Patient Experience Trends

The pandemic changed everything and made us live in the new normal. The year 2022 is near, and professionals expect that we can see significant changes in most aspects of the economy. It is considered a new year to promote transformation and build new mindsets and strategies.

Since the pandemic strike, many medical professionals have used the internet as their advantage in connecting with their patients without any physical contact. This is done in compliance with the health safety protocols mandated by the government.

The following are some of the patient experience trends that will be notable in 2022.

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Addressing the Prevalence of Self-Diagnosis

Self-diagnosis has been notable for the past few years. Many individuals are trying to seek solutions for their health issues on the internet. There are lots of websites you can see on the internet. Most of them offer ‘solutions’ to your problems. Unfortunately, you should not rely your entire treatment on these solutions because most of them are not scientifically proven or not backed by healthcare professionals.

There are several reasons why a person prefers self-diagnosis to actually visiting a professional doctor. These may include not having enough money to pay for their medical bills, or they don’t trust traditional healthcare processes.

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It is expected that APC will address this issue in 2022. There are several ways that can be used to reduce the number of individuals committing self-diagnoses. These may include applying empathetic treatment approaches and building a good and long-term relationship between healthcare professionals and their patients.

Telehealth will Mature into Something New

Since the pandemic, people are recommended to refrain from any physical contact. With that, the number of healthcare professionals offering telehealth services has significantly increased. The rise of telehealth has a great impact on individuals who are hesitant to visit hospitals.

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Aside from that, we also noticed how telehealth increases patients’ access to healthcare treatments amidst the pandemic. But take note that this type of healthcare service is still new. But 2022 is expected to be the year of telehealth.

There is a high chance that telehealth can accommodate patients with more intricate needs. Beyond that, we can also expect telehealth to fill niches with wider care coverage.

For instance, professionals claim that telehealth has a significant role to play in triage. This means that patients and healthcare professionals can conduct their appointments through video calls. Through this, doctors can answer the specific questions of their patients concerning their current health status.

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Aside from that, since telehealth is now accessible to most individuals with good internet connections, it is also a pivotal factor that can reduce issues with self-diagnosis.

The Discussion and Acceptance of Behavioral Health

The stigma of behavioral health has no place in these modern days. This is because more people are becoming more open in discussing and seeking mental health treatments. Initially, mental health is considered by many as a private topic. But now, the number of people who discuss and understand the importance of mental health-related services, such as medications, psychiatric treatment, group therapy, coaching, and counseling has significantly increased.

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In 2022, this patients experience trend will continue to grow. This is because patients now understand and are open to asking for treatments to improve or maintain their mental health. Aside from that, healthcare providers are also generating new strategies that will help mental health patients get the proper treatment for their conditions.

APC or Advanced Primary Care is the leading company that acknowledges the essence of behavioral health. Beyond that, they also value how behavioral and mental health can affect the overall well-being of a person.

The good thing about care centers is that they offer support and essential tools that can help patients free up their minds from any aspects causing them to feel stressed.

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If you need the assistance of a professional therapist, you may check this betterhelp vs. talkspace to have an idea about the importance of proper counseling on individuals suffering from depression or anxiety.

Integrating Separate Pieces into a Single Story

It is important for healthcare professionals to connect individual data together to provide patients with better services. Currently, most patients have various medical record files that are stored in several healthcare providers. This dynamic is believed to provide patients with enough data privacy and security. On the other hand, some healthcare hospitals establish healthcare stories to better assist the needs of their patients.

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The idea of establishing a medical home is based on the powerful concept of this dynamic. A central location is offered by APC to their patients. This central location is designed to ensure fully coordinated care. Aside from that, it is also established to help healthcare providers better understand the healthcare history of a patient.  

The Growing Role of Modern Predictive Analytics

Compared to the past few years, analytics these days can help healthcare professionals determine more precise chances of risks. This trend will continue to grow for the next years as it can be a helpful tool for healthcare enthusiasts.

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When a doctor knows different risk factors associated with a disease, he/she can generate potential treatments before the issue turns to be more serious or chronic. In other words, modern predictive analytics can also improve patient health.

APC provides great importance to this trend. This is because the company’s focus is to provide preventative care treatments for patients. This modern predictive analysis trend helps healthcare providers to have a better understanding of which part of a patient’s overall health receives great impacts from their efforts. Aside from that, it can also help them to ensure that their healthcare treatments are generated specifically to meet patients’ specific needs.


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When the coronavirus struck in most countries, most industries were greatly affected, especially the healthcare industry. The pandemic uncovered the weaknesses, disparities, and inefficiencies of most healthcare systems.

As time goes on, the healthcare industry is expected to become more active in supporting and building proper care treatments to meet the specific needs of every patient. In other words, we can expect that 2022 will provide healthcare professionals with a great chance to improve the healthcare system.

Those four are the common patient experience trends that will be seen in massive growth next year. 

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