Mindfulness Approaches That Help You in Facing Fears

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Fears are like invisible chains that bind humanity from achieving its true potential. They can originate from any place or situation and can take any form or shape.

While the threat to life is perceivable and is based on rational deductions, fears are often misunderstandings that can sprout from unreasonable judgments.

Likewise, our world is inflicted with an array of phobias that predominantly exist within our societies and establishments like the National Institute of Mental Health are putting a zealous effort to explain and overcome them.

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According to a recent study by Very Well Mind, an estimated number of 9.1% Americans that is equal to over 19 million people have been observed to have a specific phobia.

Furthermore, specific phobias generally appear in early childhood around the age of 7 years. The prevalence of specific phobias in teenagers is higher at 15.1% while twice as many women have phobias than men.

According to NIMH, common phobias sources include animals, insects, flying, water, heights, tunnels, escalators, and even dental or other medical procedures.

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Prepare Yourself To Face The Fear

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the mindful-approaches through which you can overcome and combat your fears. 

· Adopting an Impartial Perspective

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Taking a neutral stance to face your fears is best. According to many psychologist and studies, fears are often induced because our minds have been attuned to respond to a particular stimulus with a predefined reaction.

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Let’s explain this with an example of car honk that suddenly rushes by you without your notice and angry people in the car pressing on their horns in a traffic jam. While the stimulus remains the same, the circumstances have changed.

In one scenario you can get shocked, and in the other, you might be the one putting out the most noise. This is why, when facing your fear, adopting an impartial perspective can help. There are various yogis out there like Brotha Alphi that can help you practice meditation to achieve a neutral observation of thought.  

· Beginner’s Mind (Observing Things for the First Time)

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The Beginner’s Mind is taken from Zen Buddhism, where the actual word is ‘Soshin’. This refers to having an attitude of openness and eagerness to study a subject without preconceptions.

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This allows the person to experience something for the first time or close enough. This can especially work out best for fears that are associated with bad experiences in the past.

For instance, Arachnophobia refers to a fear of spiders and the person suffering from such anxiety might have come across a bad experience in their early childhood years or in the past.

With the help of Soshin, they can look at spiders in a less threatening manner and even develop resilience towards them with consistent effort. You can find courses and classes online that teach you the essentials for practicing beginners’ minds in everyday life situations. 

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· Clarity & Rational Approach

Clarity is defined as a state of mind where you can finally perceive things for what they are in reality. Clarity, therefore, shuns all predetermined notions and ideas that can help create a bias.


This is what fears feed on usually and become even stronger with time. Clarity shuns all of these points of views and instead paves the way for actual facts and their true observance. Here are some tips for using clarity to resolve your fears:

  • De-clutter your mind, mental space, as well as your physical space so that you can think without any fog clouding your brain.
  • Identify all the important elements that cater to your fear and jot them down.
  • Start focusing on each component and define them in a rational manner without any prejudice.
  • Make connections between each comprising element that constitutes your fear.
  • Make judgments based on their actual real self and observations.
  • Renounce fear if it is irrational and  

· Develop Trust

One of the biggest contributors that make fears worst is lack of trust. Once a person loses their trust, whether it is on other people or on themselves, their lives can become rigged with fears.

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However, most importantly, lack of trust on your own self can be especially damaging as it can drastically deteriorate life activities and performances.

There are various books out there and written material that you can acquire to gain back the trust you have on yourself.

An article published by Capital Standard teaches how a person can start developing trust in themselves and avoid motivation through self-punishment. Once this vicious cycle is broken, and the person can continue their journey toward self-recovery.   

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· Exercises for Breathing

In many cases, fear can be fixating and may also cause palpitations. If fears are heavily induced and create enough incitement to a person, they might even enter a state of shock which can lead to breathing difficulties or shortness of breath.

In such a situation, you should know about various breathing exercises that can help you calm down your nerves, calm down your blood pressures, and help you achieve regular heartbeat.

In most cases, you have to remind yourself to breathe or detach yourself from the environment and find a quitter or calmer place to breathe most, preferably in a large open space.

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Breathing exercises usually entail taking your time to gradually recover your breathing by intake of air through nostrils and breathing out through your mouth.      

· Mental Focus

Fear has the tenacity to make us lose our mental focus, and in such a situation, you might also lose grip or grasp on your actions.

Actions committed through extreme fear can result in damaging consequences not only for yourself but for others around you as well.

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This is where developing your mental focus can help you regain control of your actions and not let fear overriding your behavior.

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The more mentally focused you are, the more prepared you become in situations where you might come across your fears. In most cases, a healthy diet and lifestyle can help you develop and nourish your mental focus.

Playing sports, regular exercise, and meditation can help in developing mental focus. But most of all, you should never deprive yourself of nighttime sleep. Otherwise, it will adversely affect your coping mechanisms.

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· Nurture Compassion & Kindness

At times helping people fight and overcome their fears can also help you to develop resistance to their own fears. If you practice compassion and kindness, it allows you to find composure and closure for your fears.

This is due to the fact that you are able to relate to other people and their problems, which in return helps you to understand your own limitations as well.

The more compassionate you become of others, the more you can comprehend their challenges and this deeper understanding allows to substantially unravel the mysteries behind fears that you hold for yourself.

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Hence, when you help others out without any malice and pure intentions, it can actually help you become a stronger person yourself.  

· Patience Can Be Key

When it comes to patience, it can be the key to overcoming your fears. Ideally speaking, patience is the ability to endure difficult circumstances, and for a person facing their fears, things can get pretty hard to control.


This is where patience can help in delaying your reaction or response. Patience can also help you to show tolerance when encountering provocation.

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Some major steps you can take to remain patient include being mindful of the things that are making you reactive and stop doing things that aren’t important.

This will allow you to calm yourself down, relax, and take deep breaths. Once you have your nerves under control, then you can act in a rational manner.  Young learners seeking assignment assistance UK are often advised to practice patience regularly and keep their impulses under check. 

· Relaxation Techniques

The major aspect of relaxation is to offer you an escape from your immediate feelings concerning your fears and detach you from the stimulus itself. Hence regardless of whatever relaxation technique you utilize to make yourself tranquil, the first and foremost benefit is isolating yourself from the fear itself.

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Once that is achieved, you can find greater control of your actions with a clearer mind that is clouded by fear. Hence, relaxation techniques can be taken as a form of recuperation where you take a step back to heal and then take your strides forward to continue on your path. 

· Self-Awareness

Perhaps the greatest outcome of any mindful-approach is to accomplish a higher sense of self-awareness. Knowing the space and time surrounding you can immensely impact your ability to make informed decisions.

Self-awareness requires knowing where you are standing at a current moment in time and observing yourself from a third-person perspective.

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This eventually causes your judgments to sharply improve as you are able to witness your own behavior and actions in a more critical manner. Achieving self-awareness can be monumental in your success against fears.


This is neither a complete nor an exhaustive list to combat fears; however, I hope that the approaches mentioned above helped offer you some meaningful insights. Various other mindful-approaches can help you face fears. Some may even entail taking help from friends and gaining the willingness to accept your fears rather than running away from them.

Whatever you choose to do, it is important to know fears can be overcome and at times, support from an expert or counseling from a professional can also help you find ways to combat against irrational behaviors. Cheers, and all the best for your future endeavors!

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