Purple Aura Meaning: The Ultimate Guide

What is the spiritual meaning of the purple aura?

All living things radiate an aura from the electromagnetic energy they emit.

However, different people have different auras, with each aura carrying its own energy.

This aura varies in colors and gives us an insight into the nature of an individual, to be more specific, traits.

An aura can have multiple colors with typically one predominant color.

One such aura is a purple aura that speaks of humbleness and calm.

The purple color is much more than just a vibrant shade that appeals to the eye. It has a much deeper meaning to it.

So here’s our guide to the meaning of the purple aura….

Purple Aura and It’s Spiritual Meaning

A purple aura stands for new ideas, creative thinking, and enlightenment. It signifies the healing and soothing nature of a person.

There is an emotional, spiritual and physical value to it.

Individuals with a purple aura make up to be interesting human beings.

These people are very sensitive and carry a lot of emotions.

This makes them caring and supportive at the same time.

However, they can be termed as a bit mysterious and secretive too.

Having a purple aura signifies that an individual is in a good space spiritually.

It indicates that the person has a proper connection with spiritual thoughts and is experiencing enlightenment in life.

With deeper inner vision and better knowledge about life, these people are very powerful with enhanced sensory capabilities.

In spirituality, purple color talks of cleansing, soothing, and healing properties.

It’s the color of divinity and devotion.

Thus, if you have a purple aura, it means that you can easily connect as well as send or receive spiritual messages.

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Shades of Purple Aura

Just knowing that you have a purple aura isn’t enough, one must understand the shade of purple aura. A number of factors influence the depth of the hue and thus, alter the traits too.

Here are the different shades of purple and what they signify when it comes to understanding the aura:

Clear purple

Clear purple aura

Clear purple is the hue that depicts a perfect balance in nature. It shows that the person has the ideal balance between the heart and mind.

Experiencing open awareness and equilibrium, a clear purple aura shows a deep sense of stability.


Violet purple aura

Violet color is closely associated with the nervous system as well as the pineal gland. Generally, psychics and creative individuals have this color aura.

Having a violet aura showcases better reasoning skills and that a person has a higher purpose of achieving in life.

It’s observed in people who are more aware of their true selves and are closer to their soul spiritually.

Dark Purple

Dark purple aura

A truer meaning of dark purple aura signifies energy blockage.

A person with dark purple aura needs to overcome certain obstacles before attaining the ideal balance.

It’s a clear symbol of mysterious and secretive nature.


Indigo purple aura

Indigo hue is better associated with the power of intuition, popularly called as the sixth sense.

One relates it to the pituitary gland and the concept of ‘third eye.’


Lavender purple aura

When it is about imaginative skills, dreams, and fantasies, the lavender hue is the appropriate aura for it.

It portrays magic and mystical things.

The Crown Chakra And Purple Aura

Crown Chakra, or the conscious center, as science would refer it, is often related to the purple aura.

The seventh chakra is associated with the brain, the topmost part of the head.

It is the brain that helps develop spiritual communication with a higher power above.

Having a Crown Chakra signifies that a part of the individual’s conscience is related to a higher spiritual entity in heaven.

It is like a gateway to intuitions. If blocked, this can even lead to anxiety, headaches or disassociation.

The Crown Chakra can be compared with the Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra is the chakra associated with attachment to mother Earth while the Crown Chakra is related to the father energy that lies above.

How To Interpret If You Have A Purple Aura

If you understand what purpose you were sent on Earth with, you probably have a purple aura.

Understanding the philosophy that you were sent to accomplish something meaningful in life is what this aura is about.

Individuals with this aura don’t take a pause.

They continue to work and accomplish their goals. They’re very focused in life and make use of all the resources available to achieve better heights.

If you’re someone who fits well with the above traits and has healing properties too, you definitely have a purple aura.

This healing does not always have to be physical, healing with emotions and words is equally important.

Also, if your presence makes a place calm and soothing, you have a purple aura.

Those with a purple aura also have a great intuitive instinct in them. You see potential and work to accomplish a benchmark for yourself.

Purple Aura Personality Traits

The personality traits of people with purple aura are such that almost everyone finds them extremely likable.

They’re the best kind of people you can ever meet! They have a sense of relaxation and calm that envelopes anyone around them.

Their first and most distinctive trait is their imagination. These people wish to do something big and change the world.

They also possess visionary traits. The psyche of those with a purple aura is very different and passionate.

Passion and critical thinking is their second nature. These people are intuitive, mysterious, and keep great fantasies too.

They have a lot of creativity and enthusiasm in them, which shines through their general activities.

Spiritual balance

The color purple is a very carefree color that has a great connection with spirituality.

It’s also closely related to wisdom and well-being of a person.

This well-being is not only from the physical perspective but also the emotional well being of an individual.

People with purple aura are more balanced and can adapt to changes better.

They’re graceful, thoughtful, imaginative, and critical in their approach.


People with purple aura are extremely empathetic in love and romance. They’re like sponges who can grasp the emotions of other people.

This further influences how these people feel or think about love and romance.

Purple aura is known to show deep understanding and supportive traits. And, that’s exactly how these people are in the romantic aspect of their life.

They will always place their partners above themselves and do things as per their liking.

Also, they are gentle, reserve, quiet, and at times introvert too.

This might pose a little challenge for them to find the perfect partner for romance.

They usually prefer to be at home and laid back at times which make it even more challenging.

People with purple aura are creative in love too.

They’re sensitive and very compassionate about their partners.

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These people find it harder to trust anyone easily. No wonder, they often turn out be secret keepers!

They don’t really open themselves to their partner as it gets a little difficult for them.

The whole idea of someone knowing everything that goes on in their minds is a little disturbing for them.

However, extreme care and love make it all better.


People with this aura are more imaginative, innovative, and creative in nature.

That means they have a better vision when compared with others.

And, these people don’t stop until they make their vision into a reality.

So, these individuals make up to be excellent entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are supposed to have a little aggression when it comes to seeking opportunities when it comes to business.

This is the only type of aggression that one may find in a person with a purple aura.

These individuals are dynamic and experimental in nature.

Also, they’re very loyal and honest. Thus, they work great at high positions in an office too.

Moreover, their mindset to drive towards perfection for everything makes them stand apart from the others.

The intelligence level of people with purple aura is high, and their analytical skills are superb.

In all, these people are determined, focused, and motivated at all times.

They’re determined to succeed and don’t give up on anything in life.


The personality of purple aura people is unique and charming. They love to explore newer things and observe them keenly.

These people are known to have great critical capabilities.

Be it’s something specific or general, they analyze everything well to have a better insight.

Also, these individuals are very calm and composed at all times.

This makes them ideal in all types of environments. In fact, they can instantly make others feel calm too.

Being secretive is in the bones of people with a purple aura! They love being mysterious.

At the same time, the thought of letting anyone enter their minds scares them. Therefore, these people find it harder to trust anyone.

These people often find it challenging to lead better, healthier, and open relationships. Instead, they prefer to keep it introverted and simple.

You will find these people to be very loyal, faithful, and honest in their personality.

They’re not afraid to portray a strong image of themselves.

However, these people are honest to the people they let in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions: The Short Answers

1. What does it mean when you have a purple aura and when you see a purple during meditation?

Having a purple aura implies that you lead a lifestyle that’s spiritually more balanced.

It means that you have a deeper insight into life when compared with others.

This also indicates that you possess traits such as loyalty, honesty, calmness, and humbleness.

If you have a purple aura, it also means that you’re very creative in nature and have a great gift of intuition.

You possess a sense of relaxation and soothe everyone with your presence.

This makes you a very affable human being in the crowd.

And, since having purple aura means you’re secretive too, people perceive you as very loyal and trustworthy too.

Many people report seeing colors while they close their eyes or meditate.

The color purple is associated with deep spiritual connections. And when you see the color of power and calm while meditation, it’s a clear symbol of deep spiritual awakening.

Purple color soothes the soul and makes one deeply relaxed and calm. Purple is a sign of purity and simplicity too.

It means that you need to pay close attention to those around you for honesty and keep your eyes open.

Also, since purple signifies healing, seeing the color during meditation is a good sign. It shows that your soul is experiencing healing if you see hues of purple during meditation.

2. What does purple mean spiritually?

Purple aura signifies spiritual awakening.

It brings you to a place where you’re more balanced and closer to the spiritual world.

It gives you a deeper sense of living. Also, spiritual well-being means being in a good state mentally as well as physically.

Being closely related to the “father” energy makes one with a purple aura more sought-after and powerful.

The feeling of ‘oneness’ is what comes with the color purple.

Moreover, it’s a color of healing, soothing as well as cleansing.

3. What is the rarest aura color?

The rarest aura color in the chakra is said to be the color white.

This is because white color signifies more purity and a higher level of spirituality too.

It portrays a person with white color as having a heightened state of spiritual awakening and sends of consciousness.

The color white is closely related to a guardian angel.

Thus, enhancing its purity.

White color is also related to wisdom, power, and the ultimate state of peace.

Just like the color purple, white is also often associated with healing and positivity.

The color also implies a better state of well-being.