Lululemon vs. Lularoe: Who Will Come Out On Top?

In the world of athleisure, two brands have gained a lot of popularity in recent years: Lululemon and Lularoe. Both brands offer stylish, comfortable clothing that can be worn both for working out and for everyday activities. But which brand is better? In this article, we’ll pit Luluemon against Lularoe to see who comes out on top.

Lululemon Overview

Lululemon Athletica Inc. is a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company founded in 1998 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company makes a variety of apparel and accessories for women, men, and girls. Lululemon sells items online and through stores located across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The company was founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson and Dennis “Chip” Wilson is the current Chairman of the Board for Lululemon Athletica Inc. In 2000, Lululemon opened its first store in Kitsilano, Vancouver. The next year, Lululemon debuted its first line of women’s yoga pants, which quickly became the company’s signature product. Lululemon has since expanded its product offerings to include a wide range of yoga-inspired apparel and accessories for women, men, and girls.

In addition to yoga apparel, the company also sells running gear, swimwear, and casual wear.

Lululemon has a strong focus on quality, design, and innovation. The company’s mission is to “Elevate the World from Mediocrity to Greatness.” Lululemon achieves this by creating products that help people live healthier, happier lives. The company’s vision is to create a world where people are “humbly confident” and living their “most full lives.”

Lululemon Gift Card

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lululemon Gift Cards - Email Delivery


  • High quality and durable products
  • Able to try on in-store before purchasing
  • Really good sales and discounts especially during the holiday season
  • Offers a variety of sizes for both men and women


  • Relatively high prices compared to other athleisure brands

Lularoe Overview


Lularoe is a fashion company that sells clothing and accessories. The company was founded in 2013 by Mark Stidham and DeAnne Stidham. Lularoe is best known for its leggings, which come in a variety of colors and patterns. The company also sells skirts, dresses, tops, and children’s clothing. Lularoe has a team of independent fashion consultants who sell the company’s products through home parties and online.

Lularoe’s products are made from a variety of materials, including bamboo, cotton, and spandex. The company prides itself on using high-quality materials and construction to create its clothing. Lularoe’s clothes are designed to be comfortable and flattering for a variety of body types.

The company has experienced rapid growth since its inception, and it is now one of the most popular fashion brands in the United States. Lularoe has been featured in several publications, including Forbes, Fortune, and Inc.



  • Sizing can be inconsistent
  • Can be difficult to find a retailer

Brand Comparison


Lululemon is known for its yoga pants and athleisure wear, while Lularoe is known for its leggings and dresses.

Lululemon’s style is sleek and trendy, while Lularoe’s style is more bohemian and relaxed.

Both brands offer a variety of styles to choose from, so it comes down to personal preference.


Lululemon’s quality is impeccable. Their clothes are made with high-quality fabric and construction, which is why they come with a higher price tag.

Lularoe’s quality is good, but not as good as Lululemon’s. Their clothes are made with cheaper fabric and construction, which is reflected in their lower price point.


Lululemon has always been known for its high-end athletic wear, with prices that reflect that. But in recent years, the company has been working to appeal to a wider range of customers by introducing more affordable lines, like its “Real” collection.

Lularoe, on the other hand, has always been a more affordable option, with leggings costing around $25. But as the brand has grown in popularity, prices have started to creep up, with some leggings now costing more than $100.

So, who will come out on top when it comes to pricing? It’s hard to say. Lululemon is trying to appeal to a wider range of customers with its lower-priced lines, but Lularoe is also starting to raise its prices. Both brands will likely continue to adjust their pricing strategies in the future, depending on the needs of their customers.


When it comes to sizing, both Lululemon and Lularoe offer a wide range of options. Lululemon’s sizing runs from 2-14, while Lularoe’s goes from XXS-3XL. So no matter your size, you’ll be able to find something that fits with either brand.


Overall, both Lululemon and Lularoe are great options for affordable, stylish, and comfortable clothing. However, there are some key differences between the two brands that you should keep in mind when making your decision. Lululemon is known for its high-quality clothes that come with a higher price tag, while Lularoe is more affordable but with slightly lower quality. When it comes to sizing, both brands offer a wide range of options, so you’re sure to find something that fits. Ultimately, the decision between these two brands comes down to personal preference.

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