Best Meditation Chair: Ultimate Guide In 2022

Picking a meditation chair isn’t easy:

But finding the right one is an easy way to take your meditation practice to the next level!

So in this ultimate buyer’s guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about choosing a meditation chair.

Let’s dive in!

How To Choose A Meditation Chair

Need more help choosing a meditation chair?

Here’s what to look out for…


Choose a material that’s designed for comfort, after all you want to be able to focus purely on meditation – not back pain!

Ideally your meditation chair should be made with either cotton, velvet or organic materials like bamboo.


You know your back better than anyone!

So if you tire easily, or you struggle with back pain, try to find a meditation chair that’s ergonomically designed with comfort in mind.


Meditation chairs come in different styles:

Benches, stools, cushions and etc.

And that means they also vary in size too:

So consider where you’ll store it – and take some measurements too!


Some meditation chairs are light and portable – which are ideal for travelling.

However, there are some that are heavy and intended as furniture for your home.

So are you going to be travelling a lot or do you need a permanent addition to your home instead?

Note: Travel meditation chairs often come with carrying bags and cases for convenience.


Comfort is key when it comes to meditation:

You should find a meditation chair that supports your posture, doesn’t interfere with your meditation sessions and most important, feels good!

Top 11 Best Meditation Chairs

1.     Alexia Meditation Seat

Designed like the shape of a lotus, the Alexia meditation seat is a gorgeous and practical piece to lounge in, relax and meditate.

The chair is enhanced by richly coloured fabric, leather and vegan leather.

Its built with a light metal skeleton that supports your body and posture. 

Alexa meditation seats are meticulously hand-crafted with high-quality materials and then upholstered with a great choice of fabrics and leathers.

They come in beautiful colours too!


·      Designed to support your body/posture whilst meditating

·      Best for “Sukhasana” pose to ease hip tension and reduce stress

·      Hand crafted with high quality materials

·      Winner of Reddot design award


·      Might be uncomfortable for taller people (above 6ft)


The Alexa meditation seat is an eye-catching and ergonomically designed chair that aims to correct your posture, and help you achieve a deeper level of relaxation during meditation.

2.     Back Jack Floor Chair

BackJack Floor Chair

Providing extra room beyond the regular Back Jack chair, this XL chair from Back Jack comes with plenty of space.

It has a fixed backrest of 16-inches wide and 23-inches tall. 

The seat is filled with dense foam that’s treated for fire resistance upholstered with 100% cotton duck cover.

Its tubular steel frame allows it to be stacked conveniently when not in use, making the chair ‘space-savvy’ as well.


·      Works best whilst meditating on the floor

·      Easy assembly and dismantling for convenient storage

·      Keeps your back straight and prevents back pain


·      Has a slight smell upon un-boxing

·      Fabric covering attracts hair if you have pets


If you have back issues that makes it hard for you to sit on the floor, the Back Jack XL floor chair is a great solution to make your meditation sessions comfortable and relaxing.

3.     Friends of Meditation Extra Large Relaxing Buddha Meditation Chair

Extra Large Relaxing and Yoga Chair

This extra-large chair is designed by a renowned yoga teacher and Osho meditation facilitator, Swami Dhyan Unmesh. 

This chair makes sitting on the floor comfortable – it’s ideal if you struggle with back pain or limited flexibility.

With its curved meditation block, you’ll avoid any numbness in your legs, especially whilst practicing cross-leg positions. 

It also comes with a backrest for extra posture support.

The chair comes in four colours and measures: 29.1 inches X 23.6 inches X 9.8 inches and weighs 16.53 pounds.


·      Provides great back support in the lotus position

·      Curved meditation block for extra comfort, especially whilst sitting cross legged

·      Ideal for a Vipassana or long day retreat

·      Has adjustable back cushion


·      A bit heavy


Rated the best meditation chair by Wiki Ezvid of 2016, this extra large meditation chair is ideal for long meditation sessions.

It’s designed to give your back plenty of support, helping you ease any numbness in your legs.

4.     BonVIVO Easy II Padded Floor Chair

bonVIVO II Portable Floor with Back Support

With its elegant and eye-catching design, the Easy II padded floor chair by bonVIVO is an elegant piece of furniture for your home, office, workplace or anywhere else you meditate!

It’s semi-foldable and versatile design promotes healthy posture and prevents back pain.

With a weight capacity of up to 100 kg, the adjustable backrest is very stable and prevents you from slouching. 

This means that you can easily find yourself a comfortable position for lounging, relaxing and meditating.

The chair is upholstered with a combination of PE and PU foam fillings that adapts to your body’s posture for maximum comfort.

All materials used to make this chair are REACH certified.


·      Lightweight and portable at 5.95 pounds

·      Foldable, adjustable and multi-purpose

·      Elegant and eye-catching design

·      Made from 100% safe and non-toxic materials


·      Thin seat cushion


This is a simple yet elegant looking foldable meditation chair that’s ideal for relaxation and practicing mindfulness.

5.     Zen’s Bamboo Floor Seat Chair

CENZEN Bamboo Floor Seat for Living Room Japanese Balcony

This small but sturdy chair by Zen’s Bamboo can bear a weight of up to 220 pounds.

So it’s designed to be durable.

…It’s comfortable too!

Best of all, its easy to carry. You could even move the chair to your balcony and meditate whilst enjoying the sunshine! 

The whole chair is made of bamboo and the cushion is made of canvass (outer), sponge (inner) and thick high-resilience foam filling.


·      Portable and easy to carry

·      Made with eco-friendly materials

·      Lightweight and durable


·      Cushion is thin and moves around


While this chair features eco-friendly materials and a solid build, the design doesn’t prioritize comfort and support – so it’s difficult to use for longer meditation sessions.

But if you’re just meditating for 20-30 mins at a time, it could be ideal.

6.     NNEWVANTE Floor Meditation Chair

Floor Chair Adjustable Nnewvante Back Support

Featuring an adjustable backrest with 5 different positions, this foldable and adjustable chair by NNEWVANTE aims to prevent backache and cervical pain.

It’s a multipurpose floor chair that can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, bay windows, dormitories or even as a tatami!

The arched back is ergonomically designed to help with heat dissipation, giving you more comfort.

Made with environmental high-density sponge, it has 3 inner layers for comfrt with a crystal velvet removable cover.


·      Lightweight, foldable and portable

·      Backrest design allows for heat dissipation

·      Adjustable backrest


·      The removable velvet cover can tear


Sure, this chair comes with a cool design.

But what makes this chair great for meditation is its adjustable backrest feature, and the cushioning too.

If you’re looking for comfort, this is one of the best!

7.     BLUECONY IKUKO Original Meditation Bench


Handmade from local massive cherry-wood in Quebec by posture specialists, this ergonomic bench allows you to sit in a natural, balanced and relaxed posture that keeps your spine in the right position.

Its curved, arched seats provide optimal comfort and support without the need of a cushion. 

The angle of the chair allows your back to automatically straighten, so that your spine balances properly over your pelvis.

But why is that important?

Well, it reduces the damaging compressive loads on your lower back whilst meditating – allowing you to focus on breathe and energy flow.

This is a travel friendly version, and it comes with a 100% organic cotton travel bag.


·      Designed by ergonomic/posture specialists

·      Great alternative to a meditation cushion

·      Comes with a carry/travel bag

·      Aligns your body properly and relieves tension and stress whilst meditating


·      Can’t hold a lot of weight


If you’re looking for a lightweight and simple meditation chair you can carry while travelling, this is a great option.

It also comes with a very useful travel bag.

8.  Meditation Bench by Meditation Designs

Bench by Waterglider International

This is a fixed bench and therefore not adjustable or foldable like other products on this list.

However, it’s a solid meditation bench that offers plenty of stability – so it’s ideal if you’re a bit taller/heavier than most.

Handmade from sustainable acacia wood, it’s durable, comfortable and easy to use.


·      Handmade and features no screws

·      Cushioned seat for comfort

·      Great for taller and heavier meditators


·      Fabric cushion cover may attract dirt


The quality of the wood used to make this chair is makes it ideal for sitting and kneeling during meditation.

9.  D&D Futon Furniture Meditation Set

D&D Futon Furniture Black Gray Zabuton Zafu Set

This is a set of meditation seat cushions that come in black and grey.

They provide floor support for sitting and kneeling which makes them ideal for yoga, meditation and exercise too.

They can also be used as living room decor or sofa seat cushions.


·      Wide seating capacity

·      Neutral colour scheme and comfortable fabric

·      Enough padding for support and comfort


·      Cotton cushioning gets flat after a few months’ use


This Zafu set of meditation cushions are great.

With durable, comfortable fabric and a high standard of craftsmanship, they’re a cheap alternative to meditation chairs.

10.     Pivotal Meditation Chair

Pivotal Chair with Brocade Cushion

The Pivotal Meditation Chair is an ergonomic meditation chair that’s ideal for posture therapy.

It’s intended for sitting in the half-lotus position but there are multiple ways you can position yourself on the chair to keep your body in line.

The very nature of the chair’s design is to support your body and help you achieve a ‘posture friendly’ meditation position.

This way, you can avoid the physical pain/discomfort sometimes associated with meditating.

It’s made of pine and Douglas fir woods which are finished with a mahogany stain.

The chair is cushioned with foam and then covered with silk.


·      Great for relaxing your spine

·      Designed to improve your posture whilst meditating

·      Well-crafted and sturdy

·      Decorative – a nice addition to any home!


·      Non-liquid resistant fabric cover


The Pivotal Meditation Chair by Ascendant Meditation may look simple and traditional but its ergonomic design is intended to make your body adjust for a perfect posture and balance.

It’ll help you relieve stress and tension whilst meditating. 

11.     GAIAM Rattan Meditation Chair

Gaiam Rattan with Thick Natural Cotton Cushion Pillow

The GAIAM rattan meditation chair allows you to meditate without having to sit on the floor.

It allows you to meditate cross-legged for extended periods of time, without your legs going numb.

The chair has a wide and curvy seat that’s cushioned with sustainable kapok in a thick and natural cotton upholstery. 

For ergonomic back support, it features a tall back for spine and back comfort.

The entire frame of the chair (including the base and back support) is made from rattan, which makes it a great piece of decor for your home.


·      Made with sustainable materials

·      Features a tall back support for ergonomic support

·      Plenty of room

·      Removable cushion cover


·      Heavy (weighs 28 pounds)


If you want to meditate without having to sit on the floor, this comfortable, beautifully designed and sustainably-made meditation chair will help you focus, relax and enhance your meditation sessions.

Best Meditation Chair?

With all the designs and innovations on meditation chairs these days, which is the best?

For us, it’s the Alexia meditation seat.

Alexia Seat


Well first of all, it comes with a great design.

But also, it’s ergonomic – and you can see it’s been ‘mindfully’ crafted (no pun intended!).

This meditation chair will improve your posture, redistribute your weight and most importantly, give you optimum comfort and support – which is vital during meditation.  

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