How to Learn Self-Control

To know how to learn self-control, one should understand what it actually is. Let’s start from the basics, just like students do every time they begin learning a new topic or reading writing services reviews.

So, what is self-control?

Self-Control: The Definition

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Self-control is a person’s ability to regulate their impulsive behavior. That’s what everyone willing to gain or improve their self-control skills should understand.

In its nature, self-control has nothing in common with self-suppression. The latter is about hiding or neglecting one’s emotions and feelings. That emotional suppression then causes irritability, anxiety, and decreased productivity.

Simply put, self-control is about conscious management of your thoughts and emotions. For instance, when a professor criticizes a student’s essay, a student “switches” their mind to analyze mistakes and get profits from that criticism instead of being upset and insulted. And that “switch” is made “manually” with a student’s willpower.

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Feeling emotions is normal. Negative emotions are normal, too. The point is to detect and manage them effectively.

The self-control skill is inevitable for one’s successful career, study, business development, or anything. It helps you achieve wanted goals and complete routine tasks effectively along with that. It is the self-control that keeps a student at home preparing for exams instead of logging in to a video game to play online with friends.

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How to Develop and Improve Self-Control

So, after you understood that self-control is a skill and a habit, and not one’s congenital reflex that others don’t have, you are most probably ready to develop it for yourself. There are different methods and solutions people might use to learn and improve their self-control abilities. Here are some of them.

Most probably, not all the methods described will be effective for you personally. That’s okay. Feel free to experiment and try different ways until you find those working efficiently in your case.  

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See a Whole Pic

The very first solution to try may seem simple and difficult at a time. Everything depends on your thinking habits and patterns. However, if you want to learn self-control, be ready to change your way of thinking.

Scientists found out that global, abstract, high-level thinking is what boosts one’s self-control successfully. The point is that a person concentrating on the global goal and the plan is more stable when it comes to smaller issues expecting them in the way.

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That means, for instance, a student can try denying their frustration coming from the variety and number of actions they need to take to complete coursework papers by leveling up their thoughts. For example, a student might try to remind themselves about the importance of a particular paper for their academic and career success. That’s worth it, isn’t it?

Sleep Deprivation is Not about Self-Control

The current reality of studying and working processes makes people spend less time in bed. When did you sleep for at least 8 hours straight last time? Was it a calm and silent sleep?

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Discomfort is everyone’s companion nowadays, but when you can’t normally sleep for a long time, it becomes more challenging to keep emotions under control. When you’re sleepy, your reaction time and sharpness reduce. Avoid that by coming up with a sleep schedule. And then keep up with it.

Just Relax at Last!

“You can do it!” “Start now!” “Begin!” “Don’t think, just go!”

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Does that sound familiar to you? It may seem that you’re controlling yourself with such phrases well. However, that’s not always the truth.

Regarding the modern life tempo mentioned above, people mostly need to know when to stop. Think about that. How likely are you to come up with an impulsive decision right after kickstarting yourself for another deal? Relax! Have a rest. Analyze everything. And then go on with your batteries recharged.

Go in for Exercising

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Workout is a must-be activity on your schedule when learning and improving your self-control abilities. It’s because regular exercising not only strengthens the body but also lets the overloaded mind rest. And, finally, scheduled workout sessions are among the best ways to boost your confidence. You’ll control yourself better if you’re confident enough.

Decision Fatigue is Real: Avoid It

Most probably, you are aware of such successful people as Steve Jobs and Barack Obama. Did you know they always tried to reduce the number of decisions they had to make throughout their day? That’s because decision fatigue is real. And a lot of their decisions were crucial and urgent.

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To avoid feeling lost and frustrated when you’re deciding which marketing strategy to pick for your business, for instance, you should be able to choose your breakfast meal first. To make it easier, simply minimize the number of your choices wherever you can.

Choose one or two main colors for your everyday clothes. Schedule your dishes for a week in advance. Plan the menu. Do whatever possible to avoid getting tired of making choices. That’s how you will control yourself better in most critical moments.

Add Some Sugar

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Glucose (sugar) is your brain’s fuel. To avoid performance loss and self-control troubles, you need to keep its level in your blood high enough. So, whenever you feel it difficult to manage your emotions, eat some chocolate or drink a glass of cola. That’ll do.