How To Set Up A Yoga Youtube Channel

Are you planning to start a great yoga YouTube channel, but you’re worried about the right steps? This blog lists out every step in detail with which you will be able to run your own yoga YouTube channel from home.

The obsession with yoga is highly contagious and is catching up fast around the world. In India, too, we have many people dedicating their time to practicing yoga every day and improving their lives. As we move towards a work-from-home culture, we will witness a stark shift to people preferring homestay solutions to staying healthy, and yoga is sure to be a part of this. If you are an avid yoga lover and practitioner, we highly recommend starting your own yoga channel that provides unique and rich content to the audience. With people’s support, your videos will get recognised and, soon, you may also be able to monetise your channel.

But the question arises, why YouTube?

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With an estimated 2.1 billion YouTube users around the world in 2020, you could not find a more suitable platform to present your art form to such a vast audience base. Not just a domestic audience, you can easily target people from varied geographical locations and get them hooked to your channel. A good YouTube channel also brings in ad revenues; eventually, you can create a paid course if people accept your expertise. 

There are many more benefits which we put on hold for later discussions. Now, let’s get started by checking these easy steps to starting your own yoga YouTube channel.

Steps to Start a Yoga YouTube Channel

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You have an option to create a personal or business channel based on your requirements. If you would like to scale up your channel in future, it is best to opt for a ‘business’ channel to provide more branding options. The next step is to select your ‘category’ of page. When you are finished with this step, your YouTube channel is ready.

When the channel is created, make sure to name it such that it aligns with your art. After the page is created, make sure to add channel art, which is similar to a Facebook cover photo. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • The recommended pixel image for channel art is 2560 x 1440. 
  • Create your social media handles and include them in your channel art too.
  • Check that your logos are displayed properly.
  • Include social media links.
  • You can use a free Canva account for branding.

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Create and optimise your videos

The next step after creating the YouTube channel is to make and upload videos after their optimization. Just like the websites that require SEO for ranking potential, your YouTube videos also need to be optimised so that they appear at the top when the user searches for a relevant search string.

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You will also need to produce high-quality and unique videos consistently. For this, you can use a video maker like InVideo to produce high-quality videos at your home. Apart from this, you will also need SEO optimised titles, descriptions, focus keywords and relevant links in your videos. To check for good keywords, you can hire a freelance content marketing strategist. Follow some of this advice to get your videos at the top:

  • Do great content research. Find keywords from the Google Keywords Planner and check the relevancy of the keywords. Also, make sure that you create relevant links with your videos.
  • Make a detailed, longer video. Longer videos will rank higher in search results.
  • Keep your keywords at the beginning of the video title.
  • Include the keywords in the description.
  • Look at what people are searching for and what they want to see in videos. Then align your content with that. User-centric video contents have more potential to get you higher views.

How to publicise your channel?

The best tip here would be to hire a social media marketing specialist and let them do their job. In this way, you can remain free from the various hassles and focus on your core art.

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But, when you are just starting and may not have a big budget, you can do social media postings yourself. Create pages on different social media platforms and start posting with a fixed frequency like ‘every two days’ or more.

Are YouTube Ads good for your yoga channel?

This is a common question from YouTube channel owners, and there is no single answer to this. It depends. When you first start your channel, it is better to grow your channel by providing valuable videos. Don’t think about monetisation at this time, as the money earned will be peanuts when looking at the number of your subscribers. You need to get a sufficient number of subscribers and views to start earning good ad revenue.

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Afterwards, when you do decide to monetise it, you can select the type of ads to be displayed. Remember that your audience is here to see your videos and not the ads. If the ads are too many and are a distraction, the viewers may never visit your channel again.


You can create alluring videos from video editors that are available online. InVideo video maker software provides a wide range of video creation tools that will help you create an audience-hooking video from the comfort of your home. Make sure you are determined and have a clear vision about whatever you want to do.

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