Are You Seeing Visions While Meditating? Find Out What Meditation Visions Mean Here

There’s a first for everything in life. And, at some point, there was a time you began to meditate for the first time ever.

As you might know, experiences like meditation don’t always come easy. It’s a process that takes time to learn, understand, and grasp.

You might have had complications with the practice at first. Or, maybe the entire process left you feeling confused in the beginning.

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Eventually, you figure things out through first-hand experience, books, and meditation teachers. Really, it’s time that makes all the difference in your meditation advancement.

However, it’s possible that you’re still unsure about certain areas of the practice. You may think you have a good grip on meditation, only to witness something new during it.

For example, one aspect of meditation that bewilders most people is meditation visions. Right away, people wonder what they are, why they might be happening, and what they mean.

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It’s only natural to feel curious and perhaps worry a little until you know what they are. Or, maybe you feel joy knowing that they could be a good sign.

Rest assured that seeing visions while meditating is completely normal. And it’s not dangerous at all!

It’s quite interesting why we view these visions at all, let alone, during meditation.

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Do You See Visions When You Meditate?

Not everyone will view visions when they meditate. However, some people do get to experience them.

It’s usually not until one deepens their practice that they’ll begin to witness them.

Some may experience them quite often when they engage in meditation. Others may only experience them just sometimes.

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And, not everyone who experiences them will experience the same visions. That’s one of the beauties of it.

Visions may include:

  • Light
  • Random lines or squiggles
  • Various textures
  • Flashes of visual objects

For the people who do notice visions mid-meditation, other people will be unable to view them. In other words, the visions you receive are only for you; they’re your own mental images.

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These visions present themselves when your practice takes you between wakefulness and sleep.

But don’t feel nervous. Seeing visions during your meditation practice is really nothing to worry about.

In fact, these visuals can be a good thing! It’s one sign that you now have access to your third eye. That level of consciousness provides perception beyond the average human’s level of insight. And it’s a thing worth cherishing.

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What Does it Mean When You See Visions?

Visions don’t occur during meditation merely for our optical enjoyment. They can, in fact, have meaning.

Depending on the vision you see, it could mean different things.

For example, if you notice a vision of an eye, this is a sign that your third eye is starting to open.

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This may also represent a spiritual memo, individuality, or one’s outlook in life. Apart from these, there are other interpretations as well. It’s no wonder meditators feel overwhelmed.

To make things more complex, different visuals can also appear in conjunction. In turn, they may change the vision’s meaning.

For instance, a vision of an eye with a pyramid symbolizes awareness or enlightenment. These are just a couple of many possible interpretations.

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The point is, when you understand the intent behind your visions, you can get the most out of your practice.

Like dreams, there’s symbolism in meditation visions. But they don’t have to always have meaning. Meaning is in the mind of the beholder.

Keep in mind, though, that it would be best to take the time to interpret these visions after meditation.

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We recommend logging the visuals you experience. Once you write them down, you can start analyzing them on a deeper level. Just don’t think too long and hard!

Why Do I See Faces When I Meditate?

One common vision that people see as the meditate are images of faces. Or, they may see humanistic figures with full bodies from head to toe.

Either way, the faces that they sense are normal people the meditator doesn’t know.

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Out of all visuals, visions of faces/humans tend to intrigue and perplex meditators the most. Are they safe? Does this mean you should stop meditating? Will these visions hurt you?

But don’t worry; seeing these types of visuals is quite normal. There’s no need to halt your meditation practice out of fear.

Seeing faces is an experience known as pareidolia. Pareidolia doesn’t just occur during meditation. It can also happen while looking at clouds, for example.

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Simply put, pareidolia is a visual illusion or disturbance.

Seeing faces may be scary at first, depending on what they look like and how you interpret them.

What Causes Pareidolia During Meditation?

Sometimes, pareidolia is a sign of major depressive disorderOCD, or another condition. Psychosis can additionally trigger these visions in some cases.

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Pareidolia is still something that can occur during meditations without the latter diagnosis.

Some believe we see faces simply because we make patterns from familiar objects. They believe it’s nothing more than our brain playing tricks on us.

Others, however, believe there’s a deeper cause for these visuals. For example, they may think it’s a message that requires their attention.

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The truth is, seeing faces, whether good or bad, can be either merely part of the imagination or objective.

According to the Divine Life Society, some may experience the faces of evil beings. These faces may look ugly and feature long, sharp teeth and mean expressions.

Divine says that these types of thoughts aren’t harmful. It’s a test. Don’t be afraid. Instead, banish them by saying, “Get out” or “Go away.”

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You may also witness happy faces. This might be the face of yourself, a stranger, or someone you know.

If the vision is of someone familiar, it doesn’t always reflect how they actually feel or act. However, it may reflect how you feel towards them or how you interpret how this person feels.

It’s said that we see faces because meditation allows subconscious thoughts to appear. Some say the faces we see have all been faces we saw in the past, even years ago. But sometimes some creativity can come into play.

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Remember that a large part of our brains is responsible for facial recognition. Our minds work in quite interesting and mysterious ways.

Do These Faces Mean Anything?

Ultimately, meditative visions often do have meaning. But it’s probably not the meaning you have in mind.

Many meditators think meditation visuals are a sign from a higher being or from someone in real life. Some are so caught up with interpreting these faces that it impacts their practice.

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Keep in mind that most of the visuals you witness might not necessarily “make sense.” Or, you might view the face of someone you don’t know or haven’t spoken to in several years.

What is the meaning behind these, then?

The thing is, meditation is a very personal practice.

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This gives you the freedom to interpret the visions you witness in different manners. Only you can decide what each thought means based on your life.

Think about dreams for a minute. When we dream, it’s often just our subconscious and memory bank releasing themselves.

Do they all make sense? Are they accurate in terms of how you really feel? Not always. But they can teach us something and make us feel certain emotions.

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Keep in mind that visions are basically just daydreams. They can still reflect our memories, thoughts, emotions, worries, and wishes. You may find this to be true once you start logging your meditation sessions on paper.

But it’s not just about deciding what each visual reflects but also how you plan to use each visual. How you react is powerful.

Like dreams, visions only mean something if you let them.

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Just don’t confuse meditation visuals or dreams with reality. Although they can have connections, other times, they’re distinct and contradicting.

You’ll pretty much know from the start when these visuals are spiritual or have a deeper meaning.

If you’re unsure, you can consult a meditation expert. Perhaps they’ll have an idea of what your vision might signify.

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What Does it Mean When You See Colors While Meditating?

Even without other types of visions, many meditators witness colors during their practice. Many people describe them as “blobs” or “orbs of light.”

You may even witness multiple colors during a session of meditation.

These visuals are very common to undergo and can be a sign of healing. Each color a person sees while meditating corresponds to a certain chakra or energy site in the body.

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And, they’re usually more comprehensible than other visual stimuli one sees during meditation.

As an example, blue visions indicate the healing of the throat chakra. Meanwhile, witnessing green means your heart chakra is rejuvenating.

Clearly, seeing colors via meditation is a great sign. So, let go of any fear you might have towards them.

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Not only do they indicate healing, but they represent a past blockage somewhere in your body. It’s always good to know about these blocks in your body, even if they’re now gone.

So, make sure to note the colors you witness during meditation. They can tell you about yourself and where healing is taking place.

After all, chakra blockages indicate problems we face. And, they, too, can cause problems within us, creating a toxic cycle.

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We’ll give you an example. Parental abandonment or anger towards your body can cause a root chakra blockage (red). As a result, you may constantly feel like you’re not good enough.

But when you view red during meditation, this gives you insight into yourself. It communicates this past blockage to you. Therefore, you can be aware of your previous personal setbacks.

It’s possible that chakra can receive a blockage again in the future. So, to be aware of such blockages and your eventual healing process, you can be more in tune with yourself.

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Though they’re good to see, know that colors can easily distract the mind, like visions. Don’t allow them to. Let go of your focus on them. Allow them to thrive on their own without attempting to manipulate them.

How Should I React to Meditation Visions?

Seeing visual throughout meditation should not be something you worry about. Although you shouldn’t make a big fuss about them, you shouldn’t reject them either.

But one thing’s for sure: never overanalyze a vision during your practice.

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When you’re trying hard to interpret or keep a vision, this can disrupt your meditation. As meditators know, the practice takes concentration. Therefore, don’t let your focus deteriorate due to a visual you see.

And, when it comes to seeing faces, experts say there’s no point communicating with them.

For one, trying to communicate with these visions distracts your practice. Secondly, meditators report that these visuals don’t respond. So, there’s no reason to talk to them.

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Learn to essentially ignore a vision without completely refusing it nor inviting it.

Simply allow it to happen, leave it be, and continue with your meditation session. And, bring the focus back to your breath and body.

If you find that the visuals continue to distract you, try meditating with your eyes open. You may additionally find it helpful to chant an affirmation out loud.

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Again, the goal isn’t to cling to the thoughts or visuals you get from meditation.

Likewise, it’s not necessary to pick apart each and very visual. We tend to look too deep for meaning, so deep that we interpret it incorrectly.

However, it can be fun and still meaningful to interpret them after each meditation session. Do this in the way you feel is right.

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You can interpret a vision as a prothetic message. Or, you may consider it a sign of the current state of your psyche. Some like to use these visuals as a way to improve the self and deepen their practice.

The decision is ultimately yours; you hold power as the meditator.

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