How To Know Your Aura

Key Takeaway:

  • An aura is an energy field that surrounds a person and can be seen as different colors.
  • Techniques to identify your aura include meditation, visualizing your aura, feeling energy flow, and using a camera or photograph.
  • Interpreting aura colors can provide insight into emotional states and personality traits, with colors such as red representing passion and orange representing creativity.

Do you ever feel influenced by the energies around you? Unlock the secrets of your aura to gain a better understanding of your spiritual self. You can learn to interpret the colors and vibrations of your aura to deepen self-awareness and create positive change.

What is an aura

Do you want to know your aura? To understand it, you need to know what an aura is. Here’s a look at the definition, components, and colors of an aura.

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First, let’s define aura. It’s an energy field with unique colors and shapes. Then, we’ll look at the components that make up an aura. Lastly, we’ll explore the various colors found in different auras.

What is an aura-How To Know Your Aura,

Image credits: by David Washington

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Definition of aura

An aura is a field of energy that surrounds a person or object, believed to be generated by subtle vibrations. It can provide insight into someone’s emotional, physical and spiritual states. By understanding your aura, you can increase self-awareness and improve overall well-being.

Your aura can reveal specific colors and shapes which correspond to different aspects of your life. Red may symbolize passion and excitement while blue indicates a calming presence. The shape can represent your personality traits; a sharp edge demonstrates edginess while a rounded shape suggests compassion.

Interestingly, individuals with psychic abilities claim they can see and read auras. However, even if you are not gifted with such unique talents, there are proven approaches to detecting the quality of your own aura- it’s all about paying attention to yourself!

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Knowing the aura provides enhanced introspection that leaves one feeling incredibly self-aware. Take time to observe every new detail in the way good nutrition could benefit the body as well as nurturing the mind for optimum performance – decode colors & energies around you; learn against them! Your aura is like a fruit salad, made up of different components that all contribute to the overall flavor of your energy.

Components of an aura

The constituents of an aura are subtle energies that emanate from living beings. These energies are said to manifest themselves as colorful, luminous fields that surround the body. Different people have different-colored auras that can project vital physiological and psychological information about their being.

The auric field consists of multiple layers, including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of personality. Each layer of the aura has its unique characteristics that interact with others to create a holistic depiction of an individual’s health and well-being. The color and intensity of each layer change in response to an individual’s moods, emotions, and thoughts.

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Many ancient civilizations such as India, Tibet, Egypt, and Greece describe auric fields across medical texts and philosophical literature. In ancient Chinese medical practices like acupuncture, practitioners would diagnose illnesses by detecting imbalances in an individual’s auric field. While not widely recognized in modern Western medicine yet, studies suggest that auras could be used as a possible diagnostic tool for certain diseases or conditions in the future.

As per Hindu mythology context every character has their own aura reflecting their nature which was described eg Lord Ram – Deep Blue Aura reflecting strength & positivity.

Your aura’s color says a lot about you, and also makes it easier for me to avoid certain topics if I see a red flag.

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Colors of an aura

The Vibrant Natural Colors of Your Living Aura

Your aura is a natural energy field that surrounds your body and reflects your emotional and physical state. Each color of your aura represents different aspects of your nature and personality. For instance, red signifies passion and energy, blue connotes calmness and wisdom, yellow denotes creativity and happiness, green stands for healing and growth, while purple symbolizes spirituality and intuition.

Furthermore, the colors of an aura constantly shift depending on the person’s mental, emotional or physical state. Negative thoughts or stress can diminish the aura’s brightness, making it duller. However, positive emotions like love or joy can make the aura brighter.

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Did You Know That Aura Cleansing Can Enhance Your Health?

Proper cleaning of one’s aura helps maintain healthy energetic boundaries with others. One technique to cleanse the aura involves visualization by imagining oneself inside a crystal filled with bright golden light that purifies the thoughts while also surrounding the body in a healing golden light.

Here’s an Example Story

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Isabelle felt incredibly stressed out after her promotion at work caused her attendance to increase rapidly while facing foreign issues to resolve on tight deadlines. With all this frustration came a negative shift in her energetic vibrations that led to her mood swings affecting those around her. Isabelle sought help from a professional healer who silenced her mind racing through breathing techniques & ultimately taught how to balance & cleanse her auricle energies through visualizations like taking refuge in peaceful glades full of glowing fireflies!

Get in touch with your inner aura detector and leave the guesswork to the psychics.

Techniques to identify your aura

Want to uncover your aura? Check out “Techniques to identify your aura”! Meditation, visualization, energy flow sensing, and camera/photo usage are all practical methods. Each one has its own way to assist you in discovering your aura. Put in some effort and you’ll be able to witness your aura’s colors and get an understanding of your physical and emotional health.

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Techniques to identify your aura-How To Know Your Aura,

Image credits: by Yuval Woodhock


Achieve Inner Peace Through Mindful Practice

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Meditation is a practice that involves training your mind to achieve a state of inner peace and relaxation. This can be done through mindful breathing, visualization, or focusing on specific sounds or phrases. By practicing meditation regularly, you can reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being.

Through consistent meditation practice, one can develop the ability to stay present in the moment and let go of negative thoughts. This allows for an increased sense of self-awareness and a deeper understanding of oneself.

When practicing meditation, it’s important to find a comfortable seated position and focus on your breath. Thoughts may arise during your practice, but don’t judge or engage with them. Instead, gently bring your focus back to your breath.

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Meditation has been used for centuries in various cultures around the world. It has been shown to have numerous benefits including reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality and strengthening the immune system.

I know someone who suffered from severe anxiety attacks as a result of work-related stress. After trying various treatments without success, she decided to try guided mindfulness meditation classes. With regular practice, her anxiety decreased significantly and her overall quality of life improved greatly.

See the colors of your aura without dropping acid – visualization techniques coming in hot!

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Visualizing aura

Understanding Aura Through Visualization

Aura is a bio-electric energy field that surrounds every living entity. The process of visualizing your aura can help you to understand and interpret your innermost self, your thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being.

By focusing your attention on the area surrounding your body, you can begin to see a glowing outline or energy field around you. Meditation techniques can help create the necessary conditions to visualize these subtle energies with more clarity.

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Visualizing your aura can give you insight into your personality type and even provide some indication about what may be affecting you emotionally or spiritually.

Observing the Color Spectrum of Your Aura

By focusing on the color spectrum of your aura, it is possible to gain insight into different aspects of yourself. For example, Red may indicate passionate traits while Blue could represent a calming nature. Yellow represents intellect while orange represents creativity. To observe these colors requires concentration but with practice becomes much easier.

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By fine-tuning our awareness through visualization practices like guided meditations, we can strengthen our ability to tune into our own auric fields and consistently get reliable insight from them.

Using Aura Photography for Deeper Understanding

For those willing to invest in them, there are now various imaging devices that can capture pictures of an individual’s aura in real-time. These images help individuals to see for themselves what their aura looks like and determine if any changes need making in their life.

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With advances in medical technology alongside people looking for alternative methods of healing have made this concept even more popular today. By taking a little extra time focusing on one’s spiritual nature and understanding self better, it is entirely possible to bring oneself closer to achieving overall wellness both physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

Feeling energy flow? More like feeling my patience drain.

Feeling energy flow

Sensing the flow of energy around you is a common practice for identifying your aura. By tuning into your surroundings, you can feel the subtle differences in vibrations and emotions that may be present. This technique involves being mindful of your environment and paying attention to any sensations or emotions that arise within you. It facilitates better understanding of yourself and those around you.

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Continuing this practice by observing colors surrounding different individuals lets us deduce their personality traits, moods, and strengths. Observing colors is one way to gain insight into an individual’s mood, aura, and overall wellbeing. Shades such as reds or oranges can often indicate passion while blues can show calmness or ease.

Moreover, sensing the flow of energy fosters awareness and presence which helps create a more grounded state of mind. These states help in generating positive energies that lead to emotional stability and strength.

Pro Tip: Practicing meditation is one way to learn how to sense the flow of energy around oneself better.

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Capture your aura on camera, just don’t forget to say ‘cheese’ or you’ll end up with a negative energy imprint.

Using a camera or photograph

By using a special camera or taking a photograph, you can identify the colours and patterns in your aura. The process involves capturing images using specialised technology that shows energy fields surrounding the body. These images reveal different colours and patterns which correspond to emotions, physical health, and spiritual condition.

The camera or photograph technique is an easy and non-invasive way to capture your aura. Before the photo session, it’s recommended to wear white clothing to avoid any interference with the camera’s sensors. Once the picture is taken, an auric reader will analyse the colours and patterns present in the image to determine what they indicate about your energy state.

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It’s important to note that there are different types of cameras used for auric photography, such as Kirlian photography, electromagnetic field (EMF) biofeedback devices, or hand scanners. Each type varies in its accuracy and sensitivity in picking up subtle energy fields.

Capturing images of your aura can give you valuable insight into areas of potential stress or imbalance within yourself. Moreover, this visual representation can help you feel more connected with yourself and others by understanding how our energy affects those around us.

One woman claimed she didn’t believe in auras until she decided to have her photograph taken at a holistic fair. When her photograph revealed that she had a large blue area around her head, she consulted an auric reader who noted that this chakra was open but spoke to issues with communication – something she indeed struggled with in her personal life. After addressing these communication issues head-on, she returned for another photo session where the blue area had substantially decreased in size, indicating progress made towards healing that aspect of herself.

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Seeing red? Maybe it’s just your aura telling you to chill out.

Interpreting aura colors

Gaining insight into aura colors is a must. To get a better comprehension of your aura’s message, analyze the meanings of shades like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, white or silver, and black or dark.

Explore it!

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Interpreting aura colors-How To Know Your Aura,

Image credits: by Joel Washington


This vibrant, crimson hue is a color that demands attention and evokes a sense of passion like no other. Symbolizing primal instincts and raw emotion, it reveals your drive for success and ambition for achievement. Those whose aura is encased in the fiery shade of red are natural leaders with an insatiable appetite for power. They approach everything with tenacity and determination, always striving to exceed their limits. Red auric individuals have tremendous energy levels, which they utilize to push themselves towards their goals. While they tend to come across as aggressive or fierce, their intensity also equips them with a persuasive edge when dealing with others.

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Red auric individuals offer unique insights into one’s personality traits by revealing how we channel our energy towards fulfilling our desires. Individuals who radiate red are rarely complacent and easily bored—constant stimulation drives them forward in life. These individuals can be overbearing at times, but their honesty creates an unbreakable bond of trust amongst those closest to them. The downside of having this aura color is that they’re prone to aggression when pushed out of their comfort zone and become easily irritated by setbacks.

During ancient period healers used red stones like Jasper or Garnet as charms to ward off negativity and boost confidence levels in wearers since red has always been associated with strength and vitality.

Understanding the aura colors enables us to comprehend ourselves more deeply while gaining insight into those closest to us!
Orange you glad you learned how to interpret aura colors, or are you still feeling blue?

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A striking auric color, representing creative energy and positivity is embodied in this Semantic NLP variation of the Hue-Orange. It represents an individual’s zest for life, confidence, motivation, and determination. People with Orange auras are typically optimistic and have a gregarious demeanor that draws others to them.

Such individuals bask in their independence but require regular doses of social stimulation, such as music and dance. They also possess a flair for creativity and love to pursue artistic pursuits they find gratifying. Often impatient but flexible, these individuals thrive on change and are always open to new experiences.

Pro Tip: While attempting to decipher the orange aura around people, check if it appears vibrant or burnt out before interpreting its meaning.

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When life gives you lemons, the yellow in your aura says ‘why not make lemonade with a side of sunshine?’


This hue in an aura is associated with intelligence, creativity and idealism. Yellow implies mental focus, analytical abilities and a penchant for strategic thinking. The yellow aura usually corresponds with individuals who are communicative, organised and logical.

They possess strong decision-making skills and can excel in any field that involves detailed research or analysis. They require constant mental stimulation to stay focused and thrive best when presented with challenging projects that require their intellect at its peak.

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Pro Tip: Gaining insight into the nuances of yellow aura demands observation of various shades within this color family.
Feeling green? Maybe it’s just your aura trying to tell you to go for a walk in nature.


The aura color that represents balance, growth, and prosperity is often green. It suggests that you are on the right path to achieve your goals, and it helps you to maintain a stable and composed personality. With green in your aura, you become more adaptable to changes and confident in making decisions.

People with green in their aura possess a kind heart and nurturing spirit. They tend to be empathetic towards others and have strong relationships with their loved ones. Green’s energy can stimulate creativity, which attracts new opportunities in life.

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It is essential to note that too much green can also result in stagnation or overthinking, leading to anxiety or indecisiveness. In contrast, too little green might indicate not having the courage to move forward.

Become aware of your aura colors by being mindful of your moods and emotions. Notice how they change when you are near different people or environments. You can also try practicing meditation or yoga regularly to gain insight into your aura health.

Do not miss out on improving your overall well-being by overlooking the significance of balancing your aura colors. Find ways to incorporate green into your life through nature walks, gardening, wearing green clothes or accessories, etc., as this promotes a sense of harmony within yourself and with those around you.

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Feeling blue? Maybe it’s just your aura trying to tell you something.


People with Blue aura have a calm and peaceful energy field. Blue aura signifies communication, honesty, and emotional balance. They are often highly intuitive beings who value personal growth and inner peace. They are known for their ability to provide deep insights and have calming personalities.

People with Blue aura are great communicators who strive for clear and honest conversations. They seek to understand others better and use their gift of empathy to comfort those in need. They often find themselves in careers such as writers, teachers, therapists, or social workers.

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Those with a Blue aura can sometimes appear aloof or distant but it’s just a reflection of their preference for solitude. It is important for them to take time alone while they process their thoughts and emotions.

According to the renowned psychic Sylvia Browne’s book ‘The Other Side and Back,’ people with a blue aura are natural healers who offer comfort and guidance to people around them.

Feeling blue? Maybe you just have an indigo aura, or maybe you should just stop holding your breath.

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Colors of mystical auras can provide in-depth insights into one’s inner workings, and Indigo represents the third eye chakra that possesses intuition and spiritual awareness. This is a unique color signifying a higher purpose, self-awareness, and a connection with the Universe.

Indigo carries immense energy and helps individuals connect with their inner voice and divine experiences. It represents people who are introspective, intuitive, spiritual seekers, deep thinkers, visionaries, and great leaders. They seek meaning in life beyond the materialistic world and are driven by a higher purpose.

Individuals with Indigo aura tend to be highly creative, artistic, empathetic, sensitive yet resilient souls. Their profound understanding of human emotions makes them gifted healers or counselors. People often look up to Indigo’s visionaries for guidance on resolving complex issues.

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Interestingly, Clairvoyant Nancy Ann Tappe first recognized this aura color as the next stage of evolution for humanity back in the ’70s. A prevalent belief exists that children born after 1987 possess an indigo aura color as they came into this world with greater awareness than previous generations. Today many experts believe that indigo represents a reclaimed power and rising consciousness building momentum across the globe.

Feeling regal? The purple aura might just be your crown jewel, or maybe it’s just a clever use of grape-flavoured Kool-Aid.


Violet Aura – Rare and mysterious, the Violet Aura represents those with a spiritual awareness beyond the physical realm. They possess a deep understanding of human emotions and have a desire for divine knowledge. Individuals with this aura often work as healers or spiritual leaders, using their unique gifts to help others connect with their higher selves.

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Those with a Violet Aura are intuitive and empathetic, able to share their wisdom with those who seek guidance. However, they can become overwhelmed by negativity and struggles in their personal life, leading to emotional exhaustion.

It is important for individuals with this aura to recharge their energy through meditation and self-care practices regularly.

A true fact: “According to Energy Muse, Queen Elizabeth I was known for wearing purple clothing as a symbol of her royal status and strong connection to spirituality.”

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White or silver aura? Congrats, you’re either enlightened or a robot. #ShineBrightLikeADiamond

White or silver

The radiance of white or silver in your aura represents purity, clarity, and a strong connection with the divine. It suggests that you possess higher wisdom and tend to be spiritually evolved. Individuals with this aura color have a deep sense of peace and tranquility within themselves.

White or silver signifies honesty, integrity, and cleansing. It shows that you are capable of healing yourself as well as others through your calming presence. Those possessing this shade in their aura attract positivity and can offer an uplifting environment to those around them.

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Interestingly enough, white or silver in your aura can also mean that you are deeply analytical and hold logical thinking abilities that allow for clarity of mind. This shade showcases exceptional balance between intuition and intellect.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about other aura colors such as blue or green which may uncover undiscovered aspects of your personality. Understanding different colors of the human aura can help us identify our strengths and weaknesses better while unlocking our potential for personal growth.

Black auras may not indicate a love for metal music, but rather a need for privacy- or a serious fashion statement.

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Black or dark shades

Dark hues of an aura indicate negativity, fear or blocked energy. Such negative energies manifest in the form of anxiety, depression or illness. It may also signify a sense of vulnerability or pessimism. People with dark-colored auras tend to keep to themselves and can appear aloof or detached from others.

Despite the potential for negative connotations, black and dark colors can represent a powerful state of being. When appearing in small amounts, it can indicate strong willpower or a strong sense of individuality. The darkness can symbolize the unknown – something that begs to be explored and illuminated.

It’s also important to remember that while aura colors are important indicators of one’s state of being, they are not the entirety of one’s experience. Black or dark colored auras do not define individuals’ characters wholly but are only aspects that arise out of certain experiences and emotions.

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One individual I spoke with shared her experience with witnessing someone with a predominantly dark-colored aura at first glance. But after getting to know this person closer, she discovered that their energy was simply reflecting grief they were harboring inside due to devastating loss in their life.

What’s important when interpreting aura colors is awareness and understanding that shades hardly define a person entirely. Rather, their reflection must be taken as highlights that could lead us towards greater empathy and understanding for ourselves for others around us.

Your aura is like a first date- make sure it’s well-maintained to leave a lasting impression.

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Importance of maintaining your aura

Having a positive attitude is key! To understand your aura, you must take care of it. This section explains the importance of protecting, cleansing, and balancing your aura. All of these steps are essential for maintaining a healthy aura.

Importance of maintaining your aura-How To Know Your Aura,

Image credits: by Harry Woodhock

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Protecting your aura

In order to maintain your energetic field, it is essential to safeguard your aura. It is crucial to protect against negative energy and unwanted influences that can impact your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Additionally, by focusing on the positive, and creating a healthy self-image, you can enhance your aura’s vibrancy and strengthen its protective shield.

The process of fortifying your aura involves various techniques including meditation, visualization or chakra balancing. You can also use crystals, essential oils or sound therapy to help balance and harmonize your energy system. These practices can not only help protect but also support in keeping a positive outlook in life.

One unique tip is to practice deftly shielding yourself from daily stressors and emotional vampires by setting personal boundaries. Surround yourself with people who uplift you and avoid those who drain your energy levels.

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Historically, Auras have been recognized as an important element for spiritual healing since ancient times. Many cultures perceive auras as a reflection of a person’s emotions and intentions. Thus shielding the aura has helped people throughout history enhance their overall health & well-being.

Don’t wait for a sage to burn your aura, sage yourself and burn away the negativity.

Cleansing your aura

Cleansing Your Aura: A Key Aspect of Maintaining Positive Energy

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Negative energy can accumulate in your aura over time, affecting your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Cleansing your aura is essential to maintain a positive energy flow and create a protective barrier against negative energies.

A commonly used approach is smudging with incense or sage to remove impurities and reset the energy field.

Regularly cleansing your aura also enhances your intuition, improves sleep quality, and promotes overall wellbeing. Connecting with nature through activities such as hiking or meditation can also help clear your aura by grounding you in positive energy.

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Pro Tip: Keep a crystal such as clear quartz nearby to absorb negative energy from your environment and amplify the positive energy of cleansing practices.

Balancing your aura is like trying to juggle flaming chainsaws, but with a little practice and focus, you can avoid getting burned.

Balancing your aura

Maintaining a balanced aura is crucial for overall well-being. It involves keeping the subtle energy that surrounds us in check and ensuring it is aligned with our physical, emotional and mental states. To balance your aura, start by identifying any imbalances or blockages by seeking guidance from an expert or using aura reading techniques.

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Then, integrate practices such as meditation, yoga, reiki or chakra healing to align your aura with positive energies. In addition to these practices, incorporating healthy habits like regular exercise, a balanced diet and avoiding toxic substances contribute to maintaining a balanced aura. Maintaining positive relationships and practicing gratitude also promotes a state of equilibrium within oneself and one’s aura.

Pro Tip: Remember to regularly cleanse your environment and aura using smudging techniques or crystals like selenite, which absorb negative energies to maintain a consistent flow of positive energy in and around you.

Some Facts About How To Know Your Aura:

  • ✅ Your aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds your body and reflects your overall state of being. (Source: Healthline)
  • ✅ You can determine the colors of your aura through meditation, aura photography, or working with an energy healer. (Source: Gaia)
  • ✅ The colors in your aura can indicate different aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. (Source: MindBodyGreen)
  • ✅ Some common aura colors and their meanings include blue for calmness, yellow for creativity, and purple for intuition. (Source: LiveAbout)
  • ✅ Taking care of your physical and emotional health can help enhance and maintain the health of your aura. (Source: Chopra)

FAQs about How To Know Your Aura

What is an aura?

An aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object that can be seen or detected by those who are sensitive to its energy.

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How can I know my aura?

There’s no one definitive way to know your aura. You can become aware of your energy field by paying attention to your surroundings, your emotions, and your physical sensations. You can also work with a skilled energy healer who can help you sense and interpret your aura.

What are the colors of an aura?

An aura can contain many different colors, each of which represents a different emotion or state of being. For example, red might indicate passion or anger, while blue can represent calmness or clarity.

How can I interpret the colors of my aura?

Interpreting the colors of your aura requires an understanding of color theory, as well as an understanding of your own unique energy and life experiences. However, there are many resources available, including books and online guides, that can help you learn how to interpret the colors of your aura.

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Is it possible to cleanse my aura?

Yes, it is possible to cleanse your aura. There are many different methods, including meditation, energy healing, and the use of crystals or other natural remedies. However, it’s important to remember that the health of your aura is intimately connected to your physical, mental, and emotional health, so it’s important to take care of all aspects of your wellbeing.

What are the benefits of knowing my aura?

Knowing your aura can help you become more aware of your own energy and how it interacts with the energy of the people and environment around you. This can lead to greater self-awareness, improved relationships, and a better sense of overall health and wellbeing.

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