Organize Your Home With These Amazing Toy Storage Ideas

Have you ever been in a situation where there are toys around that your home becomes a total mess? Clutter can be dangerous, especially to kids. They can step on those little toy trucks anytime. You might also damage their toys when you step on them by accident. That is why incorporating toy storage ideas on your weekend cleaning chores is a must. Having storage that is accessible and easy to organize is always a plus. You also teach kids the value of maintaining a neat environment at an early age. Toy storage should not be expensive. You can find budget storage containers if you are creative or patient enough to look around. Ample storage can last for years. They help maintain the toys. They protect these toys from dust, dirt, or from getting damaged. Your kids will also appreciate that they have something to organize when they are tired of playing. 

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You can go DIY, or you can buy ready-made racks from any store. If you want to have unique toy storage ideas, try to make your racks fun to paint them. You can even ask help from your kids to design the racks. This activity is excellent for family time because they will take pride in something they helped create. In storage ideas, one of the best things to do is to make your rack more colorful. You can create a rainbow rack. You can also create patterns like flowers. Flowers or stars can add beauty to all angles. You can also add stickers if a painting is too much work. Let the kids choose their favorite stickers. You can also create cut-outs of animal figures and attached them using glue. Just ensure that the designs don’t help accumulate dust and that the surface is easy to clean. There are also racks with one color. This is also great if you want it to blend with the bedroom wall or theme or any corner in the house. If your rack is big enough, then it can accommodate both books and toys. 

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Baskets are fun. Baskets have always been associated with gifts and food. This is a great way to make the kids care for the toy basket. You can make the basket big enough to accommodate toys and other belongings. You can also decorate the basket by creating a signboard that says “Toy Basket” or “I Love Toys” as favorable reinforcement. You can place it in a corner along with decors. You can also put birds on it to make the basket look like a nest. You can also add designs to it. However, ensure that the basket doesn’t have anything that gets in the way. Kids can be too energetic, and they might damage any design you place around the basket. 

There are plastic options for baskets that are lightweight. They are also colorful, so you don’t need to add embellishments. You can buy them from any place that sells kids’ toys


Who says hammocks are only for lying down? Hammocks can also be ample toy storage. They don’t get in the way because they are suspended. You can also tuck them in places where they can serve both as toy storage or as a regular hammock. At least the kids can store their toys on it when they are done playing or lying down. You can either have hammocks made of cloth or hammocks made of organic material. Just ensure that the hammock doesn’t have anything sharp protruding. 

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There is also a ready-made hammock for kids. You can get them from any store that sells kids’ items. You can also create your hammock made of materials suited for kids. They need to be sturdy enough to support the kid’s weight. This way, you can choose garments or textiles that are colorful and suited to their age. 


Toy Box or Chest

The great thing about toy storage boxes is that they represent surprise. Creating toy boxes with attractive colors can add fun and excitement to kids who love their toys. Kids love the idea that their most-loved toys are in a safe place. You can also have the box painted with attractive colors. You can also add patterns to it by painting them. There are also posters that you can add to the box that will add beauty. Toy boxes or chests are more suitable when big enough to contain all the toys kids play with. Ensure that you avoid putting on a heavy door or lid. Also, ensure that the sides of the chest don’t have anything sharp protruding. There are also lightweight toy chests or boxes made of plastic. These can be bought in any store. The great thing about having boxes is that they can fit in any corner. 

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DIY or Ready-Made Shelves

There are colorful bookshelves that can be made into toy storage. These shelves are available anywhere. Having these shelves can also be an education. You can add a portion for books and another portion for toys. You can also get wooden versions from any store that sells these items. The advantage of plastic shelves is that they are lightweight. Should you need to move or keep them one day, it is manageable. Light shelves are also easy to carry and clean. They don’t store as much dust as their wooden counterpart. They are not vulnerable to deterioration due to humidity or insects. 


A clutter-free home is a great place to relax after a long day. Such an environment also encourages reflection and creativity. Distraction from objects around can add stress to your mind. Studies show that people who are always surrounded by clutter or mess are still irritable. And the sad thing is, they could not even identify the culprit: clutter. With all these toy storage ideas, your home will be bursting with joy. Kids love to play and at the same time study, based on your example. The earlier they are exposed to organizing, the less likely they will have difficulties keeping tidy one day. 

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