What’s The Best Meditation Table For You? Here’s 12 Of The Most Inspiring Options

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Picking the perfect meditation table isn’t easy.Ideally, you need a table that compliments your home, enhances your meditation sessions and is built to last.So what should you look for when choosing one? And which is the best meditation table for you?Read on because our guide will teach you everything you need to know…

Best Meditation Table: 12 Of The Best Reviewed

1. Dharma Objects Solid Mango Wood Hand Carved Prayer Puja Shrine

Dharma Objects Solid Mango Wood Hand Carved Prayer Puja Shrine

This meditation table from Dharma Objects has been designed with a stunning hand-carved symbol of yin yang.It’s made from natural mango wood and finished in a dark rustic antique color. Besides functioning as a meditation table, it can also be used as an elegant side table or night stand.This decorative meditation altar/table can also hold heavy items and measures 12-inch high and 12-inch square top.

PROS:· Made from natural wood· No chemical smell· Dual function (meditation and decorative)

CONS:· Smaller than most meditation tables


The carved Yin Yang on this small meditation table can really help with your meditation sessions, as the ancient Taoist symbol is used to understand hidden spiritual truths and find spiritual balance.

2. SONGMICS Multi-function Lapdesk Table

SONGMICS Laptop Desk for Bed Sofa

Comes with a foldable and adjustable multi-function table bed tray that’s not only durable but also eco-friendly.

This meditation table by Songmics is made from natural bamboo and is heavily constructed to withstand heavy loads, chips and general wear and tear.

Aside from having mechanisms to adjust it’s height and accommodate various positions, it also has an extra drawer to store small items.


·  Eco-friendly

·  Multi-functional and adjustable

·  Comes with bonus storage


·  Heavy weight

·  Drawer has no lock and can slide in and out with the tray’s movement

·  Legs do not hold well


In case you find yourself bed-ridden, this meditation tray’s multi-functionality allows you to meditate in bed or on the floor. If you need a portable, durable option, then this is the best meditation table for you.

3. GABUR Miniature Table for Buddha Statue Stand Worship Pedestal

GABUR Miniature Table for Buddha Statue Stand Worship Pedestal Thai Wood Carving

Another wooden-made meditation table that can serve other purposes aside from meditation.

Primarily, it functions as a pedestal for a small Buddha statue, but this can also hold other decorative items.

Precision-crafted with traditional Thai wood and stained in teak colour, it’s a great piece to match your home’s decor.

This stand measures 10 X 6 X 4 inches and is imported directly from Thailand.


·  Small yet well-made

·  Attractive wood-stain colour

·  Sturdy for a small Buddha Statue


·  Too small for bulky items

·  Not scratch-proof


This finely finished wooden pedestal from Thai Art Craft is great as a mini-altar for meditation, as it’s perfectly balanced and can elevate small statues, crystals and other small meditation items.

4. Yamako Kishu Cypress Handmade Altar

Yamako Kishu Cypress Handmade Wooden Offering Stand

This is an offering stand made with lightwood and designed with traditional Japanese woodwork and craftsmanship.

It’s lightwood tone is calming and refreshing to the senses.  

The meditation table measures 2.8 X 8.3 X 2 inches.


·  Spacious for multiple objects

·  Made from all natural wood

·  Light and portable


·  Fixed and non-foldable

·  Non-stain resistant


True to the Japanese concept of minimalism, this light looking minimalist altar is great for meditation as its simplicity helps your mind focus on the non-material things in life.

5. New Age Imports Round Tree of Life Altar Table

New Age Imports Round Tree of Life Altar Table

A tiny altar or table that can add a bohemian touch to any room or space.

This can be a pedestal for tiny meditation statues, candles, crystals and other items.

It’s a small table that’s hand-made and hand-painted from real wood.

The top is designed with a carved image of the tree of life – a stunning image that we love.

Its finished in rustic green and magenta highlights, measuring 6 inches in diameter and 4 and ¼ inches in height.


·  Small and portable

·  Can be easily kept or hidden in a box, desk or small drawers.

·  Great for travel


·  Looks like a toy


If you’re looking for a platform for a candle or a small statue to put in a corner whilst you’re travelling, this 6-inch in diameter is the best meditation table you’ll find.

We love it’s design:

The carved symbol for new life and positive energy is handy for summoning prayers, rituals and other meditation practices.  

6. EarthBench Deluxe Personal Altar with Shelf

Small Personal Altar with Shelf - EarthBench - Solid Cherry Wood Construction

Made extra-sturdy and durable from solid eastern cherry wood, this USA-made meditation table is stylish and elegant enough to match any room themes or décor.

Finished with an all natural, non-toxic beeswax coating, it’s also a great pair with EarthBench meditation benches.

It’s intended for use with a kneeling stool or meditation pillow.

The table’s materials (cherry-wood) have been harvested locally in Central Maine and the table itself is handmade in a wood shop.

It’s subtle orange and pinkish tan gives this meditation table a beautiful warm tone.  

Product dimensions are: 20 X 11 X 10 inches.


·  All-natural, safe and nontoxic

·  Can accommodate multiple statues and other meditation items

·  Sturdy and durable workmanship


·  Heavy at 14 pounds


A high quality wooden altar from EarthBench with a spacious surface top.

This floor altar is great for meditation, as you can personalize your practice and store multiple spiritual items on it.

7. Hand-Carved Altar Table Puja Sheesham Wood Unique Dragon

Hand-Carved Altar Table Puja Sheesham Wood Unique Dragon

A beautiful hand-carved meditation table from Tribe Azure Fair Trade Company that features large twin dragon panels,

This fancy product is made and hand-carved from Sheesham Wood.

It’s coated with a natural, eco-friendly, water-based and nontoxic stain to darken the panels.

This also comes with a coat of protective polyurethane that’s applied to avoid stains.

Measures 24 X 13 X 13 inches.


·   Safe and non-toxic

·   Great craftsmanship

·   Foldable legs for storage and portability


·   Protective coating emits a smell

·   Expensive price


Although small in size, what’s best about this meditation table is its intricate carved design that’s not just decorative – but also meaningful.

The Garuda (Eagle) symbol represents inner freedom and is often used to circulate blood flow and invigorate your senses.

8. Lalhavelli Designer Hand-Painted Wooden Bajot Table

Lalhavelli Designer Hand-Painted Wooden Bajot Table

Called Chowki in India, this Bajot table by Lalhavelli boasts a sturdiness strong enough to hold the weight of a person!

It’s a handmade low wooden meditation table that’s often used in places of worship and wedding ceremonies in India.

Its painted with traditional Rajasthaani patterns in an ‘off-white’ colour-tone.

You can also use this as a floor table, a lower seat, or as a stand for plants and other décor.


·   Sturdy and durable

·   Multi-functional

·   Intricate yet calm design patterns

·   Light and portable


·   No colour options

·   Fixed assembly and non-foldable


Definitely one of the best in terms of design.This Bajot is a light-looking meditation table with an artsy design that’s not too busy or overwhelming.Definitely easy on the eyes and great for cultivating a sense of clarity and mindfulness during meditation.

9. Carved Wooden Pentagram Table

Carved Wooden Pentagram Table

This is a functional altar table from Alternative Imagination that’s also decorative and thematic.

It can hold offerings, candles, small statues, crystals and more.

Handcrafted from wood, the table is painted black with a carved image of a pentagram painted in gold on the table top.  

Wiccans use the pentagram symbol and believe it to represent magic, power and connection to the divine.

The symbol also helps them focus for their rituals, prayers and ceremonies.

This small pentagram table measures 6 X 6 X 4 inches.


·   Decorative and thematic

·   Travel-friendly

·   Symbolic design


·   Too small


The best meditation table in terms of size versus functionality.

It’s portable, great for small spaces and designed with a pentagram that’s symbolic to faith and invokes a deep connection to the divine.

10. EarthBench Pedestal Stand

EarthBench Pedestal Stand

Made from clean and smooth unfinished pine, this meditation table is ready for you to stain, paint or decorate to your own liking. EarthBench is a US company based in Maine that specializes in solid-wood construction, so this table is durable and high quality.You can use it as an altar display, plant stand or even as a pedestal for other décor. This meditation table is elegantly Feng Shui optimised and available in 3 sizes.


·  Natural wood

·  Non-toxic elements

·  Customizable

·  Comes in plenty of sizes


·  Fixed design

·  Non-adjustable


This is a naturally-made, simple and no-fuss meditation table that’s easy on the eyes and great for any space as a home shrine. 

It’s a great table for meditation as its natural materials and simple design can help you get into the ‘Zen mindset’. 

11. Rusticity Wooden Pooja Chowki/Altar Table

Rusticity Wooden Pooja Chowki/Altar Table

A small-sized, hand-painted meditation table for small idols.

It also makes a perfect stand for vases, coffee cups and other decorative items.

Made from fibre wood materials, it’s durable and built to last.

This chic altar table features cone designs common in Rajasthan art (India).

The table measures 8 X 8 X 1.2 inches.


·  Colorful chowki to enliven a pooja area

·  Light and portable ritual table

·  Great for a small altar area


·  No other colour options


A small, rustic and eye-catching Pooja Chowki that’s great for meditation as you can either use this as a small altar for deities, incense etc.It’s also the best meditation table if you’re looking for versatility, because it can double up as a low-sitting stool – helping to add comfort to your meditation and prayer sessions.

12. EarthBench Deluxe Personal Altar with Shelf and Small Drawer

Deluxe Personal Altar with Shelf - Solid Butternut

Another well-made meditation table from EarthBench.

This personal altar is made from solid butternut harvested in Northern Maine and features a soft and earthy wooden finish.

It’s designed with storage in mind, as it has a small drawer that can store small items like incense, matches, lighters, crystals and etc.

It’s drawer is removable for cleaning purposes.

Like most EarthBench exclusive designs, this is also finished with an all-natural, non-toxic beeswax coating.


·  All natural, safe and nontoxic

·  Wide top space

·  Storage option

·  Sturdy and durable workmanship


·  Heavy at 10.7 lbs


Another great meditation table from EarthBench made with an unusual type of wood. We love it because it evokes a sense of earthiness and cultivates a feeling of stability and balance whilst you meditate.

The Verdict

Meditation tables can help to make your meditation sessions more effective and meaningful.

As we all live different lifestyles, we need to consider the functions our meditation tables can provide in our daily lives.

Having said that, we’ll choose two of the best from this list:

  1. The best meditation table for homes

  2. The best portable meditation table for travellers

The best meditation table for homes

Small Personal Altar with Shelf - EarthBench - Solid Cherry Wood Construction

The Deluxe Personal Altar with Shelf from EarthBench is the best meditation table in my opinion.

Not only can it accommodate holding multiple meditation statues, relics, candles and store smaller items but it’s soft appeal is also relaxing to the senses:

It’ll help you to cultivate a sense of mindfulness and overall help with the quality of your meditation.

Lastly, the manufacturer is also known for its excellent craftsmanship, giving you great value for your money.

The best portable meditation table for travellers

Carved Wooden Pentagram Table

For the traveller, the pentagram table from Alternative Imagination is perfect for

travel-friendly meditation.

It’s small enough to be carried in a bag and you can meditate anywhere with it.

Plus, it’s designed with an ancient symbol that’s known for harnessing spiritual energy.

How Do You Choose The Best Meditation Table For You?

For a more informed choice, these factors are what you need to consider when choosing the best meditation table.

Is It The Right Size For You?

First off, think of the space where you’ll put it and what items you’ll put on it.

Some meditation tables are tiny – so check the dimension before you make a purchase.

Factor In Your Height

Consider your height and reach too.

When you’re using your meditation table, you want to be as comfortable as possible – otherwise it’s going to interfere with your levels of concentration and focus.

Are The Materials High Quality?

Most meditation tables are made from raw or treated wood.

But there are also products made from plastic too.

Since you’ll do a lot of breathing during meditation, it’s best to choose a safe and non-toxic option.

Does It Look Good?

This is a matter of personal preference.

Do you want an ornate, inspiring table? Or do you prefer a simple and minimalistic design?

Also, consider the theme of your space/room you’ll place it in.

Ideally, you want a meditation table that compliments your home.

Tip: Most importantly, a great meditation table should reflect your personality and spiritual energy!

Is It Going To Be Easy To Set-Up?

Most meditation tables come fixed, whilst others are made easy to assemble.

However, if it’s a multi functional meditation table then you might be in for a bit of DIY!

You can also gauge its durability based on its structure.

Inspect the table carefully and check if its assembly is strong enough to hold a decent amount of weight.

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