Memory improvement, development and perspective: Just some of the major benefits playing chess provides!

There are a number of benefits that can be achieved by playing chess, with a number of medical institutions having already revealed a number of positive impacts on an individual’s health.

Chess is known around the world for being one of the most strategic games to have ever been developed, as players who compete will need to think of their next move, as well as what their opponent may look to do at the same time. 

Indeed, there are a number of incredibly talented players in the world at the moment, with a number of them competing at the upcoming World Chess Championship 2021 competition to determine the next World Chess Champion. Magnus Carlsen is the reigning world champion and is the current Unibet Sportsbook betting favorite to win the competition with odds of 1.30, compared to his opponent, Ian Nepomniachtchi and his odds of 3.30.

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Going back to the benefits that playing chess can provide individuals, there is no doubt that both Carlsen and Nepomniachtchi have experienced them themselves as they compete in the huge competition.

We take a look at some of the biggest benefits that can be experienced, and reveal why chess plays a role.

Memory improvement

Perhaps one of the main benefits and even one of the biggest impacts that chess can have on a person’s health is that their memory will be improved.

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Considering that the board game is one of the most strategic possible to play, participants will need to know a lot of different moves and sequences that they can adopt in order to try and win the contests that they play.

Many will look to try and adopt a strategy that will allow them to counter the playing style of their opponent, however this will clearly require the brain to memorize the moves that they should be making when a certain outcome happens.

Interestingly, there have been a number of studies that have supported the idea that memory is vastly improved, as chess players and non-chess players were tested against each other. One instance was in a study whereby each of them had to recall lists of words that had been seen, with the chess players being significantly better than those who had not played the game.

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Chess can be great for development

In numerous countries around the world, chess is introduced to children of a young age (between 8-11 in some cases) as it is thought that the classic board game can help teach a number of skills and help improve the development of the child for adolescence and adult life.

For instance, chess can help children to develop their problem solving-skills, overall thinking skills, as well as help them with their social skills.

Perspective can also be developed

Players of chess may also be able to develop their skills of perspective by playing the competitive game on a regular basis, as well.

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As mentioned before, players will be looking to try and out-think and combat their opponent’s next move almost immediately because they will want to try and get into their mind and see what the next play might be. This action can simply be described as trying to look at the perspective of another individual.

There are not many other activities or tasks in the world that will allow for perspective skills to be developed, which is why the game is considered to be brilliant in helping to enhance this particular attribute.

Chess can lead to better planning skills

One of the final benefits that can be experienced by playing chess is that the game can help individuals further develop their planning skills. 

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A lot of the game, as highlighted, is purely based on strategy and competitors will need to spend a large portion of the duration of a chess match dedicated to what their next move might be and what they would look to do if a certain move is to happen to them that requires them to act accordingly.