Meditation While Lying Down – Everything You Need to Know Including Benefits and The Best Position For Meditation

Meditation has many benefits, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Most people think of a seated meditation position, but have you thought about meditation while lying down?

There are several different meditation positions, and each position has different uses.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the practice of training your mind and focusing on or becoming aware of only one thing.

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For example, you may meditate to become more focused, have more patience, or become fully aware of your feelings. 

Meditation is not sitting down and letting your mind wander. It takes time to learn how to meditate because it is easy to get distracted while you’re meditating.

This is one reason why finding a quiet place away from distractions is so important. 

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If you are unable to find a quiet place to meditate, you may not be able to have a quality session of quiet meditation or guided meditation. There is another way to meditate, though. It’s called active meditation.

Each of these types of meditation can be good for you. You just have to be aware of how to practice them.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is practicing meditation while following along with someone leading the meditation.

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This can be done with someone in person, or it can be done by using a recording. Many meditation apps offer guided meditation as an option.

If you are a beginner to meditation, guided meditation is probably the easiest way to learn mediation.

After you have more experience, you may want to lead your own meditation so you’ll move onto quiet meditation.

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Quiet Meditation

Quiet meditation, or silent meditation, is almost exactly what it sounds like. It is taking the time to find a quiet place to meditate without distractions.

Unlike guided meditation, you won’t hear the sound of someone’s voice to move your meditation session along. 

Some people prefer to practice quiet meditation in complete silence, while others like to hear soothing sounds.

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Sound machines that play water and apps on your phone that play soft, wordless music can also be used. Soothing sounds can often help you deepen your practice.

This type of meditation is often used when someone is ready to move away from guided meditation.

It also means that you have the experience to be able to focus without the steps of meditation said out loud. 

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Many practitioners of meditation feel like quiet meditation are more difficult than guided meditation.

This means that this type of meditation might be better for those who are more advanced.

Active Meditation

Active meditation is much different than guided meditation and quiet meditation. With this type of meditation, you do not have to be seated or even be still.

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This meditation technique is great for anyone who has trouble staying in one spot for any length of time.

It is important to know, however, that even though you may be moving, you will still have to teach your mind to focus. This can be difficult at first because you may find your mind wandering quickly.

If you do find your mind wandering, just remember to refocus your mind. 

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Primary Positions when Meditating

In addition to knowing which type of meditation you would like to practice, you also have to think about which position is best for you. There are several different positions that you can be in.

Depending on which position you prefer, you may have a better idea of which type of meditation you practice.


This is the most common position in meditation. Some people choose to cross their legs, while others prefer to sit in a chair. This position can help you really focus because your body is still, and your mind is less likely to wander. 

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Sitting is often the most comfortable position because you can tailor it to what makes you feel comfortable. Some people choose to sit on a pillow while others choose a yoga mat.

If getting on the floor is not something you like to do, then you can use a chair, bench, or couch. Again, it’s whatever makes you the most comfortable. 

Once you have chosen where to sit, you may choose to cross your legs or let them hang off the side of the chair.

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Remember to sit tall but relaxed and not tense. Imagine there is a string pulling you up to the ceiling. Rest your hands on your knees or stomach, whichever is comfortable. 

The sitting position can be used in guided meditation, quiet meditation, and even active meditation. This is great for use in an office setting or during a lunch break.

These are just a few examples of how you can use a seated position while meditating actively. 

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A standing position is great for use while actively meditating. Depending on which type of guided meditation you are using, you may be able to stand, too.

The least common type of meditation to use while standing is quiet meditation. That’s not to say that you cannot stand and have a quiet meditation session.

If you feel like sitting is not comfortable for you, then you should give the standing position a try. To perfect the standing position, you should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

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Distribute your weight evenly across the foot, don’t stand on the heel or ball of the foot. 

You will want to make sure that you do not lock your knees when in a standing position. Make sure they are soft with a slight bend in them.

For your arms, you can choose to let them hang at your sides or rest your hands on your stomach. Resting your hands on your stomach will help you focus on your breath.

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After that, relax your shoulders, but be sure not to hunch forward. Relax your face and close your eyes if you are comfortable.

Sometimes when you are standing, the next position may come naturally to you – walking. 


Many people who feel like they cannot sit still will transition to a standing position. After being in a standing position, you may feel the urge to walk around. This is typical of active meditation.

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When you are actively walking around, it is important to remember to do your best to maintain focus. 

If you lose your focus, stop the wandering thoughts, and return back to your intention. This meditation position is best used when you have some experience.

Beginners to meditation may find it too difficult to focus until they have had time to train their minds. Discipline is very important in this position. 

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To effectively walk and meditate at the same time, you should first choose your path and speed.

You do not have to power walk, but you don’t have to go at a snail’s pace either. After walking between ten and fifteen paces, stop, and focus on your intent.

Your arms can be clasped behind you, clasped in front of you, or swing gently by your side.

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Once you are in your walking meditation, feel free to focus on your body’s movement to begin. Remember that each step has a purpose.

Feel how your body moves and how your feet feel against the ground. Take a moment to feel how your body weight shifts from foot to foot. 

Lying down

One of the most relaxing positions for meditation is when you are lying down. Some people like to practice meditation right before they fall asleep. Others do it to get a deep meditation with a calming effect. 

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Lying down is best used in guided and quiet meditation. It would be hard to actively meditate while lying down. This position has great benefits and can use different lying positions.

Most people will begin their meditation by lying on their back, while others choose their side. 

Remember that it is ok to adjust your position while lying down if you feel that one area of your body has too much pressure on it.

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If you are in a side position, you may want to put a pillow between your knees and ankles. 

What are the Benefits of Meditating while Lying Down?

When you are in a lying down position to meditate, you will experience many benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of lying down is that your whole body will be fully supported. When your body is fully supported, it is more likely to release the maximum amount of tension.

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Releasing your body’s tension and gaining a sense of calmness are two more noticeable benefits.

Lying down also eliminates any discomfort that you may feel while meditating when seated. There are several different postures that you can use.

Savasana Posture

The Savasana pose, or corpse pose, is a lying position where you are on your back facing up. Your legs are about a foot to a foot and a half apart, and your arms are out to your side. Your palms will face up. 

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To get into the pose, you will want to sit down, use your arms to lower your upper body to one side.

Walk your arms out until you are lying on your side. Gently roll to your back. Rock back and forth to make sure your torso is comfortable. 

Release your legs, so they are apart and relax your knees and feet. Some people choose to raise their arms to the ceiling then slowly drop their arms by their sides. Again, your arms will face up. 

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Relax your face, including your nostrils and tongue. Make sure that the rest of your body is comfortable and relaxed.

While this position may seem quite easy, it can be difficult. This is because it can be hard to remain in a relaxed position. 

Other Lying Poses

Just because you are meditating while lying down does not mean you are stuck to one position. You can also choose the right or left side position.

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Another familiar yoga pose that can be used while meditating is the Child’s pose

How to Meditate While Lying Down?

If you are looking into lying down while you meditate, you should first start by deciding which type of meditation is right for you.

Beginners should start with a guided meditation. More advanced practitioners can quickly move to quiet meditation. 

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Choose a comfortable, quiet place. Use a yoga mat, pillows, or even blankets for maximum comfort. To get into a good state of relaxation, dim or turn off the lights above.

Use an app or sound machine to play soft, soothing sounds. Aromatherapy can also be used. 

Once you have the mood set in the room and are comfortable, you can start to meditate. Listen to your guided meditation, or if not using a guided meditation, follow the next steps. 

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First, bring your attention to your breathing. Start by taking slow, deep breaths in, then slowly let them out. Then bring your focus to your intention.

Your intention is something that you want to improve upon. Becoming more patient, releasing tension or anger, and relaxation are all examples of an intention. 

Finally, when you are ready to come out of your meditation, bring your focus back to your breath. Start to focus on the things around you.

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The sounds you hear, the smells you smell, and so on. Slowly blink your eyes, wiggle your fingers and toes. Now that your attention is back, slowly get up without straining or forcing. 

When to Meditation While Lying Down

There are many times that meditation while lying down is beneficial. Meditation can help you prepare your mind and body for sleep. It can also help relax your mind from an emotional day.

Believe it or not, meditation is also good for physical recovery. Many people use meditation to help wake up and prepare for the day. 

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Preparation for Sleep

Meditation is one way that you can help calm your mind and relax your body. It is a great way that you can prepare yourself for sleep.

Simply set aside sometime before bed to unplug from any screen time or use of electronics. 

Use guided meditation or quiet meditation to get the best of your preparation for a sleep meditation session.

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Remember that your focus is to clear your mind and relax your body. The intention of this meditation is to prepare for bed to get high-quality sleep. 

Emotional Recovery

If you are prone to anxiety or panic attacks or have a particularly emotional day, you should meditate. Meditation is fantastic for emotional recovery. It allows your mind to release any bad feelings, tension, or anxiety. 

Guided meditation or quiet meditation is preferred for emotional recovery when possible.

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Active meditation can bring you back to the emotional event if you lose focus. The best thing to do for emotional recovery is to have a safe, comfortable place to meditate. 

Physical Recovery

If you are recovering from surgery, injury, or are just in physical pain, meditation can help. This is because meditation allows you to focus on you. Use the mantra “I am well” to train your mind that you can recover. 

Using meditation for chronic pain can also be beneficial. In fact, it can help you to relieve your pain even when you’re not meditating.

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During meditation, you will learn how to ease your pain. Soon, you will be able to put those techniques into your daily life, even if you aren’t in a current meditative state. 

Waking Up

When you wake up in the morning and are preparing to get out of bed, you should try meditation.

Meditation right after you wake up before you do anything else, can help you start the day. It will help you focus on starting the day off right.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of meditation?

There are many benefits to meditation. The benefits range from emotional to physical to mental. You will increase your focus, change the way you react to situations, and more. 

Can you meditate while lying down in bed?

While you can meditate while lying down in bed, it isn’t widely recommended. This is because you are more likely to fall asleep. Unless your goal is to meditate until you fall asleep, you may not want to meditate in bed. 

How do you meditate while lying down?

To meditate while lying down, set the tone of your session. Dim the lights, play soft sounds, get into a comfortable position.

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Relax your body, including your face. Begin to focus on your breath, with slow breaths in and out.

After you have slowed your breath, you can begin to focus on your intention. Your intention can range from “I am enough” to “I am well” to “I have patience.”

Once you have taken time to focus on your intention, slowly bring your focus back to your breath. 

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Finally, you are ready to end the meditation session. Wiggle your fingers and toes, slowly blink your eyes. Turn your head from side to side.

If you are on your back, roll to your side then push your body up slowly with your arms. Don’t get up too fast. 

Can you do chakra meditation while lying down?

Yes, chakra meditation can be done while lying down. Just remember to keep your head, spine, and pelvis aligned.

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Chakra meditation should not be done while in a side-lying position. Choose Savasana to pose for chakra meditation. 

What other meditations can you perform while lying down?

Guided meditation and quiet meditation are two of the types of meditations that you can do while lying down. 

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