The Meaning, Personality & Traits Of The Pink Aura

What does the pink aura mean?

Here’s our ultimate guide to the pink aura, it’s meaning and personality traits of pink energy that you need to know…

Pink Aura Meaning

An aura is a mysterious thing that many know very little about. Essentially, it’s a shield or force field around a person.

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When it’s working positively and correctly, it balances the flow of energy. It keeps negative energy out while allowing the positive energy in. 

Auras will appear as different colors depending on many things within the individual. Their mood, attitude, mental and emotional state, and spiritual maturity are all a factor.

Different colors represent different things, with every color having several possible shades. One such color is the pink aura. 

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The pink aura is similar to red in that pink can be seen as a lighter shade of red. Many see pink as a feminine color that is associated with love. This is fairly close to the true meaning of a pink aura, 

The color is also representative of those who have kind, compassionate, and caring hearts. They are often quite sensitive.

However, they will have strong survival instincts that will kick in if they or someone they love are in danger of any kind. 

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While the pink aura is very similar to the red, pink tends to be more spiritually strong and pure than those with a red aura. This is because red is more strongly tied to the primal, physical side of a person. 

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Heart Chakra and Pink Aura

The pink aura is closely associated with the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the one that bridges the gap between the spiritual and physical worlds.

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Pink and green blend together and they both govern the heart chakra together.

Together, they represent love, admiration, and understanding. 

The heart chakra is located close to the heart – right between the shoulder blades.

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When the heart chakra is open and balanced, it allows you to give and receive freely.

It makes you compassionate towards others and is known as the “harmonizing element.” 

However, when the heart chakra is blocked, it will create feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem.

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Inner strength will decrease and self-loathing is in danger of setting in. It will also cause one to feel unloved – unlovable, even. 

If you have a pink aura, it means that you are in good balance. Your heart chakra is open, and you don’t have to worry about the issues with it being blocked.

Unfortunately, this state is not common and the pink aura is often only temporary

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Balancing Pink Auras

As with any aura color, it’s important to keep it balanced so that it can do for you what it’s supposed to do.

There are several areas of your life that will contribute to the balance of your aura, and it’s important to keep these in mind as you go about your day. Maintaining the proper balance in your life will keep your pink aura more stable. 

The following are some things you can consider

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Eating pink foods on a regular basis will help keep your aura balanced. This includes pink lemonade, pink grapefruit, and watermelon. For a treat, try some pink sherbet. 

Home Decor

The way you decorate your home will greatly affect your aura.

To keep your pink in balance, consider adding some bold pink shades, including fuschia.

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Put them against some deeper tones such as emerald green and sapphire blue. 

For a younger girl trying to maintain a pink aura, lighter shades of pink in her bedroom will help.


To portray a confident and strong appearance, wear a deep, fuschia pink. For a softer, more inviting look, go with lighter pinks. 

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There are many things you can do with flowers. You can put decorative arrangements around your home, or wear them as accessories. This can be real flowers or fake ones for decoration. 

Use pink flowers for this, such as pink Lillies, pink roses, hibiscus, pink orchids, and wild basil. 


Music is a powerful tool.

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There is an old song that is thought to help you connect with pink energy.

Try listening to “In The Mood” by Glenn Miller. 


Gemstones can be used in several areas of your life. If you’re someone who likes gemstones, consider picking up some rose quartz to help you balance out your pink aura. 

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If you fall in love with someone, your aura can turn pink almost immediately. However, this will be a temporary effect. To make the color stay, fall in love with yourself first.

 Compatibility with Other Auras

Because the color of your aura represents your character, personality, and current emotional wellbeing, certain colors will naturally be more compatible with each other.

The following list will go over how compatible the pink aura is with other colors, and how the relationship may look.

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  • Red. A red and pink aura will likely get along well. They can be together and do things together, but ultimately, the relationship won’t have depth. It is more of a fun fling than anything else. 
  • Yellow. Someone with a yellow aura is just as upbeat as someone with a pink aura. They compliment each other perfectly and could end up being soulmates.
  • Orange. Orange and pink auras also go extremely well together and the relationship would work out great. They have a lot of similarities that complement each other perfectly.
  • Green. Pink and green auras tend to be opposite to each other in a lot of ways. These relationships will often not work out very well. There are a lot of potential issues that could arise.
  • Blue. Reputation is important to those with a pink aura. The importance they place on this may make a relationship with a blue aura feel like a waste of time.
  • Purple. If the purple aura likes those who are outgoing and sociable then pink is a good choice for them. If this isn’t a trait they appreciate, pinks might not be as good of a choice.
  • White. The white aura is the color opposite to pink auras. Whites are serious, bland, and pinks can even see them as boring. A relationship with them would not work out well. 

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Shades of Pink

There are many different shades that one can have if their aura is pink. Each shade has its own distinct meaning and characteristics. It’s important to keep this in mind when determining if your aura is pink.

Knowing your shade can help you in keeping your aura balanced, or improving it if need be. 

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Baby Pink

Baby pink is light and soft. It is so light that it can sometimes be dull.

A baby pink aura depicts someone’s ability to see beyond material possessions and desires. They value other aspects of life instead. 

Spiritual practices are important to those with the baby pink shade. This will lead to a stronger, more vibrant aura as they progress in their pursuits. 

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That being said, it’s important to note that you should not abandon all things physical, either.

You do still need to maintain a balance. It’s also important to stay connected to other people and be social on occasion.

The path of enlightenment is an important one, but don’t leave those who are important to you behind. 

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Light Pink

Those with a light pink aura tend to be calm and mild-mannered. Often much more so than anyone else.

The light shade will also indicate qualities such as loyalty, honesty, sensitivity, and love. 

That being said, the effects of a light pink aura can be different from one person to the next.

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This is because a truly clear and pure light pink aura is nearly impossible to find in someone.

Most light pink shades will have “specks” of red, grey, or blue. 

While these are seen as impurities, it’s not always a bad thing. It depends on the exact color and its strength. 

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Bright Pink

If your shade of pink is extremely bright and vivid, this is a sign that you’re compassionate, sensitive, and extremely affectionate.

You are strong and confident in yourself and your sense of loyalty in relationships is strong. 

Bright pink is also a sign that you are very balanced and nourished.

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You are good at keeping yourself organized and grounded.

This includes practices like lots of sleep, daily meditation, and maintaining a creative outlet. 

Dark Pink

A dark pink aura will include muddy, gray tones.

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This is a sign of impurity in your aura and it comes from poor nourishment and balance, along with tainted motives.

It can also be a sign that you’re still immature and have a tendency to be dishonest. 

This can cause a number of issues in your personal life.

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If your pink aura is tainted with darkness, consider learning some tactics to help you channel your sensitivity and emotions rather than shutting down. 


A magenta shade of pink is extremely rare. These people are true individuals.

Magenta is a combination of blue, red, and white light frequencies.

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This gives those with a magenta shade the perfect balance of real-world understanding (red) and a high capacity for creativity (blue). 

Of all the pink shades, magenta are the most abrasive and they are often quite daring.

They attract much positive attention and energy, though their bold personality will not mix well with everyone. 

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Career and Wealth

When it comes to career, pink auras can be found wherever creativity and imagination are necessary.

They often tend to lean towards acting, writing, and art as occupations.

Anything where they are free to explore their wild side and exhibit their creativity. 

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Some pink auras also go into the therapy and healing fields where they also thrive.

Their connection to the spiritual will help them help others. 

Love and Romance

Anyone with a pink aura loves to love. It drives many of their decisions. All of their relationships, whether platonic or romantic, are always full of love. 

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If you have a pink aura, relationships will come fairly easy to you. Your huge capacity for love, loyalty, passion, and positive energy make this possible. 

You give off a feeling of warmth and comfort which makes your partner feel loved and secure. Lastly, pink is associated with selfless love.

Your capacity to put others first and make sacrifices for them make you extremely valuable to whoever is lucky enough to have you. 

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Friendships and Relationships

Pink auras have no problem being social and making friends. They attract wonderful energy with their creativity, wonder, and depth.

They are loyal and committed. This means you will rarely find them canceling plans or letting anyone down.

This makes for strong, lasting relationships filled with trust. 

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The friendships that a pink aura maintains will be deep, meaningful, and strong. 


In order to maintain good mental health and balance, pink auras need to find time to escape into their unique world of imagination and dreams. This is how they relax and unwind. 

Physically, pink auras tend to be somewhat detached from their bodies and focused on the spiritual. This is okay, as long as they pay attention to their bodies regularly and do what they must to take care of it.

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They should strive to maintain a healthy physical lifestyle. 

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Are Auras Real?

While they can be a little mysterious and hard to define, auras are very real! They are not visible to a naked and untrained eye, but they are always there.

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Everyone has a different color, and colors can change based on mood, attitude, emotions, personality, and many other factors. 

What are the Positive and Negative Sides of Having a Pink Aura?

On the positive side – a true, clear pink means that a person is a natural peacemaker.

They will be sympathetic to the weak and vulnerable. They have a soft spot for animals and children. 

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On the negative side – A harsh or darker pink can indicate some possessiveness and negativity within relationships. Pinks are also less connected to their physical bodies so they must make an effort to stay healthy. 

What is the Spiritual Importance of Having a Pink Aura?

A pink aura means you are sensitive, soft, and compassionate. You have a kind and loving heart.

All of this indicates a strong connection to your spiritual self.

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You love to be social, but appreciate some alone time to unwind and meditate. 

Pink is connected to the root chakra. This is also strongly connected to a red aura.

This keeps you grounded and gives you a strong survival instinct.

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But, because of the lighter shade of pink, your traits will be softer and more feminine than a strong red aura. 

Is the Pink Aura Really a Combination of Different Auras?

Yes, the personality of a pink aura is a wonderful combination of several other colors: 

  • The bubbly personality of a yellow aura
  • The passion of a red aura
  • It gets some unique, perhaps even weird, traits from orange
  • The gracefulness of a pink is rooted in the purple aura 

This combination of qualities creates a unique and wonderful pink aura that is so loving, compassionate, and loyal to their loved ones. 

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What is the Aura Most Compatible with Pink Aura?

When it comes to compatibility in a relationship, a pink aura needs someone who is outgoing, strong, and passionate like them.

For a strong and long-lasting relationship with depth and meaning, a pink aura should find themselves a yellow or orange aura as a partner. 

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