Planning an Unforgettable Casino Trip to Sweden

One of the primary reasons why many people travel to Sweden is its line of excellent casinos. These gambling venues offer many games and tournaments to their players that involve everything a player may be looking for in a casino – from slots and table games to an unforgettable atmosphere. No less exciting journey offers an iPhone casino.

That’s why Carlos Norberg, a veteran in the legal gambling industry, has compiled helpful information and tips to consider when planning a casino-themed trip to Sweden. Read on to learn more!

Overview: The Gambling Industry in Sweden

Gambling is entirely legal in Sweden. For ages above 18, that is, and it’s proven by the numerous casinos throughout the country, filled with popular gambling machines and table games. The industry was doing pretty well through the years until the pandemic struck.

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In the first quarter of 2020, the Swedish Tax Agency and Swedish Gambling Inspectorate announced that the total revenue of all licenced gambling operators had dropped by 1.4% from the previous year. This is despite the growth of the country’s online gambling and is mainly because of the decline of Sweden’s land-based casino industry.

If you plan on visiting land-based casinos in Sweden, the biggest name in the casino industry is Casino Cosmopol. It has four locations – one in Sundsvall, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. These large casinos specialize in classic table and card games like blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat. Note, however, that they only accept players that are at least 20 years old. If you’re also interested in how Swedish online casinos operate, then you can try many online casinos like spela casinospel.

Factors to Consider in Planning Your Trip

Aside from completing an itinerary, consider checking minor details for your casino-themed trip in Sweden. This country is a whole new setting, and you should expect its own set of policies, beliefs, and interests. You don’t want to get in trouble in any way, which is why you should consider factors like:

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1.   Culture

Sweden’s culture is egalitarian, and its etiquette is focused on maintaining equality. They value modesty, and locals don’t like boastful people. Expect that when verbally communicating, Swedes speak calmly and softly. Moreover, you must say thank you whenever possible to not be misunderstood as rude.

Swedish culture also involves virtues such as patience and punctuality. Queueing is common, and cutting in line is a grave offence, so be patient in line. If you have any appointments made, avoid arriving too early or too late. Generally, Sweden’s culture and behaviour revolve around “lagom,” a term that translates to “everything in moderation.”

2.   Rules and Regulations

Visitors, especially those from non-European Economic Area (EEA) countries, won’t be able to make it through the airport without a valid negative COVID certificate. Moreover, you’ll need to be aware of various regulations followed in Sweden’s casino industry. It’s beneficial to know about these beforehand so you won’t disrespect anyone and get in trouble. Such regulations include:

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●        Being 20 or older

●        Showing a valid passport for overseas visitors

●        Wearing suitable attire

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●        Minimized use of mobile devices inside the casino

●        Adhering to drinking prohibitions inside the casino

3.   Budget

Setting a budget and sticking to it will prevent you from incurring significant losses. You can prepare a budget for the trip as a whole, or you can have a separate budget for playing at the casino. For playing, you can set a budget of at least $100. This will already cover your entrance fee of 30 SEK (almost $4) to enter a casino.

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The budget for your trip, on the other hand, will cost more since Sweden isn’t a cheap country. Hotel accommodations cost from $50 to over $200 per night. For food, expect to spend over $40 a day for one person. Add more if you plan to travel and go sightseeing to incorporate unexpected expenses.

4.   Casino Choice

Since this is a casino-themed trip, you shouldn’t overlook this factor. When choosing a casino, focus on information like opening hours, the entrance fees, what requirements you need to present before entering, the dress code, what casino games they offer, and even what currencies they accept.

Most casinos only accept SEK or Swedish Krona, so you should exchange your currency for that. Sadly, for those who want to use cryptocurrencies, there is still no licenced casino in Sweden that accepts it as payment.

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When going on a casino-themed trip, the most important thing is to enjoy, and adequate planning will make that easier to achieve. There are more ways on how you can have fun gambling in Sweden. The factors we mentioned, when considered appropriately, can make your trip exciting before you even set foot in any casino.