Where Are the Best Places to Meditate Near Me? – Our Top Picks

One of the greatest benefits of meditation is that you can do it anywhere.

But not everyone can “do it anywhere.” Meditation is most beneficial within a place you can best concentrate.

Even if you already have a spot to meditate, you may want to switch things up. It’s not a bad idea to meditate somewhere new! We actually encourage you not to stick to a certain meditation spot for life.

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Discovering new places to extend to your practice can be a breath of fresh air.

We can help you discover a great, new place for meditating to amp up your experience.

Where is a Good Place to Meditate?

When picking a good place to meditate, it’s important to select one that resonates with you.

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Does it mean anything to you and your life? How does that particular place make you feel?

It’s a good idea to avoid meditating anywhere overstimulating or upsetting for you. It’s all about the energy you receive within that setting.

Specifically, avoid loud, bright, or busy locations. Places with these features are distracting and distressing.

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Some meditators also like to avoid places that are too dark, cold, or hot.

Generally, consider going for a location that’s “neutral.” It should be neutral in temperature, noise, lighting, and the like.

Where Could You Go to Meditate?

Technically, you can meditate anywhere. But, it doesn’t mean every person is able to engage in meditation everywhere.

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Libraries are great places for meditation. They’re already quiet. And, sometimes they offer more than one floor (i.e., more space/seclusion). So, why not take advantage?

Even if you don’t have a library card, you’re welcome to come into most libraries to meditate.

And, while you’re there, you might even come across a book on meditation. You can never know too much!

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Just make sure to avoid the library when they’re holding community events. It might get a bit noisier then and, thus, not be the best place for your practice.


There may be a particular park in your community that comes to mind to bring your meditation to.

But, here’s a question to ask yourself: does it get super busy? If so, it might not be the best place to take your practice. If not, why not move your sessions there?

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Many parks offer plenty of lands far away from other visitors. In addition, many provide lots of trees, benches, or tables that you can practice under/on.

Getting in close contact with nature is truly the best.

Meditation/Yoga Studios

You may or may not have a meditation or yoga studio available in your locality.

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But, if you do, this is another great space for meditation practice. Best of all, you can do it alongside an instructor.

Meditating in a class can help you progress more smoothly. In life, we must learn to push past our struggles, even during meditation. It’s nice to receive training to improve your meditative experience.

Additionally, meditating with others in a class can make you feel more comfortable. And, it’s great to be able to model off other classmates who may have more experience than you.

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Can’t meditate in an in-person class at this time? There may be completely online classes for you to turn to. There are also free “classes” on YouTube.

The Backyard

You don’t necessarily have to travel anywhere to engage in meditation.

A cheap and accessible place in your area? Your backyard (if applicable)!

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This is the best meditation spot for those who are currently stuck at home due to COVID-19. It’s also a great place for meditation for those with hectic schedules.

It’s nice to take even just 15 minutes daily to walk into your yard to engage in a quick session. You’ll certainly have a little more privacy and the quietness you’re craving.

If you gain a certain level of advancement, you may even wish to host your own classes from your yard!

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How Do I Find a Quiet Place to Meditate?

Even if you join a meditation class, find a place for your meditation practice outside of the class. It’s good to have multiple options.

Finding a quiet place for meditation may require you to stop and think for a bit. If you rarely leave the house, you may not know what great meditative spots your community offers.

Start by thinking of places very close to your home. Consider outdoor on your own terrace or patio, community spots as well as specific, public buildings.

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If you consider a spot outside of the home setting, visit the spot on different days and times. This way, you can see when it’s the least busy. Keep a notepad on you to keep track of the quietest days/times.

Rather engage in sessions at home? Consider creating a sound-proof, cozy space in your home.

Sometimes you have to bring the quietness to you. You may want to invest in earplugs, noise-canceling headphones, or a stereo to play music.

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What is the Best Way to Meditate?

So, you found a great spot to meditate. But, maybe you’re a newbie and aren’t exactly sure how to engage in the experience. Or, maybe you know how to but aren’t sure how to do it subtly in public.

No worries. We can help teach you the ropes of meditating outside the home!

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is really a simple yet health-conscious mental exercise.

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It involves focusing on the here, not the past or the future.

Notice how your stomach rises and falls with each breath. Feel the peace within you and all around you.

Mindfulness is a great strategy we should all know and learn. This is particularly true in our fast, anxiety-provoking society.

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Guided Meditation

You already know about meditation classes. But, guided meditation doesn’t have to be with an instructor. And, it doesn’t have to be formal at all.

Any guide, even a friend, can walk you through your sessions. Many feel more comfortable practicing in public when someone is there to guide them. Plus, this helps them better focus.

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Like mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness (Metta) meditation is completely silent. But, instead of focusing on the present, you focus on yourself. It’s a form of self-love if you will.

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All you have to do is repeat (silently if you wish) mantras to yourself. These might include, “May I be safe,” “May I be happy,” or “May I see success.”

This type of meditative session can melt anger, stress, anxiety, jealousy, and insecurity. It can also help you accept others.

Movement Meditation

As the title implies, movement meditation involves physically moving around. It’s one of the most subtle types of meditative sessions you can do in public.

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You can do this while walking on jogging on your own time. Or, you may join a tai chi, qigong, yoga, or sacred dancing group to engage in this meditative experience.

Note that you can do any type of meditation publicly. However, the latter is the most discreet, in our opinion. Thus, they’re some of the greatest to do around strangers.

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