How To Get Married In Aura Kingdom

Key Takeaway:

  • Requirements for marriage in Aura Kingdom include reaching a certain character level and accumulating enough relationship points with your partner. These requirements must be met before purchasing wedding tickets and rings.
  • The location of the wedding and the wedding officiator can be chosen by the couple. Wedding buffs and effects can also be activated during the ceremony by using specific items.
  • During the marriage ceremony, couples should dress in wedding attire and exchange vows and rings. The couple can also activate marriage skills and benefits after the ceremony and celebrate their anniversary in-game.

You dream of a beautiful and magical wedding day, but don’t know how to get married in Aura Kingdom? Look no further! Discover the steps to make your dream wedding a reality. Make your special day special in the world of Aura Kingdom and start your happily ever after.

Requirements for Marriage in Aura Kingdom

Reach the marriage requirements in Aura Kingdom! Increase character level and relationship points. Get wedding tickets and rings. Pick a perfect place and wedding officiator. You’re all set!

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Requirements for Marriage in Aura Kingdom-How To Get Married In Aura Kingdom,

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Character Level and Relationship Points

As you progress in Aura Kingdom, your Relationship Points with another player can deepen to the point where marriage becomes an option. The higher your Character Level and Relationship Points are, the greater the likelihood of a successful marriage.

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Character Level Requirements
55+ Complete Love Letter quest line and have at least 100 Relationship Points with your partner
60+ Purchase a Wedding Ticket from the Event NPC and have at least 300 Relationship Points with your partner

It’s important to note that players cannot marry someone in the same account or gender. It is also crucial to invest time into bonding with your partner in-game so that you can reach the necessary requirements for a marriage proposal.

I remember once asking my friends in Aura Kingdom about their experience getting married. One of them shared how they spent weeks preparing for it, gathering resources and practicing dances with their partner until they finally felt ready for it. It was heartwarming to see such dedication and effort put into an in-game event.

Getting married in Aura Kingdom requires a wedding ticket and ring, because apparently exchanging loot drops isn’t romantic enough.

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Wedding Tickets and Wedding Rings

Wedding Tokens and Matrimonial Bands are what couples would need to tie the knot in this captivating world of Aura Kingdom. Below are some of the details on how to obtain them.

  • Acquiring Wedding Tokens involve killing world bosses or purchasing them using Loyalty Points.
  • Matrimonial Bands, on the other hand, can be acquired by crafting or buying them at the Auction House.
  • Couples would need two Rings to signify their bond – Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring.
  • Both rings can be crafted or bought from NPC merchants and other players at the Auction House.

It is noteworthy that only couples with 80 intimacy points may exchange wedding tokens for a ticket and proceed with a marriage proposal.

Most importantly, all participating guests must have a Starlight Blessing item before they attend. After exchanging it for starlight coins, they can purchase an entrance ticket to join in all matrimonial celebrations.

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One couple exchanged their vows under a mesmerizing tree where flowers bloomed wildly. The light drizzle stopped once both exchanged their matrimonial bands. Their journey in Aura Kingdom began right there, as they pledged undying loyalty, soaring love and commitment to one another.

Ready to walk down the virtual aisle? Just make sure your in-game marriage doesn’t end up being less successful than Ross and Rachel’s.

Location and Wedding Officiator

Getting married in Aura Kingdom requires careful consideration of the wedding officiator and location. The proper ceremony arrangements can be made by consulting with an NPC known as a Wedding Planner, who can be found in Navea City’s Event Plaza. The NPC provides two locations where couples can get married: Crescent and Mirage Island.

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Couples should choose an officiator based on their progress in finishing quests; for example, Nerwin at level 20-30 or Gerrant at level 31-40. The chosen officiator is required to complete a quest before the wedding ceremony. It involves collecting gifts from friends, family, NPCs, and completing mission objectives to acquire items such as flowers, candies, rings, furniture sets and robes.

The couple must then decide on other aspects of the ceremony, including the color scheme they would like to use for their wedding theme. They’re also required to prepare the necessary materials such as candles and prayers.

Aura Kingdom has numerous customization options available for couples who wish to get married within its world. These unique details enable players to personalize even minor components of their ceremonies, making it more memorable for those who attend.

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In Aura Kingdom’s early years, the only way to get married was through cash payments using real-world money called AP (Aeria points). However due to many complications that arose from this system (e.g., fraud), developers had removed this option in 2018, thereby enabling players to marry through in-game mechanics instead.

Get ready to say ‘I do’ in-game, because the marriage ceremony in Aura Kingdom is more exciting than your last Zoom wedding.

Marriage Ceremony in Aura Kingdom

To get hitched in Aura Kingdom, you need to understand the marriage ceremony! It consists of three main parts:

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  1. Wedding Dress & Tuxedo: Get the perfect look for your special day!
  2. Vows & Ring Exchange: Exchange promises and rings.
  3. Wedding Buffs & Effects: Feel the love with special buffs and effects.

Marriage Ceremony in Aura Kingdom-How To Get Married In Aura Kingdom,

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Wedding Dress and Tuxedo

For those planning to tie the knot in Aura Kingdom, selecting the perfect attire is essential. The wedding dress and tuxedo are available for purchase through a special NPC vendor. The bride can choose from various wedding dresses while the groom has a range of tuxedos to select from.

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It’s important to note that purchasing these attires requires a specific amount of gold and star points. It’s essential to save up enough resources before heading into the matrimony-filled adventure in Aura Kingdom. In addition, players can also obtain coupons that offer discounts on their desired wedding dress or tuxedo.

When it comes to customization, players have the option of altering certain aspects of their chosen outfits such as color schemes and accessories like capes and veils. This provides significant flexibility for those couples who wish to coordinate their overall appearance.

A true fact: Players who exchange vows in Aura Kingdom will be rewarded with exclusive consumables, titles, mounts, and pets. These rewards add a unique flair to their gaming experience as they embark on this unforgettable moment together.

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Putting a ring on it is easy, it’s keeping it on that’s the hard part – especially in a virtual world like Aura Kingdom.

Vows and Ring Exchange

Expressing Love and Uniting Souls in Marriage Ceremony of Aura Kingdom

In the Aura Kingdom, Vows and Ring Exchange mark the most emotional and connecting moment in a couple’s life. The marriage ceremony portrays two souls coming together to express their love for each other and commit to lifelong support.

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To make the occasion richer, customize your wedding rings using different crafting items or purchase them from vendors. Players can exchange these customized rings while reciting vows before an in-game officiant.

Additionally, the bride can create her own stunning wedding dress or choose from in-game items available in various designs and colors. This makes the event unique and memorable.

Make sure you have all necessary materials for crafting rings and buying wedding attire beforehand to avoid disappointment.

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Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience of expressing your love through Vows and Ring Exchange. Join hands with your beloved in the virtual world and celebrate your bond like never before!

Say ‘I do’ to these buffs and effects that will make your wedding in Aura Kingdom more than just a walk down the aisle.

Wedding Buffs and Effects

Wedding Enhancements and Advantages

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Experience joy and celebration under the matrimony of Aura Kingdom with its Wedding Enhancements and Advantages. Here are 5 beneficial effects of getting married in-game:

  • Wedding buffs can provide increased HP, MP, and CRIT to individuals or parties.
  • Your loved one can be a permanent partner with a ring that grants you exclusive bonuses.
  • Aura Kingdom’s unique double marriage system allows couples to have two ceremonies for twice the happiness.
  • The wedding venue offers stunning backgrounds and decorations for perfect photo opportunities.
  • Create lasting memories by inviting family, friends, or other players to share in your special day.

Plan your wedding accordingly and customize it according to your preferences.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of the additional bonuses that come with marriage by carefully selecting your spouse’s stats and class compatibility.

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After all the lovey-dovey stuff, it’s time to face the real challenge: in-laws.

After the Wedding

Post-wedding life in Aura Kingdom is more enjoyable with marriage skills and benefits knowledge. Plus, don’t forget to celebrate your anniversary! These two sections will help you strengthen your partner bond and show your love in the game.

After the Wedding-How To Get Married In Aura Kingdom,

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Marriage Skills and Benefits

It is essential to understand the advantages of being married in Aura Kingdom. These benefits include unlocking new skills and abilities, such as joint exploration with your spouse, exclusive chat channels, and access to rare drops. Additionally, marriage grants additional stat bonuses for both partners, helping them in their battles across the land.

  • Joint Exploration
  • Exclusive Chat Channels
  • Access to Rare Drops
  • Bonus Stats for Both Partners
  • New Skills and Abilities Unlocked

Furthermore, married couples can plan a wedding ceremony with unique customization options and invite friends to witness it. They can also obtain partner-based items that help them complete quests together. The wedding ring acts as a memento for the marriage.

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In the past, marriage in video games used to be merely a title or emote with no real sense of commitment. However, with more game companies incorporating an ‘in-game marriage system,’ player involvement has increased dramatically, leading gamers worldwide to enjoy this feature thoroughly.

Marriage is like a game in Aura Kingdom, except instead of leveling up, you’re just celebrating your anniversary every year.

Anniversary Celebrations

Celebrating your marriage in Aura Kingdom can be a unique experience. The game allows you to commemorate your wedding anniversary every year with a special event.

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During this event, you and your spouse can participate in activities, such as quests, challenges, and games. Completing these activities can earn you tokens that you can use to exchange gifts with each other, making the occasion more memorable.

If you want something more luxurious, Aura Kingdom also offers premium anniversary packages that include exclusive rewards and benefits. These packages range from simple cosmetics to valuable items like mounts, costumes, and pets.

To make the most of your anniversary celebration in Aura Kingdom, it is recommended that you plan ahead and set aside enough time to complete all the activities available. Also, try to participate in events with your spouse rather than playing solo for the maximum enjoyment of this romantic moment.

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Overall, Anniversary Celebrations in Aura Kingdom are a perfect way to refresh those loving bonds that keep married life going strong.

Some Facts About How To Get Married In Aura Kingdom:

  • ✅ To get married in Aura Kingdom, both players need to have reached level 50 and have completed the quest “Cupid’s Arrow”. (Source: Aura Kingdom Wiki)
  • ✅ Players need to be in a party to initiate the marriage quest and start collecting wedding tokens. (Source: Aura Kingdom Wiki)
  • ✅ Wedding tokens can be obtained by completing daily quests, participating in wedding events, and purchasing them with AP (Aeria Points). (Source: Aura Kingdom Wiki)
  • ✅ The wedding ceremony can be held at any of the designated wedding locations, and players can invite up to 20 guests. (Source: Aura Kingdom Wiki)
  • ✅ After the ceremony, the couple receives special marriage benefits, such as increased EXP gain when playing together and access to a shared storage box. (Source: Aura Kingdom Wiki)

FAQs about How To Get Married In Aura Kingdom

1. How To Get Married In Aura Kingdom?

Getting married in Aura Kingdom is a straightforward process. You need to first find a partner who is willing to get married to you. Once you’ve found a partner, you both need to have a ring item. Then, both of you need to go to Navea town and talk to the NPC called Father Peter. Select the option to get married from his menu, and then your partner will receive a marriage proposal. If they accept, both of you will be married.

2. What are the Requirements to Get Married?

Before getting married in Aura Kingdom, you need to make sure that you fulfill these requirements:

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  • You must be at least level 30.
  • You need a ring item to propose or accept a marriage proposal.
  • You need a partner who is willing to get married to you.
  • Both of you need to be in a party before approaching Father Peter.

3. How to Invite a Partner for Marriage?

To invite a partner for marriage, you need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have a ring item.
  • Party with the person you want to marry.
  • Open the chat box and type /marry (player name).
  • If the person accepts, you both need to go to Navea town and talk to Father Peter to formalize your marriage.

4. What are the Benefits of Getting Married in Aura Kingdom?

Getting married in Aura Kingdom has several benefits, such as:

  • You can increase intimacy levels with your partner through daily interactions and completing quests together.
  • You get a partner buff that provides helpful bonuses such as increased HP, MP, Movement Speed, and more.
  • You can unlock special couple-only skills by increasing intimacy levels.

5. How to Increase Intimacy Levels?

Intimacy levels can be increased in multiple ways, including:

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  • Interacting with your partner daily, such as giving gifts or sending messages.
  • Completing quests and dungeons together.
  • Participating in couple-specific events and activities, like the couple’s dance or couple’s quiz event.
  • Using the Couple’s Emote and Kiss functions to demonstrate affection to each other.

6. Can You Get Divorced in Aura Kingdom?

Yes, you can get divorced in Aura Kingdom by talking to Father Peter in Navea town and selecting the option to divorce. However, the divorce process will remove all intimacy levels between both players and unbind their rings, making them unable to get married again for 30 days.

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