Peripheral Awareness- Widen Your Vision to De-Stress and Be Mindful

We live in a world full of objects!

Shapes, colors, and lighting surround us- our vision locks onto the obvious but doesn’t directly seek out the obscure.

In our fast-paced lives, it’s easy to only pay attention to what’s directly in front of us- instead of taking note of our peripheral vision.

We have a tendency to see what’s directly in our vision, without fully paying attention to it.

Your mind tells your body when to stop- such as if you’ll about to walk into someone or a car pulls out on you.

Our bodies have a built-in danger alarm, events in our direct and peripheral vision can trigger this built-in alarm, even if we didn’t appear fully aware of it at the time.

Peripheral awareness is the art of paying attention to the things that are easy to forget to pay attention to.

It’s all about opening yourself up to the bigger picture and using the layout of the world to see things in a different light, and beyond your direct field of vision.

So, what is peripheral awareness? Does everyone have it? Can people improve theirs? And can peripheral awareness help with stress? Read on to find out.

What is Peripheral Vision?

Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with… ‘P.’

So, what exactly is Peripheral Vision?

We all know that the world is carrying on beyond our direct vision- naturally, we’re more inclined to pay attention to what’s in front of us.

But, this doesn’t mean we can’t get a sense for what’s going on at the side of us- in fact, if we tune in well enough, then we can see it.

Have you ever seen a shape out of the corner of your eye, or spotted movement? Well, this is your peripheral vision coming into effect.

Athletes generally have great peripheral vision, and so do yoga and meditation professionals.

Seeing the ‘bigger picture’ isn’t just useful for being more in tune with any incidents that could happen, but it also helps you to be at one with your surroundings.

The awareness effect

Looking beyond your direct field of vision opens up your surroundings and lets you form a deeper connection with the world around you.

In our busy day-to-day lives, it’s easy to experience it without properly experiencing it at all!

For instance, you may be able to tell someone the general gist of the happenings in your day- but when asked to elaborate on this, it may become trickier for you to answer.

Having good peripheral awareness allows you to open up to your surroundings and take note of them.

Taking the time out to think, see, and feel your surroundings can help you to think clearer and do things more effectively.

Take the control back in your life, and don’t just coast through your day.

Peripheral awareness can lead to discovering so much more!

Take note of that object you can see in the corner of your eye- really take it in and accept the fact that it’s there, that it’s real, that it truly exists, just as you do!

We share this world with the living and the non-living, but everything plays a part in our existence- and in the way, we live our lives.

From the smallest speck to the largest section of shade- everything has a part to play in the world.

Being aware of these things allows an open mind and a chance for self-discovery. Be mindful of your surroundings, and start reaping the benefits of this today!

Does everyone have peripheral awareness?

If you’re a fully visioned person, then you have the ability to tune into your peripheral vision and become more aware of your surroundings.

As with everything in life- people don’t have the same vision. Therefore everyone’s peripheral vision abilities our different.

We each have our own pattern of light, sensitivity, and object visibility.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t tune into surroundings and practice seeing things beyond your center field of vision.

Can we improve our peripheral awareness?

Yes! There’s always room for improvement– there are numerous ways of working on your peripheral vision.

Taking time out each day to be mindful of your surroundings is a great way of strengthening your peripheral awareness.

Concentrate on the object that’s outside your central vision. What do you notice about this object?

Take note of even the smallest of things, as they will help you see the bigger picture.

Relax your mind, and let your vision wander- whatever spot it stops on, take note of this.

Open your mind up to your surroundings and pay attention to whatever may have caught your eye.

Sometimes, people need to tune into their bodies, mind, and senses to find awareness, relaxation, and life fulfillment.

Your body, mind, and soul are connecting as one core- pay attention to everything.

You can’t unleash your true potential if you fail to tune in and regard awareness for your body, mind, and everything in-between.

If we directly take note of the flickers, objects, and light, then we can broaden our attention, and our peripheral vision has grown to ultimately improve.

Are you going to pay attention?

The days can be long and busy- while feeling like there aren’t enough hours in them.

This is confusing, stressful, and tiring for not only our body but also our brain.

When you pay attention to, well, pretty much anything, it becomes a strain.

Basically, we fall into autopilot mode.

We’re there, without fully realizing that we are. We coast through the day without giving out full attention to it.

Think about it, can you remember the full extent of driving to work today, or cooking dinner for the kids? Or were you on autopilot?

Tuning out from the world is normal, but this doesn’t make for good situations.

Autopilot mode brings with it slow delays, hesitation, and a detachment from the world.

Taking time out to improve our peripheral vision and awareness makes us less likely to get stuck in the zombie-like state that is autopilot mode.

Do you think you see it?

See what, you may ask?

The bigger picture, of course. The light in the corner of your eye, or that far-off shadow.

Exploring the world and what lays within it goes beyond just coasting through it.

Existing is one thing- but taking note of your peripheral awareness is another thing entirely.

You need to pay attention to be at one with your surroundings. Whether this is out in the park, at home on the couch, or in your stuffy office.

Don’t resign your mind to accepting these situations for face- value. Look beyond your center field of vision, and you will also become familiar with what has previously passed you by.

The sway of a branch on that old oak tree, the flap of a wren’s wings, the unfaltering precision of a cat about to pounce!

The world is real, and so are you- peripheral awareness helps us remain open to life beyond our central vision realm.

Fine-tune your peripheral awareness and open yourself up to a world of possibilities. After all, unless you’re willing to try, you’ll never fully know!

Peripheral Vision and Combating Stress

When stress and anxiety take over, it can be hard to ground yourself.

Taking note of your peripheral awareness and putting it into fruition can help you pay attention to the world, this in result can help you escape from the whirlwind of stress circulating in your head.

Once lost in the stress vortex, then pulling yourself out of it can seem tricky.

Say you’re in an important meeting, and you have to give a lengthy presentation. Panic strikes, all you can see are dozens of suited folk, their faces staring at you!

Your heart-rate increases, you feel yourself sweating- your words come out in nervous mutters.

Now would be a great time to tune into your peripheral awareness and pay attention to it all.

What can you see out of the corner of your eye? Focus on it- this can lead you to feel relaxed and less confined to the ball of stress in your head.

Don’t trap yourself in your mind bubble and end up only focusing on what’s in your head and what’s directly in front of you- not when there’s so much more to see!

Instead, you should open up your vision and awareness – this, in turn, will help you to regain control, clear your mind, and transport you into a calm state of being.


When you’re stressed, your surroundings seem to grow smaller.

It may feel like you’re trapped in a shrinking box- the world is that small, and your problems are the biggest thing in it.

It can be hard to breathe, to think, to focus!

You need to take a mental step back from the whirlwind of anguish that is trying to consume you and focus in on your peripheral awareness.

Even if your stressful situation seems all-consuming, the truth is that it only gains in power if you allow it too.

Okay, so taking note of your surroundings and your peripheral awareness isn’t going to make your problems dissolve away- but it’s likely to help you take note of the larger abyss.

Don’t lose yourself in the box- as there’s a big, wide world out there!

Don’t lose sight

You may feel overwhelmed- peripheral awareness, the bigger picture, a world beyond your central vision field… all these thoughts and more are probably spiraling around your head!

Words, I get it, they can be too much at times.

Don’t panic, tuning into your peripheral awareness is easy once you know how. And the best way to work out how to do it is to just do it.

The more you tune into your peripheral awareness, then the more likely you are to develop it as second nature.

Keep up the good work, then one day, you’ll make use of your peripheral awareness without having to overthink doing so.

It will become as normal as brushing your teeth, tying up your shoelaces, and looking twice before you cross the road.

The world is beautiful, broad, and, at times, an enigma.

Not fully understanding something is okay, but this doesn’t mean you can’t learn and grow from it.

We don’t have all the answers for the world and how it came to be- but we’re here, and we’re living.

Don’t allow yourself to get mind trapped, as the universe is far bigger than our minds.

Pay note of your peripheral awareness, and don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

Peripheral Awareness: An Overview

Don’t close your mind off and let the stress of the day eat you up.

Pay attention to that pile of leaves to the left of you, and to the scurrying squirrel to your right.

Peripheral awareness is a great way to calm your mind, body, and soul while being open to the world around you.

Not only can improving your peripheral awareness be positive for your mind, but it can also help improve your reaction times.

In a world full of dangers and daydreaming folk- being able to jump to attention when in a crisis is a good ability to have.

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Pay attention to the world around you, the shapes you like, the lighting, and the colors. Consider how amazing this is, as no one else sees the world the way you do.

You’re a one-off, and it’s important to always remember this.

There will always be stressful events in our lives, and times when we feel trapped in our minds- the important thing is to remember that there is life beyond this.

Our peripheral awareness lets us stop, focus, and pay attention to the now, the how, and the why!

In a world that sometimes forgets to stop and breathe – focus on your peripheral awareness and pay attention to the objects around you.

Channel this into helping your mind relax and see beyond your center field vision.

Be real, be alert, and be true. And most of all, don’t forget to use peripheral awareness to your advantage – who knows, it might just help you achieve something magical.