9 Meditation Techniques For Stress Relief

Are you bogged down with your stress? Do you feel like you’re wrestling with your own thoughts? Meditation techniques for stress are a natural, healthy remedy for anxiety….And they only take a few minutes to do.From more happiness to attracting wealth, meditation is scientifically proven to cut your stress levels.Why?Because it helps you clear your mind, like a gentle breeze that can heal your negative emotions and make you more emotionally mature.

You don’t need to be zen a master to reap the benefits either!Meditation is easy, quick and simple. Plus, it’s also incredibly empowering.So here’s my guide to help you discover the best meditation techniques for stress.

1. What Are Meditation Techniques For Stress?

Before we get to that, let’s look at why you struggle with stress.Stress is all about the way you think. It’s how your mind becomes trapped and tangled in it’s own confusion, whilst struggling to deal with all the emotional challenges we face.Your job. Your money. Your home. Your relationships. We live in a world that can be seriously demanding!And that’s why 90% of us face stress everyday – we’re completely overwhelmed!So if you want to beat stress, you need to look at how you can eliminate all the pressures from your mind…You see, anxiety and depression are so deeply rooted in the way your mind works that it changes the whole way you see the world.Anxiety, stress, depression – these all happen when you’re wrestling with your thoughts.But meditation is like a concentration exercise:You learn to let go of your fears, worries and anxiety whilst clearing your mind from the all the negativity you’ve been facing.Think of your mind like a river……If you let it settle, it’s calm and clear.But if can’t let it settle, you’ll never discover it’s full depth. Instead you’ll just see cloudy water that’s constantly in motion.The goal with meditation isn’t to stop thinking altogether:It’s simply to become calmer, more relaxed and more in control of your mind.And the beauty of meditation techniques for stress is that there’s an endless list of exercises to choose from.There are so many wonderful variations, you’ll never get bored!All you have to do is practice them…

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“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”

2. Do Meditation Techniques For Stress Actually Work?

The science behind meditation is fascinating.

You see, this goes far beyond just a basic breathing exercise.

Meditation will literally enrich every aspect of your life!

Health, wealth, success, happiness…

There a million and one ways that meditation techniques for stress will improve the way your mind works.

Here’s a few scientific studies that show just how powerful meditation is:

Resource: Naked Meditation: Everything You Need To Know

3. 9 Meditation Techniques For Stress.

Note: Before you start these meditation techniques, it can be really helpful to make sure you’re in the right environment.

Otherwise you won’t make the most of your situation!

So here’s a few tips for making the most from these meditation techniques for stress:

  • Sit in a quiet area where there’s as little background noise as much as possible.
  • Avoid distractions! Switch off your phone and turn off your TV!
  • Be consistent with meditation. Try to set aside at least 15 minutes a day to meditation and turn it into a habit.
  • Remember that you might this find this hard! Whilst it takes practice and discipline, meditation techniques for stress are 100% worth it!
  • Go easy on yourself and don’t worry if you struggle at first. There’s no right or wrong way to meditate!
  • Before you meditate, set your motivation. Why do you want to meditate? How will feeling more relaxed help you? How will it help the people you care about?

Check out the full list of meditation techniques for stress below…

Exercise 1. Focus On Your Breathe.

To clear your mind, you need to stop worrying about the future and stop regretting the past…

But that’s far easier than it sounds!

The beauty of this exercise is that by focusing on your breathe, you’re becoming more in tune with the present…You’re taking away the stresses of yesterday and tomorrow – relieving all the stress from your mind.

So if you want the best meditation technique for stress, this is the perfect place to start…

Exercise 2. The 1 Minute Breath.

Deep, controlled breathing isn’t just going to help you become calmer, it’ll give you focus on the present too.

And the 1 minute breath gives you exactly that:

With even, deep breathing, this is a really beautiful exercise.

You’ll calm your thoughts. You’ll become more relaxed. And you’ll gain more control over your mind and body.

Note: Pranayama is a type of yoga meditation that’s focused on the breath – it’s a fascinating field! If you’re interested in learning more about them, check out this guide!

Exercise 3. The Floating Mantra.

Transcendental is one the most popular meditation styles in the world – and there are millions of people practicing it across the globe!

Transcendental meditation techniques for stress will help your mind slow down, settle and rest.

Plus, this exercises uses a mantra:

A mantra is basically a word or sound you can repeat over and over again to improve your concentration.

I’d recommend using the mantra pronounced ‘om’.

Om is an easy, simple mantra that vibrates all the way down to your abdomen, helping you relax whilst you feel the exercise resonate throughout your whole body.

This floating mantra exercise will help you become more alert – but you’ll also feel more positive too.

NOTE: Read this article on how to perform a mantra if you’d like to learn more about them.

Exercise 4. Let Your Thoughts Roam.

Giving your mind freedom to relax is incredibly helpful – you can let go of your worries whilst your thoughts just carry on by themselves…

But this actually isn’t as easy as it sounds:

Because it’s more natural for you to want to control what you’re thinking about.

You might find you want to focus on a particular thought or stop thinking about certain things…That’s the beauty of this exercise!

With this meditation technique, you’ll learn how to let go of your stress, worries and anxiety. You’ll learn how beneficial it is to relax and let go of everything, And it’s a chance to explore your own mind.

You get to sit back, relax and watch how your thoughts just happen on their own.

Plus you don’t have to make any effort – your mind works all by itself, kind of like how your body breathes automatically.

Exercise 5. Inhibit Your Thoughts.

With this exercise, you purposely should try to stop your thoughts.

And you’ll soon find that it’s practically impossible!

But this will give you a deeper understanding of your mind – because the more you try to stop thinking, the more thoughts you’ll have!

It’s like this:

Try not to think about an elephant…

…What’s the first thing you think of? Well, an elephant of course!

The more you try to resist a thought, the stronger it becomes. And when you’re dealing with stress that’s a really useful concept.

Picture it:

If you try to stop yourself thinking about stress, your stressful thoughts will only get stronger.

But if you relax and let them happen, your anxious thoughts will soon float away.

So discover how to gain more control over your thoughts below with this empowering meditation technique for stress…

Exercise 6. The Bee.

This exercise is great for kids…

But it’s also fun if you’re an adult too!

Exercise 7. Dissolve Your Thoughts!

Watch your stressful thoughts disappear like clouds in the sky…

Exercise 8. Alternate Nostril Breathing!

…I did say you’d never get bored with meditation!

Exercise 9. Chocolate Meditation.

Has there ever been a better excuse to eat chocolate?

Mindfulness is such a powerful concept – like:

Have you ever mindlessly devoured a whole bag of chocolate, without really giving any thought to the amount of food you’re eating?

Eating mindfully is a way of appreciating every single element of your food. It’s not just about the taste – you’ll learn to appreciate the texture, weight, feel, smell, colour…

This exercise basically stops you taking food for granted (something we’re all guilty of)!

Experience the art of eating mindfully with this fun and tasty exercise…

4. Meditate With An Open Mind.

If you don’t have a spiritual side, don’t worry.

Here’s the thing:

Meditation techniques for stress aren’t for everyone. If you don’t have an open mind, these aren’t going to work…

And if that doesn’t sound like you then grab my 150+ ways to relax here instead.


…If you’re serious about your spiritual growth.

…If you’d like to relax, take a break and you’re struggling with stress.

…And if you want to discover a healthy, nourishing way to develop yourself, then meditation techniques for stress are perfect for you.

Think of meditation like a concentration exercise – it’s really no different.

With meditation, you’re simply focusing your mind away from the troubles, stress and anxiety you’re facing.

…It’s like a break from all the stuff that distracts us in life!

5. How Often Should You Use Meditation Techniques?

I’d recommending meditating for at least 15 minutes a day.

Try making it a habit – so that you get used to regularly meditating and make time for it everyday.

At first, just get a taster for meditation.

Go easy on yourself.

And really soak up the calming benefits of meditation techniques for stress.

Then when you’re ready, slowly extend the time you spend meditating.

30 minutes to 1 hour of meditating a day will really unlock the benefits of meditation.

And after a few months, you’ll look back and realise you’re living a much more relaxed, stress free life that’s calmer and more mindful too.

6. How To Unlock The Power Of Mindfulness.

When you come across meditation, you’ll probably hear the term ‘mindfulness’.

So what the heck is it?

Mindfulness is basically living in the moment.

For most people struggling with stress, they’re pulled in different directions.

You see, stress is a battle with the regrets of your past and your anxiety about the future…

But when you become mindful, you’re living completely in the present. That means your mind is balanced, calm and settled.

There’s no more anxieties about yesterday or tomorrow;

You’re simply 100% in the moment – enjoying where you are right now.

7. How Meditation Techniques Can Enrich Your Life.

Meditation is incredibly empowering.

Just imagine being equipped with a powerful tool that helps you overcome your stress and anxiety whenever you need to.

You’ll practically become the superman (or woman) of relaxation!

I love the fact that meditation has been around for thousands of years.

It’s NOT just a fad – it’s an ancient form of relaxation that has inspired some of the world’s greatest thinkers!

And from more positivity to discovering your inner zen, meditation techniques for stress can enrich every aspect of your life.