Naked Meditation: Everything You Need To Know

Ever heard of naked meditation?

It’s certainly an unorthodox practice!

But it also comes with some surprising benefits.

So in this ultimate guide to naked meditation, you’ll learn what it is, what it isn’t, and how to get the most out of meditating in the nude!

Let’s get started…

What Is Naked Meditation?

Well, it’s pretty basic:

You meditate in the nude.

But why?

When you’re meditating, you’re trying to gain a deeper insight of yourself and who you are.

To be honest, in a practical sense, there isn’t much difference between meditating normally and meditating in the nude – aside from your clothing of course.

But there’s definitely a few things to consider:

You can practice it the right way, or the wrong way – which is why we created this guide to naked meditation.

One of the main benefits of this practice is that if you lack confidence with your body image, naked meditation could help you overcome that.

Now if you struggle with this, we understand – and you don’t need to be ashamed.

naked meditation and Body dismorphia

In the US, statistics show that 30 million people will struggle with an eating disorder during their lifetime – that’s a shocking statistic.

So if you are body conscious, it’s better to go slow and try this for shorter periods of time until you feel comfortable with yourself.

Connecting The Mind & Body

With meditation, your breath connects you to the world.

So when you practice meditation with no clothes on, you can harness this to connect your mind and body better.

This way, there’s no unnecessary barriers separating you from the world you’re experiencing.

It can deepen your experience of meditation.

Remove Physical Restraints

Physically, naked meditation also allows you to move more freely.

During meditation, people often wear loose, baggy clothing anyway so they’re not restricted.

By practicing in the nude, you may be able to switch positions and even sit for longer periods of time.

Now compare this to wearing tight clothing during a meditation session – you may feel stiff and restricted.

Note: If you feel physically restricted, you may also feel mentally restricted too!

You might be holding things back subconsciously, stiff with doubts, frustrations, and problems. 

So naked meditation may help to liberate you from these problems, helping you find a better flow whilst meditating.

Overcoming Your Inhibitions


When it comes to the thought of naked meditation, do you feel comfortable?

Maybe you’re a bit embarrassed?

Or too shy to even try it?

The truth is, these are all self-doubts.

They’re natural – but they’re still inhibitions.  

And inhibitions start with the mind.

Naked meditation may help you to remove these inhibitions:

Creating a stronger state of mind where you’re no longer dragged down by negative states of embarrassment, shame or discomfort.

Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin

comfortable skin

This is the beauty of naked meditation:

Is there anything more pure and free than learning how to become comfortable, confident and content in your own skin?

We’re often trying to show off with fancy clothes, the latest brands and over-priced accessories.

On average, most Americans spend more on shoes, jewellery and watches than higher education!

But have you ever considered why that is?

When people wear fancy brands, it’s often about ego.

  • We’re trying to impress our friends.
  • We’re trying to validate our own success and prove to others that we’re high value people.
  • And it’s a way of gaining acceptance from others.

Yet when you meditate naked, you’re stripping that ego away – which is actually something incredibly positive.

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What Naked Meditation Is Not

This isn’t some carnal way to sensualize your meditation sessions.

Just like any other form of meditation, you need to approach this with an open mind.

Yes, naked meditation can help you release sensual energy and even boost your labido.

But actually, it’s about cherishing the raw human form:

And that’s something we often neglect.

Another thing to consider:

Whilst most people practice naked meditation alone, if you do try this in a group then don’t stare!

In fact, you may get to a point where you don’t notice bare skin at all.

Note: Naked meditation isn’t a sensual practice:

Instead it’s a way to grow and improve the relationship you have with your body, which can be incredibly rewarding.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Try Naked Meditation

So why would anyone try naked meditation?

Well, first you gotta understand that I’m not personally recommending meditation in the nude.

However, it does have some intriguing benefits that you might not have thought about it.

So let’s dive in…

1. Freedom


We’ve all done it!

Walking around nude in the house is actually somewhat enjoyable isn’t it?

But why?

Well, it comes down to freedom:

We have the power to roam free without being dressed up.

2. Body Image

We live in a very body-conscious world.

And sometimes, it seems like the majority of us have issues with our body.

body image and naked meditation infographic

Sadly, only 20% of women in Australia approve of how they look.


But that’s not surprising when we’re bombarded by unrealistic expectations:

Adverts with models. Instagram pictures. Constant contradictory advice on our diets and how we’re supposed to eat.

We live in a culture where negative body image is a problem.

Now, I’m not saying naked meditation is the answer – but it could be a useful practice.

3. Confidence



Self esteem comes from within. It doesn’t come from material possessions – although we often seek it that way!

When we’re comfortable with ourselves, and how we look, we feel more confident.

There’s nothing worse than worrying about how you look. But when you try naked meditation, you develop a certain confidence in your own skin.

And that’s something that’s always going to have a positive impact on our lives.

4. Enhanced Libido

Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Obviously, there’s nothing sensual about naked meditation.

This isn’t about that.

However, it may help you release sensual energy – which in turn creates a higher libido. 

The more confident, comfortable and relaxed we feel in our own skin, the better we’re going to feel in the bedroom too.

5. Higher Levels Of Consciousness


A big part of meditation is about being comfortable with yourself and your own company. Because today, we don’t get much time for that.

When you’re meditating normally, you usually become very conscious of how your mind works, as you mindfully watch your thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky

But when you perform naked meditation, you’re more conscious of your physical nature too – helping you become more comfortable and gain a great understanding of your physicality too.

6. Stripping Away The Ego


We came into this world naked, in our purest form.

So what makes so many of us struggle with body dysmorphia?

I think you’d actually be surprised how many people feel uncomfortable – and even less confident – without their clothes….

The social psychology of clothing is fascinating:

When people wear uniforms, they can often ‘act out’ in a completely different way.

For example:

  • A police uniform symbolises power
  • A Louis Vuitton bag demonstrates wealth
  • And rappers often boast about their gold chains as a way of validating their success

But when you practice naked meditation, you’re overcoming a barrier that can separate all of us.

Instead, you’re literally stripped down to your purest form.

And that’s something that distances the ego, helping you find the ‘real you’.

​7. Different Physical Sensations


When you’re no longer wearing clothing, you can experience different sensations on your skin as it becomes more sensitive to new stimuli in the room.

This might include:

  • The breeze of your room’s air conditioning or fan
  • The temperature of the room
  • The raw feeling of the floor/meditation mat on your skin

Just like how people meditate with chocolate or in higher temperatures, this is an interesting and fun way to mix up your meditation sessions.

3 Very Practical Tips For Naked Meditation

So how do you begin meditating in the nude? If you’re new to the game, there’s a lot of factors you probably haven’t thought about before!

Here are some useful tips for your next nude meditation session.

1. Stay Warm

exclusive yoga

If you’re living in a cold country, naked meditation might mean you run up your gas bill!

But obviously, you’ll want to stay warm during your meditation!

There’s no point being freezing cold and shivering – that would be worse for your session:

So you need to be comfortable.

If you’re living in a cold country, it might be worth putting the heating on and lighting your fire if you’ve got one.

Either way, make sure you’re comfortable with the room’s temperature.

2. Take Your Time

naked meditation

Remember the first time you meditated?

Was your mind busy and your body unable to stay still?

The thing is, naked meditation takes patience.

And you can’t expect mind-blowing results the first time you try it.

However, stick with it, keep going and look for progress.

You’re not going to achieve enlightenment straight away!

But the more you become versed in naked meditation, the more comfortable, calm and enjoyable your sessions will become.

So if you don’t enjoy it the first time, don’t freak out!

Pro Tip: When it comes to meditation, you should have no expectations. Don’t start expecting a result – instead just be mindful to however you feel.

3. Find Somewhere Private


When you’re practicing naked meditation, find somewhere where you can’t be disturbed.

The last thing you want is the postman looking through the window whilst you’re butt naked.

The other thing, you don’t want to bombarded with anxieties about privacy when you’re trying to focus and concentrate on your session.

So here’s a few tips:

  • Find a room that’s quiet and peaceful
  • Practice meditating away from any public windows – upstairs might be a better option
  • Make sure there’s no-one in the house that’s going to disturb you

Other Forms Of Naked Meditation

Interestingly, other forms of nude mindfulness exist in the world already.

In fact, naked yoga has been around for thousands of years!

And it’s still practiced today.

This nude yoga Instagram page has over 800,000 followers!

Naked yoga Instagram

So it’s something that’s stood the test of time.

Interestingly, naked yoga is often practiced in group sessions!

That’s a big step for most of us, and I think it’d be an interesting way to push beyond our comfort zones.

‘Material hangups’ have been around almost since the dawn of time;

As humans, we’ve developed the need to own material possessions as a survival instinct.

But in today’s world, we can benefit from reducing the intensity of our desires for material possessions, by practicing naked yoga.



Ever heard of a Gymnosophists?

This word literally translates into ‘naked sage’ or ‘naked sophist’.

Gymnosophists were from India originally.

They practiced a life without material possessions.

Interestingly, they openly said that it wouldn’t be worth someone going to war with them – because they had no material possessions left to lose!

In some ways, naked meditation embodies a similar philosophy to Gymnosophists:

Because it’s a practice that removes the material nature of clothes and focuses on your inner meta values instead.

Final Thoughts: Is Naked Meditation Right For You?

Surprisingly, naked meditation comes with a lot of ‘hidden benefits’ (no pun intended) that you might have never thought about.

But it’s important to approach it with an open mind.

You have to look beyond the embarrassing thought of whipping your clothes off and actually look into the deeper significance of it.

Then you should be able to enjoy the benefits of:

  • More freedom and liberation
  • Less reliance on social status for validating your own confidence
  • The power to feel comfortable in your own skin
  • An interesting way to mix up your normal meditation practices by experiencing different stimuli on your skin
  • Removing the physical, social and mental restraints that clothing often creates

Tip: As you practice naked meditation, take your time and be patient with your results.

This won’t come naturally because we’re socially conditioned by our culture to have unrealistic body expectations, worry about our weight and feel ashamed of being naked.

But actually isn’t that an even better reason to try it?

That way you can go beyond the mind’s ego and discover an even more liberating way to meditate that challenges your inner doubts and anxieties, helping you grow as a person.