Innovative Ideas to Support Mental Health

Recently there has been a significant emphasis placed on the overall subject of mental health. Structured programs have been established to offer resources for those suffering who seek help, however not all who suffer seek help. There is a population of society that still suffers in silence and for them, the programs available do not always provide the one thing they need to feel comfortable, which is a low profile. Luckily because of the positive talk surrounding the issue, resources have surfaced that go beyond the traditional and incorporate the element of discretion that so many individuals crave.

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Mental health issues do not discriminate. All ages, races, genders, and demographics are affected by this crisis. Because of this broad grouping, almost all major institutions have placed a high priority on ensuring that their specific sub-group feels supported. Within the educational system there has long been a growing need for resources but even more so now that student mental health is a top concern.

Overall student wellbeing has a direct correlation to mental health; thus, schools realize that for their community to report an overall positive experience as it relates to their education their mental health must be sound. Distance education has forced school systems to find ways to close the margin between their student body and the resources they require. The implementation of telehealth on campus exemplifies that. It is now common practice for students to have the virtual resources they need to be able to combat any emotional or mental issues they may be having, regardless of if they are chronic or emergent, telehealth is available.

Technological Support

On any given day, at any given time, the odds that an individual does not have their cell phone within an arm’s reach are exceptionally low, so it is no surprise that the tech industry has entered the mental health support arena. Apps offering features like guided meditations have become common tools used in the defense against mental health issues. Individuals who thrive off the on-demand aspect of a support app have the peace of mind that if they can utilize technology to become a part of their daily routine. If you are unable to go out but you need help from a psychiatrist, you can check a telehealth psychiatrist in Boston online.

Products like smart watches that help monitor heart rates as well as censors that can be used to help recognize changes in breathing patterns are being used in tandem with smartphones and apps to add in another layer of support. Our bodies and their physical reactions can be undeniable indicators of our emotional state. Being able to have tangible evidence about how people physically react in certain situations is useful information to be considered when learning about specific individual’s mental health journeys.

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Redefining Tradition

Ignoring health and wellness, specifically mental health, is simply not an option in today’s society. It is not just schools that have been forced to redefine how they handle these subjects, but the corporate world as well. From changing corporate sponsored insurance programs to address and financially support treatments related to mental health to establishing new behavioral polices that leave room for more work life balance, significant changes are being made. Opening conversations and offering opportunities for education on key words in the mental health discussion in the workplace is an innovative way to create a community of acceptance in the workplace.

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