An Insight into the Meaning and Significance of the Green Aura Color

Green aura color signifies balance, growth, and healing. It represents self-love, inner peace, and personal transformation. People who possess green aura colors are often in touch with their emotions and possess strong nurturing abilities. They tend to be great listeners and are skilled at problem-solving.

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Green aura colors can also indicate a connection to nature, manifesting as an individual’s love for plants, animals, or the environment. This color is prevalent among teachers, natural healers, farmers and those who desire spiritual growth.

Pro Tip: If you wish to enhance your green aura color, surround yourself with natural vibrant greenery and practice mindfulness meditation daily.

Feeling blue? Perhaps your aura is too, but don’t worry, it’s just a reflection of your calm and cool demeanor.

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Representing calmness and serenity, the aura color that falls in shades of Blue has significant meaning. It suggests truthful communication, with people often finding it easy to confide their secrets with those having Blue aura. Additionally, this shade showcases sensitivity to others’ emotions, making these individuals good listeners and trustworthy advisors.

People surrounded by Blue auras often love to spend time alone, thinking deeply about life. They prioritize honesty above everything else, giving the impression of being genuine individuals whom others can count on whenever they need guidance.

It is essential to note that the shades of Blue aura vary in meaning as well. While light blue denotes inner peace and clarity of thought, dark blue could suggest a need for reassurance or healing after a difficult experience.

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Discovering the hue of your aura provides valuable insight into your personality traits and emotions and empowers you to understand yourself better. Do not miss out on getting a glimpse of your unique qualities by learning about other common aura colors and their meanings today!

Looks like purple isn’t just for royalty, it’s for those who radiate creativity and spirituality too – sorry peasants.


This color stands for spirituality, intuition and mysteriousness. People with Purple aura are considered to be spiritually evolved and have a deep understanding of the universe. They can sense things beyond the physical realm and have strong psychic abilities. This color represents creativity, originality and uniqueness. People with Purple aura are often associated with unconventional beliefs or lifestyles.

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Furthermore, this hue is also known to symbolize royalty, luxury and wealth. In ancient times, only kings and queens were able to wear clothes dyed in purple as it was an expensive dye sourced from a rare sea snail found in ancient Phoenicia.

It is said that people with a dominant Purple aura are likely to excel at creative professions like music, art or writing. They have a strong connection to their imagination and can think outside of the box easily.

In history, this color was used as a symbol of power by several cultures including the Egyptians and Romans. It is believed that Cleopatra used crushed amethyst stones to add purple tint to her eyelids which enhanced her beauty even more.

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White auras may seem boring, but they’re just pure souls who haven’t picked up enough dirt yet.


The pureness of the highest spectrum of color reflected in one’s aura is often represented by shades of crystal white. White, symbolizing light and positivity, usually signifies a spiritual or divine aspect in the individual’s state of being. It can also mean purity, innocence, and peace.

In many cases, people with a white aura are seekers of truth and possess an indomitable spirit in their quest for enlightenment. They are self-motivated individuals who are always willing to learn more about themselves and others. These individuals inspire growth, creativity, and new ideas that transcend worldly boundaries.

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Moreover, the calm state of mind resulting from a white aura often results in meditation practices or practicing spirituality regularly. Individuals with white auras have a charismatic presence that draws people where they feel safe around them.

If you think all this sounds exciting and want to know how to identify your aura colors, you don’t want to miss out on our next section! Stay tuned for tips on recognizing the unique colors hidden within you!

Black is the new black- but in aura colors, it might not be the best look for you.

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People often associate the color Black with negativity. In the context of Auras, Black is usually associated with a lack of energy or blockages in the person’s life. The color indicates that an individual is not currently open to receiving external energies such as guidance, healing, or compassion.

Black in Aura readings represents a hidden nature and a sense of needing protection from harm and disappointment. It can be an indication that one is going through a difficult time or has suffered a recent loss. This person may feel alone and disconnected from others due to the negative energy they are emitting.

It is important to recognize this color in your aura and take measures to heal oneself or seek help if needed. Understanding your aura colors can lead you on the path towards emotional and spiritual growth.

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Don’t ignore the signs of black in your aura as it could cause more harm than good. Seek help from professionals if needed to embark on the journey towards positivity and healing for yourself and others around you.

Five Facts About How To Find The Color Of Your Aura:

  • ✅ The color of your aura can be determined through meditation and observation of the energy field around your body. (Source: Verywell Mind)
  • ✅ Aura colors are associated with different emotions, traits, and meanings, such as blue for calmness and creativity, and yellow for joy and intellect. (Source: Gaia)
  • ✅ Aura colors can change depending on your mood and state of mind, and may be influenced by external factors like environment and other people. (Source: MindBodyGreen)
  • ✅ Some people claim to have the ability to see or read auras, and offer services like aura photography and consultations. (Source: The Huffington Post)
  • ✅ Learning about your aura color can offer insight into your personality, strengths, and weaknesses, and help you achieve greater self-awareness and spiritual growth. (Source: The Chopra Center)

FAQs about How To Find The Color Of Your Aura

What is an aura?

An aura is the energy field that surrounds every living thing, including humans. It is composed of different layers that interact with each other and with the external environment.

How do I find the color of my aura?

There are different methods you can use to determine the color of your aura. Some people suggest that you can do it by looking into a mirror and focusing on your energy field, or by taking a photograph of yourself with a special aura camera. You can also consult with an expert in aura reading or learn how to read your own aura through meditation and practice.

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What do the colors of an aura mean?

The colors of an aura can have different meanings depending on the person and the circumstances. Generally, each color represents a different aspect of the energy field, such as emotions, personality traits, or physical conditions. Some examples of aura colors and their meanings are red for passion, orange for creativity, yellow for intellect, green for healing, blue for communication, indigo for intuition, and violet for spirituality.

Can the color of my aura change over time?

Yes, the color of your aura can change depending on your state of mind, your health, and your spiritual development. For example, if you are feeling stressed or anxious, your aura may become darker or more intense. If you are practicing meditation or other spiritual disciplines, your aura may become brighter or more balanced.

How can I improve the color of my aura?

You can improve the color of your aura by taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Some suggestions include eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, practicing meditation or yoga, connecting with nature, surrounding yourself with positive energy, and cultivating a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

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Is it possible to see someone else’s aura?

Yes, it is possible to see someone else’s aura with proper training and practice. Aura readers and healers use different techniques to read and interpret the energy fields of other people, such as scanning the body with their hands, sensing the vibrations of the aura, or using special tools or devices. However, it is important to respect people’s privacy and boundaries, and not to invade their personal space without their consent.

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