Cannabis: Cancer or Cure

Cannabis: Cancer or Cure?

As weed gets popular, there have been assertions and claims of its full potential for the human body. One of these is its medicinal power against cancer.

The truth behind these claims relies on the extensive research done on marijuana. For example, researchers have been tracking the growth of tumors. Experiments like this help them seek answers to their claims.

Yet, the question stays the same: can cannabis really cure cancer?

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What are the effects of marijuana on the body?

Getting high for medical treatment using cannabis

When the body interacts with cannabis compounds, it can experience being “high”.  These interactions with neurotransmitters affect the body in several ways. One can either experience a euphoric feeling or have a laxative relaxation.

From a scientific point of view, cannabis contains THC and CBD compounds. These compounds interact with dopamine and serotonin in the brain. It targets various body muscles and joints and leaves “high” effects in the body.  It can also affect one’s behavior and thought process, as explained by AskGrowers

Cannabis is also used to manage pain due to its pain-alleviating properties. Tumor patients attest to its ability to reduce pain and, as of recently, other symptoms.

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How does weed affect cancer symptoms?

Cancer patients experience a range of symptoms. Apart from the chronic pain, they have to live with nausea, weight loss, and loss of appetite among others. The effect of chemotherapy as a treatment option also intensifies symptoms. 

Doctors and health professionals have been using weed as an alternative method. It addresses chronic pain in tumor patients. Results of this practice show that marijuana lessens the development of these symptoms. In some cases, it can take them all away. 

For example, marijuana has proved to reduce the  nausea feeling among chemotherapy patients. While in HIV patients, it was responsible for improving their appetite. 

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In general, cannabis can address several negative symptoms of various illness. Its pain management properties work even on neuropathic pain. For cancer patients, its effect has been beneficial as well.

Can cannabis cure cancer?

The benefits of marijuana for tumor symptoms are extensive. Cancer patients using the drug have reported fewer negative symptoms over time. In effect, some patients prefer getting high rather than taking medication. 

The major question lies in whether weed can cure cancer or not. Of course, it does help with the negative symptoms, but what about cancer? Tumors exist in the body as abnormal cell growths. The growth of the cells depends on the nature of cancer. Some people suffer from malignant tumors while others have benign cancers. 

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Current research investigates the effectiveness of  weed to reduce different tumor growth. Some results show how marijuana may have caused cancer cells to be less likely to occur or even die. These results are promising despite being founded on lab dishes and animal test subjects. 

There is more on-going research related to medicinal use of marijuana. This provides a probable cause for marijuana as a treatment option. It can either be a standalone medication or in combination with other treatments. In the future, it is our hope to have a breakthrough shed light on how it can reduce cancer cell growth.

Are there any negative effects?

cannabis as medicine: are there negative effects?

Despite a positive outlook, there has been an underlying understanding that cannabis is bad. Smoking weed allows the body to take in harmful compounds, like nicotine cigarettes. Anti-smoking leagues argue the fact that all smoking is the same

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Others believe that the amount of carcinogen inhaled is less when smoking marijuana. This is not to say that there are no negative effects on lighting up a joint. As lungs do not handle smoke too well,  it is wise to expect some level of effect. 

What is more important is that good effects outweigh the negative ones. As mentioned, cannabis works against cancer and its symptoms. To understand the exact effects of weed, you will need to do adequate research on the matter. All the contributing elements show how applying cannabis treatments is effective against cancer.

Should cannabis be used in treating cancer?

The answer to this question depends on medical institutions. From a legal point of view, federal bodies are against using cannabis as a medical treatment. This means that they do frown upon certain research methods. But the legalization of weed as a medical component has allowed its use for research.  

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Medical bodies are backing the use of cannabis as more research is going into the field. Having the right regulations in place may recommend its use  for cancer.

Combining cannabis with other cancer treatments


As marijuana becomes even more popular, there are debates on its exact effect on the human body. According to research, marijuana can be helpful in cancer and its symptoms. Now, its use may depend on state and federal regulations. 

Weed studies have exhibited positive effects in dealing with cancer, despite limited proof. What remains is what you choose to believe; does it cause or cure cancer.

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