How To Tell Your Aura Color

Key Takeaway:

  • Understanding your aura color can provide insight into your emotional and spiritual state, as well as potential areas for growth and healing.
  • There are several ways to identify your aura color, including through aura photography, meditation and visualization, and guidance from a spiritual or energy healer.
  • The meaning of different aura colors vary, such as red indicating passion and intensity, green indicating balance and growth, and blue indicating communication and expression.

Do you want to uncover the secrets and stories of your aura? Feeling stuck, drained or inspired all the time? Learning your aura color could be the key to understanding yourself on a deeper level. Let’s explore the power of auras and how to reveal your own!

Importance of understanding your aura color

Understanding the Significance of Your Aura Hue

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Your aura color can reveal a lot about your personality, emotions, and current state of well-being. Being aware of your aura’s shade can help you in various ways. It can assist you in understanding your inner emotions and those of people surrounding you. Additionally, it can tell you how well your energy system is functioning and whether you need to make any changes.

When one understands the significance of their aura color, it can help them gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and well-being. It’s an essential skill to communicate with people from different walks of life and understand their feelings. Moreover, your aura color can shed light on any blocks in your energy system, which, when unaddressed, could lead to physical, mental, or emotional health problems.

Each aura color represents unique personality traits and emotions, and understanding these hues allow you to gauge yourself and others better.

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What Does A Clear Aura Mean?

A clear aura can indicate a sense of purity, enlightenment, and sensing a higher spiritual calling. Suggestions to strengthen your aura include meditating, spending time in nature, eating healthy, and performing grounding or energy-cleansing rituals. These suggestions work by improving mental and physical well-being, which translates into a more balanced aura.

Importance of understanding your aura color-How To Tell Your Aura Color,

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Image credits: by Harry Woodhock

Ways to identify your aura color

Identifying your aura color is possible! Consider aura photography, meditation and visualization, or a spiritual or energy healer for help. Each of these options has different benefits. For instance, aura photography gives a visual, meditation and visualization offer insight into your inner thoughts, and a healer can provide intuitive interpretation.

Ways to identify your aura color-How To Tell Your Aura Color,

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Image credits: by Joel Duncun

Aura photography

The science of capturing a person’s aura, also known as the electromagnetic field surrounding a person, has been around for centuries. Aura imaging or photography is a modern method that uses biofeedback sensors and an imaging camera to capture the colors of one’s aura. By analyzing a person’s aura colors, it helps to identify their emotional and mental state, their physical condition and overall spiritual wellbeing. It’s widely used for holistic healing and self-discovery purposes.

Different aura colors reveal different personality traits and emotions such as red for passion, purple for intuition, blue for communication, green for growth, yellow for positivity and creativity. A professional aura photographer first explains the process to the client before taking the picture. The client stands in front of a neutral backdrop while placing their hands on sensors attached to the camera. In just a few seconds, an image appears on the screen revealing their aura colors.

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Apart from photography, some people report being able to sense or see other people’s auric fields with practice and meditation. These individuals are called energy healers who help identify blockages in someone’s energy flow by examining their aura.

Aura photography was popularized in Japan during the 1990s when Kirlian photography was invented – a process developed to capture images of energy fields around objects. However, it wasn’t until much later in 2009 when Aura cameras became commercially available globally after Dr. Harry Oldfield invented it in the UK to aid complementary medicine practitioners in determining diagnoses more deeply based on auric anomalies detected through his technology.

Get in touch with your inner peace (and aura) through meditation and visualization, or just take a nap and hope for the best.

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Meditation and visualization

By focusing on the energy of your body, using a combination of meditation and visualization techniques, you can gain insight into your aura color. Quietly meditate and visualize the colors that emanate from your body. With practice, you may begin to perceive the energy fields that surround you.

Through this process of meditation and visualization, you can learn to identify your aura color and what it signifies. Each color represents different characteristics of personality, physical health or spiritual energy. For instance, red aura signifies an individual with high vitality and ambition whereas blue aura associates with calmness and clarity.

It is essential to note that identifying an accurate description of your aura color may require experience in performing these practices regularly. However, consistently meditating over time will enhance your ability to detect the surrounding energy fields better.

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Did you know that Egyptian art depicts auric fields approximately 4000 B.C.? The depiction shows humans surrounded by vibrant hues of yellow and white light representing “ka”, meaning the spirit or soul in ancient Egyptian language symbols.

Get ready to fork over your life savings for some vague advice about your aura from a self-proclaimed energy healer.

Guidance from a spiritual or energy healer

As individuals, we emit an energy field around us called the aura. Spiritual or energy healers can provide guidance to help people understand their aura colors. Through meditation and observation, a healer can assist in identifying the dominant color hues that emanate from a person’s energy field.

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The colors of an aura are representative of one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. To identify the different hues, a spiritual or energy healer will analyze variations in brightness, saturation, and tone of each color. They use this information to interpret various aspects of a person’s life such as personality traits, past events and emotions.

To detect color variations more effectively for accuracy can be achieved by using tools like Kirlian photography or dowsing. However these techniques should only be reserved for professionals who have mastered it.

Consulting with an experienced spiritual or energy healer is advantageous because they are better equipped with the skills necessary to read individual energies when compared to normal people who may not possess this skillset.

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Prepare to have your aura shattered as we delve into the meaning behind each vibrant hue.

What different aura colors mean

To comprehend aura colors’ meanings, dive into this section. Sub-sections include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and black. Each color offers unique insights about mental, emotional, and physical states. Explore!

What different aura colors mean-How To Tell Your Aura Color,

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The fiery shade represents stability, passion and energy. Individuals with Red aura tend to be ambitious, confident and assertive. However, it also indicates impulsiveness and explosive behavior.

These people crave attention and often demand the limelight. They have high physical energy levels that reflect in their dominant presence. Red auras in individuals may signal deep-seated anger, fear, or anxiety that needs to be addressed.

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It’s worth noting that different variations of Red auras exist too – from scarlet reds to dull oranges. Scarlet hues symbolize an individual’s materialistic nature while darker reds denote sensuality.

According to Psychic Library, “a consistent body of research supports the existence of a subtle electrical phenomenon surrounding every living organism called the ‘Biofield,’ which is widely regarded as ‘the aura’.”

Orange you glad you learned what your aura color means?

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The bright hue of vitality, stimulation, and enthusiasm defines the radiant aura shade. The semantic NLP variation for this color is ‘Luminous Peach.’ Luminous Peach Auras denote confidence and ambition in one’s pursuits. Individuals exhibiting this trait tend to be fuller of life with a vibrant personality that is entirely infectious.

Luminous Peach Aura owners also possess a go-getter attitude towards achieving their goals. They exude positivity and optimistic vibes that inspire others around them. They have a natural charm and magnetism that makes people draw closer to them genuinely.

These individuals can often evolve into workaholics or overachievers due to their unrelenting drive for success. It may also lead them to be impulsive in making decisions or taking risks without fully considering the consequences.

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Feeling discouraged? Don’t fret; you do not need an exceptional artistic ability to see the aura for yourself! Take some time away from your devices and practice meditation to heighten your consciousness and spiritual connections, allowing you to perceive these halo-like glows better!

Yellow auras may indicate positivity and intelligence, or just that you really like wearing yellow shirts.


Radiant Sunshine- The Meaning Behind the Aura Color Yellow

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Yellow in aura signifies joyful, dynamic and exciting energy. It generally shows positivity, brightness and creativity. People with yellow auras are lively and enthusiastic individuals who love to explore new experiences. They have clear perspectives on life with high levels of intellectuality and practicality.

Furthermore, yellow is related to personal empowerment, self-confidence, and inner growth. It also indicates intellectual curiosity, mental clarity and wisdom. This color can sometimes indicate that an individual is under stress or feeling anxious about overthinking processes.

Individuals with yellow aura are likely masters at bringing out others’ potential by inspiring them towards creative thinking patterns and logical approaches. They have a knack for motivating people towards enthusiasm in work or any task.

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If you find yourself drawn towards yellow hues recently or encounter people around you with similar shades probably your aura is indicating some change that you need to make in your life. So be mindful about opportunities coming your way because following them may lead to self-growth and success in the future!

If your aura is green, it means you’re either a nature enthusiast or an alien disguised as a plant.


The verdant aura represents growth, balance, harmony, and prosperity. The color symbolizes physical and emotional healing, rejuvenation, and vitality. Green is a positive energy that empowers people to calm down, build meaningful relationships and promote healing within themselves.

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Green aura bears positivity in peace and relaxation. It ensures a good interface in relationships with others while at the same time increasing productivity in different aspects of life. It provides an opportunity for individuals seeking emotional or physical rest due to different negative stress triggers such as unexpected change.

People with a green aura radiate calmness to everyone around them. They have a positively strong spiritual growth path that allows them to enjoy the essentials of life; nature within its purest essence.

Research shows that green resonates with our heart chakra relating to love that has kindness and compassion; this sentiment adjusts humans towards moral virtues allowing us perception beyond material worldly existence.

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Feeling blue? Your aura might be too! Find out what it means and if there’s a pantone code for it.


The cobalt-like aura in blue suggests calmness, clarity, and communication skills. Blue auras are found to be peaceful, patient and endowed with a special kind of perception. Blue reflects our innermost feelings of contentment and spiritual well-being.

People with blue auras possess the power of trust-building and act as great mediators. They prefer truth over falsehoods and always strive for clarity in their communication. Those with blue aura tend to be cooperative and enjoy spending time in nature. They are driven by intellect and favor stable relationships.

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Interestingly, blue may manifest darker shades when one is feeling enraged or frustrated within themselves that might go dormant if not expressed healthily eventually elevating to deeper shades of depression.

Pro Tip: Finding peace near water bodies or indulging oneself in creative activities like painting could help maintain peace within oneself, taking advantage of the tranquility that comes along with being calm.

Why settle for seeing purple when you can now know what your aura is really trying to say?

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The color associated with the spiritual dimension is significant in the aura, a visual representation of energy fields that surrounds people. Purple aura indicates deep sensitivity, intuitive capability, and a thirst for knowledge beyond worldly affairs. This hue in the aura can also imply that the possessor has a high awareness level and a connection to higher levels of consciousness.

Individuals with this aura have spiritual wisdom and mean well by utilizing their psychic abilities. They offer insightful guidance, interpreting signs and symbols from the unseen world. Their frequency helps them connect with divine energies, allowing them to understand deeper truths and offer emotional healing.

It is important to note that possessing purple hues does not necessarily imply that they are flawless or infallible healers or prophets. Instead, it suggests that these individuals confidently follow their path towards spirituality.

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Historically, this color is tightly linked to royalty as wearing them was prohibited other than by monarchs until chemical dyes were invented. Additionally, purple potions known as Tyrian dyes cost more than gold at one point due to their rarity.

White aura? More like ‘White Flag‘ aura, because they’re always ready to surrender to your opinion.


A Pure Aura: Understanding the Meaning of White

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White auras indicate purity and enlightenment. They are the most spiritual and peaceful colors in the aura spectrum.

A pure white aura signifies that the individual is highly spiritual, selfless, compassionate, and seeks purity in thoughts and actions.

Individuals with a white aura possess an open mind and heart, allowing them to receive information from a higher realm. Their energy is calm and soothing to those around them. People with this color aura may be healers or teachers.

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It’s important to keep in mind that too much white in the aura can also mean that a person may be disconnected from their emotions and physical body. It’s essential to maintain balance by grounding oneself regularly.

Pro Tip: To maintain balance, individuals with a white aura should try incorporating grounding exercises into their daily routine to connect with their physical body more effectively.

If your aura is black, congrats! You have the same color as your soul.

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Dark Energy – the aura color variation of absence, negativity, and blocked energy. Individuals with Dark Energy in their auras are known to be struggling with depression, anxiety, or grief. The absence of energy creates an environment that is difficult to live in and respond to positively.

The dark energies affect more than just your emotions. They can manifest in physical ailments, decreased immunity, and more severe symptoms such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Individuals with dark energy may exhibit restlessness or be prone to addiction. A balanced aura requires removing any blockages to allow the flow of positive energies.

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Black is a unique color that represents emptiness and despair at its worst. It might depict self-hatred, loneliness, or even emotional trauma if it persists for an extended period.

Five Facts About How To Tell Your Aura Color:

  • ✅ Your aura color can change based on your emotions, thoughts, and actions. (Source: Mind Body Green)
  • ✅ There are seven main colors associated with auras: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. (Source: LiveAbout)
  • ✅ Each aura color is thought to correspond to different personality traits, abilities, and spiritual characteristics. (Source: Psychic Library)
  • ✅ Some people are able to see auras naturally, while others may need to train their eyes and practice to see them. (Source: Medium)
  • ✅ There are various methods to determine your aura color, including taking online quizzes, visiting an aura reader, or learning to see your own aura through meditation. (Source: Gaia)

FAQs about How To Tell Your Aura Color

1. How To Tell Your Aura Color?

Your aura color can be determined in a number of ways. One way to tell your aura color is to sit in a quiet place and focus on your energy. You may begin to feel a color or see flashes of color in your mind’s eye. Another way is to have your aura photographed by a professional.

2. What do the different colors represent in Aura?

Different aura colors represent different aspects of your personality or energy. For example, blue auras are associated with calmness and spirituality, while yellow is associated with positivity and creativity. Green is associated with healing and growth, red represents passion and energy, and purple is associated with intuition and spirituality.

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3. Can your aura color change?

Yes, your aura color can change over time as your energy changes. Factors that can influence your aura color include your emotions, health, and environment. For example, if you are feeling anxious or stressed, your aura may appear more red or orange. If you are feeling calm and relaxed, your aura may appear more blue or green.

4. Can you have more than one aura color?

Yes, it is possible to have more than one aura color. This is called a layered aura or a aura with multiple colors. The layers can represent different aspects of your personality or energy.

5. What can you do to improve your aura color?

There are several things you can do to improve your aura color. Practicing meditation or other relaxation techniques can help reduce stress and promote a more positive aura. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can also help improve your physical health, which can in turn improve your aura. Surrounding yourself with positive people and engaging in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment can also help improve your aura.

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6. How can understanding your aura color be beneficial?

Understanding your aura color can give you insight into different aspects of your personality or energy, as well as provide guidance on how to improve your well-being. It can help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas of your life that may need improvement. Additionally, understanding your aura color can help you connect with others who have similar energy and interests.

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