Best Meditation Bracelets And Mala Beads For Inner Peace In 2022

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Ahh meditation bracelets:

They can completely transform your meditation sessions.

From clearing negative energy to enhancing your levels of consciousness, mala beads and bracelets are incredibly rewarding.

So in this guide, we’ll look at how to choose a meditation bracelet, 10 of the best ones out there and our top pick for 2022.

Let’s proceed…

Tips For Choosing Meditation Bracelets

To help you choose the best bracelet for meditation, check these following factors:


Look for the bracelet that will serve your intended goal or purpose for meditation. 

That might be for spiritual healing, attracting positivity, romance and other opportunities.


Follow your gut feeling. 

Listen to that inner spiritual voice that draws you towards a particular mala or bracelet. 

You might find that you quickly build a spiritual connection with some mala bracelets – especially if they reflect your personal energy.


Our personalities are drawn to certain colours. 

Colours can be therapeutic and healing too:

Don’t just choose the colour that you like the design of – it’s more important to feel spirituallyy connected to it.


Shape dictates and affects movement. 

Like the colour, choose the shape/design you feel the most connected to.

Gemstones And Crystals

Our environment produces hundreds of gemstones and crystals that have their own unique compositions. 

Naturally, they have their own vibrations that align to specific energy, too. 

Choose the gemstones that align to your energy:

There are crystal and gemstone guides online that give plenty of info on each.


Like Gemstones and crystals, sacred materials also have their own unique properties and meditative qualities. 

One of the most popular sacred material is Sandalwood – it’s believed to be calming, therapeutic and evokes mental clarity.

10 of the Best Meditation Bracelets to Enhance Your Focus, Awareness & Inner Peace

​1. Magnetic Hematite Therapy Bracelets

Unisex Magnetic Hematite Therapy

Hematite Magnetic beads are believed to be effective pain relievers as they charge our nerve cells and regulate your blood circulation.

Magnetic therapy is also known for relieving anxiety and stress. This magnetic bracelet comes in a charcoal grey metallic finish and measures 7.5 inches long.

But isn’t just a healing bracelet:It’s also a great fashion accessory for both men and women too.


  • Unisex
  • Therapeutic hematite material
  • Adjustable elastic band
  • Fashionable


  • Flimsy elastic band
  • Heavy and bulky

Verdict: Hematite magnets are great stress relievers and have multiple therapeutic benefits:

Ranging from pain relief, reduces fatigue and anxiety, reduces insomnia and sleeplessness among the few reasons why it’s a great bracelet/tool for meditation.

2. Top Plaza Bead Chakra Bracelet

Top Plaza Bead Chakra

Top Plaza Bead Chakra bracelet has 7 Chakra Healing Crystals. It’s ideal for yoga, meditation, relaxation and alleviating anxiety.

It also helps you to improve your focus and concentration – which is great if you’re studying.

The chakra stone beads are naturally made from high quality materials such as:

  • OM alloy
  • Sodalite (Visit for more information on Sodalite and it’s uses.)
  • Amethyst
  • Green turquoise
  • Tiger eye stone
  • Dyed green jade
  • Red agate
  • Yellow aventurine

These stones are held together by a 6.5 to 9.5 inches waxed cord bracelet with adjustable braided cord tails.

The entire bracelet is very lightweight. It’s a suitable gift for both men and women.


  • Adjustable cord to fit your wrist size
  • 7 stones to target different chakras
  • Unisex design


  • Dull stone colours
  • Beads are smaller in size than others on this list

Verdict: With an aesthetic design suitable for both sexes, these chakra beads from Top Plaza is a great meditation bracelet as it not only eases emotional stress but it also acts as a powerful protection from other negative energies.

​3. Celokiy Adjustable Lava Rock Stone Essential Oil Anxiety Diffuser Bracelet

Celokiy Adjustable Lava Rock Stone Essential Oil Anxiety Diffuser

An energy balancing bracelet that aims to help you attract better energy. It also serves as a subtle reminder for us to focus on ourselves and our body’s energy state throughout the day.

The bracelet is made from calm lava stone that’s natural and original. It’s also adorned with Turquoise stones that are known to help relieve stress and aid with insomnia.

The lava beads combine nicely with essential oils:

The bracelet will absorb any essential oil you intend to use and slowly diffuse it throughout the day.

The pores on the beads will also trap the oil, so you don’t get any on your skin whilst you’re wearing it.

This bracelet has an adjustable perimeter of 7 to 9.5 inches and can be adjusted by the braided rope.


  • Adjustable cord to fit your wrist
  • Best paired with your favourite essential oil
  • Great for diffusing essential oils- Casual unisex design


  • Can’t be worn in water
  • Elastic bracelet cord is a bit flimsy

Verdict: This beautiful looking bracelet from Celokiy, made with lava stones, is best used with essential oils.

But it’s not just great for aromatherapy: It also helps in spiritual healing, finding contentment, achieving freedom and inner peace whilst meditating.

​4. Ovalbuy Tibetan Buddhist 12 mm Wood Beads Fo Kwan-yin Mala Meditation Wrist Bracelet

OVALBUY Tibetan Buddhist 12mm Wood Beads Fo Kwan-yin Mala

Malas (or Buddhist prayer beads) are a traditional meditation tool used by Buddhist monks – similar to a rosary for Catholics.

Malas are used to count the number of times a mantra and a Buddha’s name is recited and also the number of breaths during meditation.

Each of the beads in this bracelet has an etching of an alternating Buddha (Fo) and a Kwan Yin inscription. The beads measure 12mm and are strung together by an elastic cord.


  • Ancient, traditional design
  • Made from natural wood beads
  • Double strung with elastic cord to adjust to your wrist size
  • Uniform-sized beads and comfortable fit


  • Knotted cord can come undone
  • Wood beads are darker in colour so etched symbols are a bit hard to identify

Verdict: In traditional Buddhism, Mala bracelets made from wood are believed to transform one’s desires and are known for their calming effect whilst meditating.

​5. Satya Jewelry Om Stretch Bracelet

Satya Jewelry Om Stretch

This piece from Satya Jewelry features round turquoise beads and a stamped sterling silver charm.

It’s an elegant design, great for meditation but also fashionable too.

Handmade in the USA, this bracelet is designed with semi-precious stones and etched with cherished symbols: Turquoise is known for promoting health and self-expression and the symbol OM represents the sacred sound of the universe.

This bracelet has been designed to invoke health, intuition and spirituality.

The bracelet measures 7 inches and stretches to fit larger wrists, with a 0.125inch silver charm pendant that gives it a sleek yet fancy look.


  • Stylish and fashionable
  • Made from natural turquoise and genuine sterling silver
  • Not bulky and can be worn with watches or other bracelets


  • For women only
  • Smaller than others
  • Thin stretch band/elastic band

Verdict: The Satya Jewelry Om Stretch bracelet is not only great for invoking good health during meditation but it also harmonizes a woman’s style and spirituality together.

​6. Hamoery 8mm Natural Stone Elastic Yoga Agate Beads Bracelet

Hamoery Men Women 8mm Natural Stone Lava Rock Diffuser

Marketed as the “man bracelet”, this sleek and simply styled elastic yoga bracelet for meditation by Hamoery is made from a natural stone called black agate.

It’s an energy bracelet – aimed to invoke perseverance and enhance self-confidence.

Black agate is also an inspiring symbol of friendship, vitality and courage. It’s a jewel that helps to protect from negative energy. The bracelet inner length is 6.7 inches but the cord is elastic and can fit to most sizes.

It’s beads are made from natural stone. They’re light in weight, so not too heavy on your wrist.

The “man bracelet” however isn’t just exclusive to men: It’s all black design is also great for women.

This can be a cool gift for your dad, boyfriend, husband, son, friend or just about anyone else you care about.


  • Can match any wardrobe
  • Great for people with metal allergies
  • Purchase includes additional elastic band


  • Non-resistant to water
  • Stretches out and gets a bit loose

Verdict: ​This black agate bracelet is great for meditation as it attracts positive energy and brings confidence too.

​7. IUNIQUEEN Leather Chakra Handmade Imperial Jasper Wrap Adjustable Bead Bracelet

7 Chakra Bracelets for Women Boho Handmade Natural Jasper Stone Healing Energy Bead Leather Wrap

Made with 100% natural imperial jasper stones with rainbow Chakra colours, this bracelet is held together by a vegan wax rope making it suitable for those who do not like leather.

This is designed to balance the seven body Chakras with each stone in the bracelet representing one of the 7 chakras in our body: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and Crown Chakra.

It’s been designed with a Bohemian style that can be worn all-year round to match any occasion and outfit.

This rainbow-coloured chakra bracelet is lead and nickel-free. It also complies with CPSIA regulations, making it safe to wear long term.


  • Vegan-made
  • Chakra balancing
  • Safe to wear
  • Adjustable size


  • Gives off a strong unpleasant smell
  • Unstable metal clasp

Verdict: A unique and eye-catching leather chakra bracelet made from jasper stones, this is one of the best meditation bracelets because it brings physical and spiritual balance.

It’s also useful for clearing negative energy from your 7 chakras.

​8. Tibetan Hand Carved Skull Beads Bone Adjustable Mala Bracelet

Tibetan Hand carved Skull Beads Adjustable Mala

From the name itself, this mala bracelet features hand-carved skull bone beads. It’s easily adjustable to fit your wrist.

The carved skull beads are a Tibetan design: They’ve been created in a similar fashion to the Goddess Kali – who also who wore something similar.

The design symbolises freedom, intelligence and foresight. The bones themselves signify strength, amplifies energy and also serves as a reminder of the impermanence of life.

The bracelet measures 7.5 inches but is adjustable to 3 inches more. Also, the bracelet’s skull-carved beads are imported from Nepal and hand-strung in the USA.


  • Great fit and well-made
  • Adjustable for different wrist-sizes
  • Powerful, ancient symbolism


  • Skull design may not appeal to many

Verdict: This mala bracelet with hand-carved skull beads is perfect to wear during yoga or meditation because it comes with powerful ancient symbols to evoke healing and balance.

9. Nupuyai 6mm 108 Healing Gemstone Mala Prayer Beads Stretch

Nupuyai 6mm 108 Healing Gemstone Mala Prayer Beads Stretch

These mala beads can be worn as both an energy healing bracelet or as a necklace instead. It’s made up of 108 mala beads.

The design is suitable for both men and women. The stone beads that make up this mala prayer bracelet are natural and highly polished, whilst smooth in texture.

The total length of this product is 26.5 inches and can be wrapped around your wrist 3 or 4 times.

The mala and guru beads are strung in an elastic cord with a Ruyi Knot.

Aside from keeping track of recitations, the 108 mala beads also signifies eliminating 108 problems to achieve a state of inner peace.


  • Unisex- 11 Colour options
  • Excellent for meditation, yoga and other practices involving a connection to the Earth


  • Too lengthy for some

Verdict: This mala wrap bracelet comes in a variety of colours. It’s one of the best meditation bracelets as the natural stone beads are energy healing, calming and they symbolise the removal of 108 problems.

​10. Vlinsha Anxiety Gemstone Bracelet

This charming gemstone bracelet by Vlinsha features semi precious crystals and healing stones that are genuine and hand selected.

Each of the gemstones in this bracelet are unique and have their own pattern and colour.

It’s adorned with a dainty tree of life and metal spacers that are stainless, hypoallergenic, nickel-free, lead-free and cadmium free.

The bracelet measures 7 inches with an elastic stretch design to fit most wrist sizes.It doesn’t corrode, rust, stain or cause any allergies either.

The design of this bracelet and the materials used are great for healing, yoga, meditation and praying.


  • Made from natural gemstones
  • Hypoallergenic and free of any harmful materials
  • Non-corrosive


  • Best for women
  • Too small and too tight-fitting for some

Verdict: The beautiful aqua and light tan mixture of this bracelet’s gemstones are great for meditation, as it relieves anxiety and evokes a feeling of peace, harmony and calmness.

Our Top Pick

Meditation bracelets are usually influenced by their local culture, spiritual beliefs and unique practices.

And there are so many bracelets to choose from these days, each with their own unique features.

Unisex Magnetic Hematite Therapy

Out of our list of the best meditation bracelets, our favourite is the magnetic hematite therapy bracelet. It features a sleek, modern design that looks great on both men and women.

Plus the hematite magnets have naturally occurring bio-magnetic properties: These are healing to both the body and mind, making it a valuable addition not just to your meditation sessions but also to your busy daily life too.

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