New Job Anxiety: 15 Proven Ways To Deal With New Job Anxiety

What is new job anxiety?

How do you stop being anxious at a new job?

…And what’s the best ways to deal with new job anxiety?

If you’re starting a new job, here’s our ultimate guide to calm your nerves, reduce anxiety and boost your confidence…

What Is New Job Anxiety?

Starting a new job is more than just showing up at a new place everyday.

It also has the potential to impact your mood and overall wellness.

If you feel worried, lack self-esteem or don’t have much confidence about your job then this is the definition of new job anxiety.

A new job comes with so many things:

A new environment, new co-workers, perhaps a different title or salary.

But quite often, it also comes with feelings of anxiety. 

When those feelings become overwhelming, there are ways you can fight back. 

Read on to discover ways you can cope with the anxiety you’re feeling about your new job and strive to succeed…

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Why It’s Important To Beat New Job Anxiety

Work isn’t just a place you go to earn a paycheck. Or at least it shouldn’t be. 

For many adults, going into work provides them with necessary social interaction. Your work family becomes people you feel close with and can talk to about life outside the office. 

Office culture plays a huge role in allowing you to feel comfortable in your new surroundings.

Taking an active role in the things happening with your co-workers, both in and outside the office, allows you to be social while also doing something you enjoy. 

Letting feelings of anxiety about starting your new job overshadow building these relationships can be detrimental to you in the long run. 

In the weeks and days leading up to your first day, follow some tips to help quell your anxiety and set yourself up for success in your new job.

15 Quick Ways To Deal With New Job Anxiety

Finding time to unwind and decompress does wonder for your mood and is a great coping mechanism when dealing with anxiety.

1. Book a Getaway

Yes – we know you’ve just started your job – but that’s a great time to have something to work towards!

So booking a getaway is a great way to relieve new job anxiety.

Sometimes we need a little bit of a distraction to occupy our minds from the neverending thoughts we have.

A new life milestone doesn’t exactly help to quiet them. Distract your mind by going on a vacation before you start your new job. 

beat new job anxiety by booking a trip away

Spend some time on a tropical beach where you can relax while soaking in some much needed sunshine.

You’ll feel the anxiety you’re feeling melt away as you bask in blue skies and the calming sound of the ocean. 

If you can’t afford a long trip or don’t have enough time before your new job starts, take a weekend trip instead.

Try going to somewhere you can embrace the season, like a ski lodge in the winter, a nearby lake or a caravan park in the summer, and visit a spa for some needed pampering and relaxation. 

2. Get Routine Massages

Nothing will relieve the anxiety you’re feeling quite like a massage.

beat new job anxiety with a massage

Everything about a massage parlor is meant to calm you and help you to relax from a hard day at your new job.

From the actual massage itself to the dim lighting and the candles, it’s pure bliss. 

Indulge and spoil yourself with a monthly, or even bi-monthly massage. Your mental health will thank you for it!

Not only will you be giving yourself time to relax, but a massage can also be something to look forward to.

Having that dedicated time for yourself will brighten even the worst work day.  

3. Self-Care Day

If you prefer an easy way to relax at home once a week, try making your own spa. 

Something as simple as soaking in the tub, lighting some candles and listening to your favorite music can make all the difference in how you’re feeling.

self care for new job anxiety

You can even take things a step further by using face masks. 

You should also allow yourself to splurge once in awhile on self-care essentials, especially if they’ll help with your new job. 

If you need a new coffee maker, allow yourself to purchase a fancy new one for fun morning cups to get you going everyday.

Or if you’re having trouble falling asleep at night and feel tired while at the office, treat yourself to a comfy new mattress

Spending money on ourselves isn’t always a bad thing and can even help you feel more prepared and better about going into work.

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4. Meditate

Meditation is probably the easiest way to fight negative feelings and induce a sense of calm.

It helps you clear your mind and focus, while also relieving stress and allowing for reflection on your thoughts, like why you’re feeling anxious about your new job.

meditate to beat new job anxiety

If you’ve never meditated before, don’t worry!

Go somewhere you are comfortable and where you can sit still for a little bit. Then it’s all about your breathing.

Inhale for three to five seconds, then exhale for the same amount of time. 

If your mind starts to drift to other thoughts, focus back on your breathing. 

That’s it!

5. Talk About It

When something is bothering you or making you feel anxious, talking about it is often one of the best ways to alleviate the burden of your feelings.

You can talk out loud to yourself, tell a close friend or family member, or even see a counselor. Just get those thoughts and feelings out into the open.

When we talk about why we feel a certain way, it helps us to see the situation more clearly and better determine a solution. 

Whatever you’re thinking or feeling will only continue to bother you and prevent you from feeling at ease unless you get it out in the open.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help if you need it.

Beating New Anxiety In The Office:

Spend a lot of time at your desk.

Make sure your surroundings are helping you feel happier, not adding to your anxiety.

Here’s some ways to get started…

6. Create a Calming Environment

Work doesn’t always have to cause you stress.

Whether you have an entire office or just a desk, tailor your space to what helps keep you calm. 

Place candles in your favorite scents on top of your desk. Even though you probably can’t light them, you’ll still be able to smell them.

These scents will help to instantly change the mood of your space, making it and you feel calmer.

Place your favorite quote on your desk as well. Not only will having it there make you happy, but it’ll also serve as a motivational tool.

Print the quote out and put it in fun frame for desk decor. Or you can get a wall decal version to display if you have an office.

Your work space is yours. Make sure it’s a place you find peaceful by adding whatever brings you joy. 

7. Introduce Cheerful Colors

Offices are known for having monochromatic, bland and dreary colors.

Let your work space reflect something opposite. 

Darker and stale colors will naturally make you feel more sad. Have pops of bright and happy colors, like blue, green and orange, visible in your desk’s decor.

Simple and easy touches like frames, mugs, pens and notebooks are a practical way to add in these colors.

You can also include them through photos and post-it notes.   

8. Brighten Your Space 

Don’t let the lack of natural light that office buildings are notorious for impact your productivity and mood. 

Brighten Your office to beat new job anxiety

Add a lamp to your desk for some personalized lighting. Use warm colored light bulbs or ones that mimic natural light for something that will be easy on your eyes and lift your mood.

You can also add clip on lamps for spaces of your desk or office that are darker and need a little extra light. 

Just adding some warmer light to your workspace will help to lift your mood. 

9. Make it Your Aesthetic 

The best time to change the feel of a space is when we’re feeling off or worried. That is how you’ll recognize what works for you, brings you joy, peace, and motivation, and allows you to get work done.

If your desk is bland and doesn’t show your personality, change it. 

Look for patterns and colors that speak to you and implement them into your space.

Your planner, notebook and even small decor pieces can reflect them. 

You should also keep some photos at your desk. Of course ensure they’re work appropriate first.

Having pictures of family, friends and great memories will help to motivate you while also showing a great deal of your personality.

Photos are a great conversation starter for you and your new co-workers. 

Not only will the personalization make you feel calmer and more at home, it will also help to make you feel ready to take on the workday.

Tips to Get You Moving:

Another way to ease feelings of new job anxiety is to immerse yourself in activity.

If you want to reduce the anxiety and depression you feel about your job, find something that works for you and truly makes you feel happy.

Heres’s some of our top ways to do that…

10. Start a New Hobby

Finding something to be passionate about is a surefire way to erase a good amount of your anxiety. 

A new hobby is a great way to spend time and cultivate an activity you like into a passion. 

If cooking or baking relaxes you and helps to take your mind off your worries, work on those skills by purchasing new popular cookbooks.

You can even experiment with different food types you aren’t familiar with.

There’s also art, knitting or pottery to consider for stress relieving and relaxing hobbies. 

11. Socialize

Don’t let your anxiety keep you from venturing outside and getting together with friends. 

Being social and around people you like is a huge component of being truly happy and putting your worries behind you. 

Even when all you want to do is go home after work, make spending time with friends a priority at least once a week.

You can go out and do something you enjoy, or you can take turns hosting something at home. 

What’s important is that you’re not letting your anxiety rule your life and you’re taking steps toward being happy.

12. Exercise Routinely

Staying active, even when you feel down, is extremely important when dealing with feelings of anxiety. 

Exercise releases endorphins that will naturally combat those negative thoughts and feelings.

So whether you have a gym membership or you invest in home gym equipment, make sure you’re making use of it regardless of what’s going on inside your head. 

In the recent past, Rowing Machines have become star players in the game of fitness. If these machines interest you enough to want to invest in them, then worry not. You can check out an interesting article on which rowing machines to invest in, whether the Ergatta or Concept 2 you make the pick.

Create and stick to a schedule, or exercise with a friend so you are held accountable and have a set time to be active. 

13. Volunteer

Doing good makes you feel good.

Knowing you’re helping a cause that means something to you is an easy way to make yourself happy and forget your personal worries. 

When you volunteer you know that you’re doing something that will help make the world a better place. 

Even if it’s something you do once a week or month, you’re doing something. 

Plus, seeing the struggles others go through can make you feel grateful for what you have.

Whether you’re volunteering with low-income kids, military veterans or at an animal shelter, your help matters. And sometimes all we need is to know we matter. 

How To Beat New Job Anxiety With Self Care

Don’t get stuck in a rut of waking up, going to work and then sitting alone at home.

That’s one of the worst ways to stop being anxious at a new job!

Socialization is a key component to relieving your anxiety and depression, especially when starting a new job. 

14. Embrace Others

Starting a new job opens you up to a whole new set of personalities. 

Don’t limit yourself to who you interact with and get to know.

Thankfully, we’re adults now and have moved beyond high school antics. 

Get to know as many people as possible.

Then, if they seem like people you’d hang out with outside of work set something up for you to grab happy hour drinks or lunch one day.

15. Try Something New

Starting a new job is also a great opportunity to try new things and experiences, whether it’s company-sponsored events or otherwise. 

If your company has groups or teams, join at least one. It’s an easy way to meet as many people as possible who all have some shared interest. 

Or if there is a group of people who always go to happy hour after work or always go for walks during lunch, ask to join them.

The time away from the office can help you to form great bonds and friendships. 

There is so much out there to experience!

Your new job could offer you the opportunity to get involved with something new, or even a new group of people, that you’ll come to love.