Neuroon Review: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Smart Sleep Mask

We could all benefit from the latest technology. And, we’re not just talking about smartphones.

Every year, new technological devices come out. From medical equipment to fitness trackers, these all make a positive mark on our every life.

And, thanks to modern technology, we’re healthier and more aware than ever before. Keeping in tune with ourselves and our health is paramount.

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But no matter how much technology we have, we always seem to want more. That’s probably because we know how beneficial technology can be. Correct we are!

Good news for technology fanatics: there’s a relatively new device on the market. It’s called Neuroon Open Sleep Tracker.

This is the perfect product for those wanting to boost their sleep performance.

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Read more about Neuroon Open from our following review.

What is Neuroon Open Sleep Tracker?

Neuroon is the world’s first sleep mask for polyphasic sleep. It was apart of a campaign on Kickstarter in 2013.

Users wear the mask while sleeping or meditating. During these tasks, Neuroon retrieves vital data. Neuroon will then send the analytics to its special app.

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This digital product offers numerous features. These include sleep tracking, A/B sleep testing, smart wakeups, and more.

The mask allows users to gain key insights into their sleeping habits. In turn, users like that they can improve their sleep overall. With an informative phone app to assist them, this is easier than ever.

How Does Neuroon Work?

During sleep or meditation, the comfortable mask collects and analyzes data. It does all this via its built-in sensors. That’s something normal sleeping masks don’t have!

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The sleep data it collects includes the length of REM sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep. It does this by scanning brainwaves, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and other information.

Other things Neuroon smart mask collects during sleep include movement and skin temperature.

Once the AI algorithm analyzes the data, you’ll be able to view it in an app connected to your device.

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Not only will you be able to see your data, but the app will give you smart suggestions. Keeping these suggestions in mind, you’ll be able to improve your sleep or meditation.

What are The Benefits of Neuroon?

There are many great reasons to consider opting for Neuron Open. Here’s why the smart sleep device makes for a great investment:

Improves Sleep

One of the primary reasons people like to use Neuroon is to improve their sleep.

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Approximately 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep problem. Sleep problems can range from having a hard time falling asleep to waking up multiple times at night.

According to CDC, sleep problems are a public health epidemic.

Even for those with good sleeping habitats, poor sleep can arise later down the line.

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That’s where Neuroon comes in.

Thanks to its technology, this product allows us to become aware of our sleeping flaws. Its short- and long-term sleep data can impact our sleep for many nights to come.

Enhances Meditation

Are you looking for a brief meditation session to help ground yourself? That’s also something Neuroon can assist with!

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Neuroon Open provides guided mindfulness meditation via three different components. These include guided audio meditation, recording of body changes, and biofeedback.

The sleep mask also gives you the option to opt out of features such as light stimuli and vibration.

Regardless of how you customize Neuroon, meditation benefits can last about two hours.

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What is more, you can meditate with your mask anywhere: your home, at work, or while traveling.

Generally, Neuroon makes meditation both convenient and easy.

Helps Boost Your Energy

Do you ever feel tired throughout the day? How about after taking a nap: do you still experience exhaustion?

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You might be getting enough hours of sleep, but are you getting quality sleep? Maybe not.

REM sleep is the most important stage of sleep in terms of ensuring energy upon waking. Your Neuroon app may reflect that deficiency in your sleep performance report.

Once the sleep mask determines this, you can count on it to give you advice on how to get more restful sleep.

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Another way Neuroon helps you feel more awake in the morning is through its Sunrise feature. When it’s time for you to wake up, your mask will gradually light up. This mimics the natural sunlight.

Bright light, after all, is one of the best ways to wake up in the morning. Our ancestors have been using it to wake up for thousands of years. Yet, many of us choose to wake up to loud alarms.

Research shows that waking up to an abrupt alarm can drain you of energy, leaving you groggy and grumpy. This is true even after a good night’s sleep.

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However, thanks to the Neuroon Sunrise, you’ll experience the least disrupting wakeup possible. And, you may notice that you feel more lively throughout the day.


These days, nobody wants a technological device that isn’t easy to travel with. Most other technological gadgets are travel-friendly, so why not your digital sleeping mask?

Fortunately, Neuroon is small and incredibly lightweight. This makes it easy to pack to take anywhere you go, whether you place it in a small purse or a full suitcase.

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And, you bet that the mask will be simple to use whether you end up sleeping in a hotel or in a sleeping bag. Some customers even report that they’re able to use it with ease while traveling via car or plane!

The fact that the sleep mask looks discreet and not too tech-y makes it even better for travel. Passengers on public transportation will never know the truth about your sleeping mask.

Can Neuroon Help Me Lucid Dream?

Another advantage of this sleep mask is that it can aid with the lucid dreaming process.

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What are the benefits of this sleeping technique? It can aid with phobias, problem-solving, and emotional healing. Connecting with your inner self, however, is one of the best benefits of lucid dreaming.

But learning how to lucid dream isn’t an easy process for most people. It takes time, skill, and training.

If you’re struggling with lucid dreaming, allow Neuroon Open train your brain! It can do this with both external and cognitive stimulation.

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Users like that the gadget uses light, sound, vibration, and audio to assist lucid dreaming.

Without Neuroon, many focus too hard on lucid dreaming, leaving dreamers in frustration.

But, thanks to Neuroon, you can focus on getting a good night’s sleepover lucid dreaming. Consider Neuroon your little lucid dreaming enhancer, making it less frustrating than ever!

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Are There Any Disadvantages of Neuroon?

Every good review considers both the pros and cons of a product.

One of the biggest cons of this gadget is that the charge doesn’t last very long. This is the con that most users include in their product review.

On average, it can operate for one to two days before needing a recharge. This isn’t convenient for those wanting to go camping with it or use during long road trips.

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That said, if you tend to sleep longer hours, charging your sleep mask daily may be necessary.

In addition, some customers mention that connecting to the Neuroon app can be a bit finicky at times. But overall, it connects to the app with ease a majority of the time.

Likewise, know that the mask itself doesn’t help you fall asleep. It doesn’t give off light sequences to help you doze off. However, the suggestions it gives you when you wake up in the morning are what helps.

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Really, these are more inconveniences than full-blown disadvantages. It’s overall a great product regardless.

Is Neuroon Safe?

According to the company, Neuroon Open has all certifications. This deems it safe to sell to the public.

There have been no reports indicating that the Neuron sleep mask is a hazard or dangerous in any way.

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With proper care of both Neuroon, you should experience zero safety problems.

As for the use of the unit itself, there’s no long-term research that suggests it’s dangerous.

However, some experts say devices like these may expose you to low-frequency waves. Radiation to your internal organs may increase your risks of cancer in the far future.

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One recommendation from us? Use your Neuroon device sparingly if it’s something you’re fearful of. Even using it every other night or few can lessen possible exposure to these waves.

Many consider the Neuroon’s benefits a good trade-off for possible low-level radiation exposure.

Who is Neuroon For? 

This sleep mask is ideal for those who meditate, want to improve their sleep, or frequently travel. Specifically, those with sleep or mood disorders or those prone to jet lag can benefit.

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People who may also need the mask are those who work night shifts or anyone experiencing low energy in the day.

It should be known that this product utilizes bright light therapy. The technique can treat people with circadian rhythm disturbances. Thus, this technology can assist the latter groups of people.

Additionally, those who find interest in lucid dreaming may find interest in Neuroon.

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Even those who are simply curious about their own sleeping habits are great candidates.

Those with serious sleep problems can use the device. However, experts recommend that one reaches out to a medical professional first.

Our Final Review: Is Neuroon Worth it?

Neuroon is something that can benefit a lot of people. There’s no doubt about that!

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Are you ready to start lucid dreaming? Or, would you like to improve your sleeping habits? Neuroon can help.

It offers a great price and collects vital information such as heart rate, time asleep, and more.

With very few cons, many features, and ease of use, there’s not much risk.

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For those who currently use the smart sleep mask, many recommend that you definitely give it a try.

However, others feel nervous that using Neuroon long-term can increase their cancer risk. So far, there is no official link between the two.

And, to date, Neuroon Open is one of the safest and more accurate sleeping masks around.

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Its innovativeness, comfortable wear, and easy app make it one of the coolest devices of all time.