How To Use Writing As A Meditation Technique?

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Meditation Globally

It has become common knowledge that meditation has a positive effect on our physical and mental health. There is a range of meditation techniques and approaches available online. There is no shortage of guides and classes either. 

The number of people practicing meditation has been on the rise in the world. Since 2012, it has tripled, and we see it growing further. By 2027, the global meditation market is estimated to reach as much as $9 billion

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The benefits of meditation are well researched and documented across the world. They range from managing stress and improving cognitive skills to increasing self-awareness and boosting creativity and imagination. In this article, we recommend writing as a form of ‘creative’ meditation that can help you push the envelope or have a new lease on life. 

Meditation benefits businesses and customers alike. Whether it be a student looking for ‘write my essay online’ services to complete their writing assignment, a provider of a writing service, or professional writers, all stand to benefit from better productivity. 

Writing as a Meditation Technique

Meditation is about concentrating your attention, focusing on the present, and emptying your mind of daily worries and chores. It helps one achieve a state of equilibrium that is vital for our mental and physical well-being. Both scientific evidence and personal testimonies point to how useful everyone finds it in their jobs and their lives.

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Writing too requires one to focus. It also prompts you to achieve harmony and coherence. Given the linkage, we think you can use writing as a powerful meditation technique to improve your overall well-being. In addition, you can also make it a great learning and fun experience for yourself and anyone else you will be sharing your experience with. 

Tips to Use Writing as a Meditation Technique

  • Devote Time and Space

Set aside dedicated time slots in your calendar. The goal is to include meditation in your daily routine. You must be able to find an hour in your schedule no matter how busy you are. Where you meditate also matters. Before you put pen to paper, pick a space where you will have no or minimal distractions. 

  • Breathing

Learn some basic breathing techniques before you make a start. Mindful breathing has been found to be beneficial to everyone, and it would be a great segue to your writing session. There is no shortage of great videos and guides available online, so you should not have a problem trying to identify a good resource online. 

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  • Break Free

Do not worry about grammar, typos, or consistency. Just try to reflect your thoughts on paper, even if it means transforming your stream of consciousness into words. The point is about concentrating on a topic of your choice and doing it like a brainstorming exercise with yourself.

  • Pick a Theme You Enjoy

It might be easier if you pick a theme you enjoy. Thoughts are likely to flow more naturally, and you will also have a chance to write about your personal experiences. Even if your writing will be repetitive, you are sure to enjoy the writing process as you will be reminiscing about the positive vibes. 

  • Pick a Theme You Want to Learn About

Alternatively, you can pick a theme you are less familiar with. Thus, you can turn the experience into a learning one too. No need to do a Google search before you start writing. You can just make an effort to jot down your thoughts, identify gaps in your knowledge, and think about ways of filling those gaps.

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  • Pick a Pen Pal 

Although meditation is a self-centered process, you can still turn it into a social experience. Ask one of your friends to be your pen pal. As you meditate, you can actually address your writing to your companion. An exchange of letters will prove to be a mutually beneficial experience. It will also keep you motivated, as you will be prompted to respond to the messages of your pen pal. 

  • Write in a Different Language

For a change, try to write in a different language. Even if your command of the other language is not strong, we encourage you to take up the challenge. Again, do not worry about grammar and spelling errors. You are not writing to get a grade, the key benefit is about improving your mental concentration skills through writing as a meditation method. 

  • Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, you need to be diligent and disciplined about the effort. Turn this into a regular habit by dedicating an hour or so to the writing exercise. You will be surprised by both mental health and linguistic benefits. It will be much easier to do it once it becomes an integral part of your routine.

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Breathing In

Meditation has a number of benefits, proven across different countries and different cultures. It requires one to make an effort to focus. So does a writing exercise, which you can use as a powerful meditation technique.

There are different ways in which you can use writing as a meditation technique to turn it into a mentally rewarding as well as a great learning experience. Make a commitment to do it in an organized manner and to do it regularly. The benefits will outweigh any time or material investments you will be making. 

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