Merkaba Meditation: Everything You Need To Know!

Merkaba meditation is an ancient practice that dates all the way back to 100BC.

So how do you practice Merkaba meditation? And what is the Merkaba energy field?

In this ultimate guide, we’ll run you through everything you need to know!

Here goes...

What Is Merkaba Meditation?

what is merkaba meditation

Simply put, Merkaba meditation is a mental and spiritual experience that allows you to connect with your higher self on a conscious level. 

Via 18 different Merkaba pranas or breathing techniques, you can create a greater sense of focus and awareness as you gain control over your energy fields and enter different planes of reality. 

This energy process is one of the most powerful meditation techniques that has been used since ancient times.

What Does Merkaba Mean?

Merkaba or Merkabah (mer-KA-ba) symbolizes body, light, and spirit. 

This Egyptian word can be split into three components for deeper translation.  

  • Mer: ‘Mer’ refers to the two rotating fields of light within you that form when you engage in certain breathing patterns

  • Ka: ‘Ka’ represents one’s spirit

  • Ba: Lastly, ‘ba’ refers to your physical body or how your spirit interprets its reality it’s apart of

Merkaba Activation: How To Activate Merkaba

Merkaba can be ignited only through the act of meditation. 

By gaining Merkaba, you can reach a new potential in life as it opens your body, mind, and spirit to new experiences. 

There are many benefits to entering the fourth dimension via Merkaba meditation. 

With elevated consciousness and awareness, less stress, better health, and balanced emotions, you can gain access to the infinite aspects of your existence to fully enjoy your life.

If this type of meditation is performed accurately, the intuitive and receptive (feminine) and dynamic and active (masculine) components of your mind and spirit will be integrated as one.

What Is Merkaba Energy?

The entire process of Merkaba meditation revolves around energy. 

The Merkaba features two electromagnetic fields that are based on the Law of Gender

One electrical spiral is male, while the other electrical spiral is female.  

The energy in this sense is not merely mechanical. 

Rather, Merkaba energy is a living energy that can be guided through feelings (the heart) and thoughts (the brain).

Merkaba energy is one of the highest powers of energy in the universe. 

This type of energy has the power to heal both the spirit and body: 

The correct balance of Merkabic energy can not only help you better understand yourself but the entire universe. 

With balanced Merkabic energy, you can receive and transmit an expanded level of source energy vibrations.

What Is A Merkabic Field?

Different geometrically-shaped energy fields surround your body. 

In fact, every living being in the universe has its own energy fields, including a Merkabic field. 

A Merkabic field is often referred to as your light spirit body and allows you to travel to higher dimensions and ascend through life.

The Merkabic field permanently surrounds the seven layers of your auric field, an electromagnetic field of energy that reflects the physical, mental, and emotional health of your body and interacts with your seven chakras.

In normal circumstances, the Merkabic field spins around us at about the speed of light. 

However, a majority of people have very slow-moving or completely static energy fields. 

They say if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it:

That’s also the case for your Merkaba. 

However, with Merkaba meditation, you can rebalance your Merkabic field.

Although it can’t usually be seen with the naked eye, a Merkabic field involves two intersecting tetrahedrons or pyramids that spin in opposite directions. 

Once your Markaba is activated, its energy field will spread into a saucer shape that’s approximately 55 feet in width. 

For those who can physically see a Merkabic field, it will look like a white sphere or globe through its development.

Seeing the code 1212 is often a sign that you’re developing your light body and are gaining a new level of consciousness beyond the physical realm we live in.

Merkaba Meditation

When engaging in Merkaba meditation, the body doesn’t work alone:

The mind also plays a critical role. 

Part of the mental process of activating your Merkaba is attempting to visualize your Merkabic field. 

Although energy can’t be seen through the usual senses, this is something you will have to teach yourself to visualize with your mind. 

In very rare instances, people who have the ability to see auras or energy fields may be able to see a Merkaba with the naked eye.

Merkaba Star Tetrahedron Meditation Instructions

Considering most people can’t see energy fields, especially in western countries, Merkaba visualization involves imagining or perceiving your Merkaba spinning around you. 

Visualize a tetrahedron shape surrounding you with its apex facing towards the sun. 

The point should face towards the front for the male pyramid and the back for the female pyramid. 

Imagine vivid, white light.

You’ll know you’ve mastered the visualization process when you can visualize a continuous spin. 

The next visualization challenge at this point is to completely overlap the two pyramids to form the shape of the Merkaba. 

Imagine these overlapping figures spinning in opposite directions continuously. 

Watch as the white light moves through the apex of your Merkaba and through each of your chakras.

As you visualize the rotating energies, you may feel a little dizzy. 

This is normal:

During this process, it’s also possible that you may see geometric shapes or symbols, witness strange lights, or even hear voices.

To ensure your Merkaba is fully activated and stays that way, it’s important that you engage in visualization on a daily basis.

If you have difficulty visualizing your Merkaba in your head, try feeling or sensing your Merkaba spinning around you. 

Merkaba Meditation Instructions

Although Merkaba meditation sounds like a complex process, engaging in such can be quite easy. 

However, everyone may have a different experience.

The process of Merkaba meditation involves 18 different breaths.

18 Breath Merkaba Meditation

Stage 1: Achieving Balance

Breaths 1 - 6: 

As you inhale, open your heart as much as possible as you exercise your love for all lives. 

Sit down on the floor in a typical meditation position. 

Gesture your hands in a traditional meditation stance called the gyan with the tip of your index finger touching the tip of your thumb on both hands, with your palms facing up.

Breathing through breaths one and two involve inhaling via the nostrils and then through the stomach, diaphragm, and then the chest. 

Hold for seven seconds before exhaling for seven seconds through the abdomen as you slightly turn your eyeballs to one another and then look up. 

You may feel tingling down your spine, which indicates it’s time to switch to the second breath.

Repeat the same instructions for the second breath, only with the tips of your thumbs now touching the tips of your second fingers. 

For the third breath, touch the tips of your third fingers. As for the fourth breath, do the same technique, instead touching the tips of your fourth fingers. 

Coming to the fifth breath, repeat the breathing exercise with index fingers’ tips on your first fingers’ tips. 

Then for the sixth breath, repeat the second mudra and breath.

Stage 2: Gaining Pranic Energy

Breath 7: 

Feeling the love in your heart, inhale deeply as you enter breath seven without holding your breath. 

Your thumb should be lightly touching both your first and second finger on both hands with your palms facing up.

During this breath, visualize a tube running vertically from above your head through below your feet. 

Feel as the energy from the top of the tube meets your belly button. 

Then feel the energy transfer from your belly button down to the bottom of the tube.

Breath 8 - 13: 

Coming into breath eight, engage in the same breath and mudra as the last breath, inhaling naturally without pausing. 

The energy near your navel area should grow during this breath, reaching its maximum size as you slowly exhale. 

The ninth breath should feature the same in mudra and breathing technique. 

The pranic energy should grow even brighter.

The inhalation process and mudra again should be the same with breath ten

However, this time as you inhale, the energy within the tube reaches its max capacity and becomes a very bright, white ball. 

Release your breath via pursed lips, releasing with pressure. 

While exhaling, the ball of energy should reach the end of your fingertips, encompassing your entire body in bright, white light.

By the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth breaths, continue the same technique and mudra. 

Sense the energy within the tube you’re visualizing transfer up and down before settling at your navel area, growing into a bigger ball.

Breath 14: 

Inhaling as you feel love in your heart, “move” the energy to your sternum from your navel area. 

Now change mudras:

  • Women should place their right palm on their left palm. 

  • Males should place their left palm on their right palm. Feel as the energy transfer to your sternum and expand.

Stage 3: Spin, Stabilize, and Speed Up Your Merkaba

Breath 15 - 18: 

These last three breaths must only be done once you connect with your higher self. 

For some folks, it takes a lot of practice to reach this point. 

As you reach your higher self, you may witness a beam of bright illumination, experience energy or other physical sensations within the body, feel a sense of quiet presence, or hear sounds.

For these four breaths, place your right palm on your left palm if you’re a female or your left palm on your right palm if you’re a male. For breath fifteen, start to spin your Merkaba. 

The pyramid figures of your Merkaba should be spinning in opposite directions. The male tetrahedron spins counter-clockwise while the female tetrahedron spins clockwise.

Inhale in a similar manner as breath fourteen. Pursing your lips, slowly exhale as you apply pressure to the air flowing out your lips. 

The spins of the pyramids should speed up as you exhale.

Coming to breaths sixteen and seventeen, the breathing process and mudra should be the same. 

However, the tetrahedrons should be spinning faster and faster. 

The speed of these geometric figures should be the same while still turning in opposite directions.

Some say there are only seventeen Merkaba meditation breaths; other people say there’s an eighteenth breath. 

Regardless, during the final breath, you should gain a higher sense of self, feeling a sense of euphoria. It’s normal if you feel like you’re in another place during this last breath.

Merkaba Meditation Tips

When you're first starting out, this isn't an easy practice.

But with time, you'll find you get better and better results.

So here's a few of the best ways to make the most out of your Merkaba meditation sessions...

Find a Comfortable, Quiet Place to Meditate

Meditation in all forms requires concentration.

Attempting to meditate in a loud or uncomfortable spot can cause you to lose focus. 

That said, find somewhere indoors or outdoors that’s fairly quiet, neither too cold nor too warm, and comfortable enough to sit during the meditative process. 

If you have to, opt for noise-canceling headphones or earplugs and/or a cushion to sit on.

Don’t Learn Merkaba On Your Own

Although there are many individuals out there who teach themselves the art of Merkaba meditation, it’s recommended to find a trained instructor for the best results. 

Studying Merkaba meditation on your own by reading guides and watching videos online is possible but doesn’t compare to an instructor in person.

Practice For Perfection

Performing Merkaba meditation, like many physical arts and practices, requires practice, self-determination, and patience. 

Don’t be alarmed if after engaging in a few rounds of Merkaba meditation that you don’t receive the results you expect. 

Just like with learning to tie your shoes or ride a bike, there’s a learning curve to engaging in all types of meditation. 

Put your body, mind, and spirit into each breath.

Don’t Rush the Process

Whether it’s you’re first time engaging in Merkaba meditation or something you’ve done a dozen times, never rush each meditation session:

  • Think of Merkaba meditation like writing with a pencil: The faster you write, the sloppier your handwriting, and the harder it will be to read your writing afterward. 

  • With Merkaba meditation, the faster you perform, the worse the results will be. 

  • Always take your time, and follow the process in full.

Give it Time

Upon first engaging in Merkaba meditation, you may also feel a bit uncomfortable. 

This is normal as you slowly navigate the art of meditation and achieve higher consciousness. 

For first-timers or those struggling with Merkaba meditation, it’s recommended that you engage in other forms of meditation or breathing exercises first. 

Other forms of meditation include gratitude meditation, vedic meditation, and guided meditation.

If You Lose Focus, Stop and Start Again

Especially during breaths fifteen through eighteen, if you find yourself getting dizzy or losing focus, it’s important to stop for a brief moment before starting again. 

It’s normal for Merkaba meditation newbies to experience this. 

However, it’ll get easier with time as you gain consciousness, concentration, and understanding of Merkaba meditation.

Engage in Merkaba Meditation Daily

Just like eating, sleeping, and brushing your teeth, engaging in Merkaba meditation requires daily work. 

Meditating one time may provide you short-term stress relief and help you work towards higher consciousness. 

However, you can lose progress the longer you go without practice.