An Ultimate Guide To The Different Shades Of The Red Aura And Their Meaning

What is the red aura?

Can you see your aura?

And which chakra is red?

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Here’s our guide to the red aura and what it means for you…


A red aura can be good or bad, depending on the shade. Many people associate the color red with anger, but this doesn’t mean that you need to panic when you see a red aura.

There are many different meanings. 

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Red can also be associated with feelings of love and passion. It’s also important to remember that auras can change color all the time.

If you have red energy, it’s only indicative of what’s going on with you right now. Some possibilities: 

  • Red can indicate a strong person. Spiritually, emotionally, and mentally strong. 
  • You may be someone with a lot of passion and a high sexual appetite. 
  • A red aura may mean that you have a highly competitive spirit. 

More often than not, a red aura doesn’t mean an angry person.

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Overall, those with red aura are thought to be strong, passionate, and sensual. They have a lot of strong physical characteristics.

The red aura is connected to the blood – which is your physical lifeforce. It also speaks to the condition of your heart, both physically and symbolically.

The red aura is associated with the root chakra, which keeps you bound to earth and speaks to your primal needs and most basic desires.

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You have strong connections with the physical world and tend to be in good health and have lots of energy. This is the base of a red aura.

Do You Have a Red Aura?

With so many different possible colors and shades, it can be difficult to determine what color aura you have. While there are ways to physically see it around yourself, this takes time and practice.

There are certain things you can look for to determine whether or not your aura is red: 

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  1. You are very centered, grounded, and connected to the earth. 
  2. You have high self-esteem and a lively passion for life. 
  3. A red aura will live in the moment. 
  4. You feel things very intensely and are in tune with your emotions. 
  5. You have a high sex drive. 

These are some of the basic traits of someone with a red aura.

If you can identify with most or all of these, there is a good chance your aura is some shade of red. 

Red Aura and Root Chakra

Red is primal and dominant. It’s the first color on the rainbow and is connected to the root chakra.

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The root chakra is all about understanding the basic need for security that we all have. It is believed that the root chakra is located right at the base of your spine. 

An open root chakra combined with a red aura can be found in someone who is strong in their identity. They are confident in themselves, secure in their life, and happy with their choices. 

On the other hand, there are many problems that can come with having an imbalanced root chakra. These include anger, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and eating disorders.

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In order to rectify these issues, you’ll need to balance your root chakra once again and try to tap into the energy and benefits that come with a red aura. 

To do this, you can try the following things: 

  • Reconnect with your environment. Try some grounded yoga or meditation
  • Connect with the earth by taking a walk through nature. 
  • Do some physical activities that you enjoy. 
  • Reflect on your life and identify your main wants and needs. 

While these things might not work for everyone, they are fairly universal. If you’re not seeing results it may just mean you need more practice and patience. 

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Characteristics of Red Aura

As with any specific aura color, there are many distinct characteristics that can be seen in those currently exhibiting a red aura.

Some are positive, others are negative and may require some fine-tuning and improvement.

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Everyone will, of course, be different and unique but these are some universal characteristics that you can often find in those with a red aura: 

  • Those with a red aura are often action-oriented. They love to experience things rather than just think and theorize about them.
  • They’re extremely physical by nature. They possess lots of energy and are often very lively individuals. If they channel this in the right direction, their passion can bring them success in anything they set their minds to.
  • People with red energy are extremely competitive. They always want to be on top. While this drive is useful in some areas of life, it can make them a poor sport and a bad team player.
  • Those with a red aura strive to always live their lives to the fullest. They seek adventure and adrenaline. They aren’t too concerned with safety when it comes to going out there and living. This attitude can sometimes get them into troublesome situations.
  • They are direct and honest. Their honesty is sometimes misinterpreted and people think they are too blunt. This can be too much for some people and they may become irritated with the red aura individual.
  • Due to the strong connection to the earth and their strong physical characteristics, they will rarely fall ill. They remain strong and healthy both in body and mind.
  • When a red aura becomes unhappy or tired out, they can become quite short and angry. At times, even explosive. 

Shades of Red Aura

Much like other colors, red auras can come in several different shades. Each shade has a different set of traits and meanings.

The shade can change depending on the mood and state of mind a person is in.It’s important to be aware of the differences and which shades are more positive than others. 

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Murky Red

A murky red aura is one with darker and grey undertones. This is a shade of red that is, unfortunately, less than positive. It is a sign of negative red energy.

It’s a shade that can indeed be indicative of anger, or perhaps some repressed anger issues. 

The shade is associated with anger, violence, aggression, and those with this shade will be quick to lash out at others.

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If your red aura has this shade, it’s time for you to get to the bottom of your anger and frustrations and figure out how to address it. You can start with regular meditation or daily affirmations. 

Dark Red

While a murky red aura represents anger and frustration within a person, their aura is still red at its core. They will still share the typical personality traits and characteristics of a normal red aura. 

On the other hand, a truly dark red aura represents a deeper state of mental and emotional darkness. Their spiritual state is also quite poor. Most of the time, it’s not actually the fault of the individual. 

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This state of deep-set anger and darkness often comes from an intense past trauma that has left someone incapable of moving on from this state. 

A major component of this darker shade is also stress. The best thing someone with a dark red aura can do is find ways to relieve stress. Most of the time, they are in denial about their state of constant anger and darkness. It will take a lot for them to admit and acknowledge their issues. 

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Brilliant Red

Your red aura might turn a bright, brilliant shade when you’re in a moment of passion.

This could be an intense sexual encounter or the day of an important competition.

Really, the bright shade can be triggered by anything you’re extremely passionate about. It will be the brightest in the most intense moment of the event. 

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Clouded Red Aura

The clouded red aura is similar to the murky shade, the difference being that the cloudy tones may have a more temporary root cause than the murky ones.

The clouded appearance may manifest in a moment of frustration or when you are simply having a bad day or are put into a bad mood. 

The act of releasing negative thoughts and striving for serenity is a good way to remedy a clouded red aura. 

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Pure Red Aura

The pure red shade is even more intense than the brilliant or bright shade.

People with this shade are extremely outgoing and energetic. They love to interact with people and are generally quite popular.

This is not because they have a big ego, but because they naturally absorb positive energy from others. 

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They are usually the ones organizing the parties and social events. They thrive in large groups of people. The downside to this shade can be exhaustion and burnout.

The constant need to entertain and be social can be draining in a person. You can balance this by channeling some of your energy and motivation into spiritual pursuits. 

Personality Traits

There are a number of unique personality traits that often come with having red energy.

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Each trait may look a little different in each person, but the most common ones include

  1. Energy
  2. Power
  3. Passion
  4. Desire
  5. Heat
  6. Loyalty
  7. Honesty
  8. Sensuality
  9. Excitement 
  10. Courage
  11. Hatred
  12. Rebellion
  13. Resentment 
  14. Violence 

Anyone who exhibits most or all of these traits at once is someone with red energy. 

Love and Romance

Due to the passion and intensity that comes with having red energy, relationships will often be just as passionate and intense.

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There will be lots of heat, desire, and sexual drive. These things can be good when kept balanced and in control. 

The intense drive and constant need for attention are what can put a strain on a relationship with a red.

The key here is to maintain a strong and open line of communication.

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Discussing issues and letting emotions out will keep jealousy and bitterness at bay. 

Friendships and Relationships

When it comes to friendships and other relationships, reds have a magnetic pull to them.

Their energy draws people in.

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In order for a relationship with a red to truly thrive, however, they need someone who can match their energy and their need for adventures and excitement. 

In terms of compatibility, green and purple auras are ideal. Green is calm and purple is strong. This is exactly what a red needs to balance them out. 


Physically, a red aura is strong with a zeal and energy for life and activities. This will have them out there being physically active on a regular basis.

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Whether its sports, running, working out, weight lifting, or something else, they love to get their heart rate up. Due to their high level of fitness, their health is generally good. 

Career and Wealth

Having money is related to safety and security. Red’s are often quite fixated on money. This isn’t always a bad thing.

Money is a good motivator. It can have people working hard to move forward and chase their dreams. 

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The high energy and passion for a red aura will make them hard-working and ambitious.

They don’t stop until they’ve successfully made something happen. They are career-driven and will never stop working and improving. This same drive may also have a red aura feeling bored if their job isn’t interesting or stimulating enough.

This makes it important to choose an appropriate role that will keep them motivated and engaged. 

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What Does it Mean if You Have a Red Aura?

Having a red aura means you are passionate, energetic, and outgoing. You have a strong drive to live life to the fullest and your ambition has you working hard and moving forward in life 

With the intensity can come some strong emotions so it’s important to focus on your spiritual self sometimes and remain balanced and grounded. 

What Are the Positive and Negative Sides of People With Red Aura?

On the positive side, you are driven and socially minded. You’re likely quite popular with your friends and family. You love to host events and you live life with passion and zeal.

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Your relationships are deep, intense, and meaningful – when you find the right person. 

On the negative side, some shades of red represent a lot of anger, aggression, and bitterness.

It’s important to be aware of these shades and learn how to remedy the negativity if it’s coming from yourself. 

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What Does Red Mean Spiritually?

Each color is connected to a different chakra. The red aura is connected to the base chakra, which has deep roots in emotional and physical strength.

You are very connected to your physical self and the primal needs of your mind and body. 

This means that a deep focus and concentration on the spiritual side of yourself is important. It’s not something that comes as naturally as physical things. 

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Can Aura Colors Change?

Yes, they can! Auras are a reflection of your emotional and spiritual state. Your mood, emotions, and experiences will all have an impact on your aura. 

It will change with you, as you change. This can happen throughout a day, or over a longer period of time. 

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Does the Law of Attraction Work for People With Red Auras?

For the most part, those with red auras will have trouble making the law of attraction work for them. 

Many shades of the red aura represent anger and bitterness. The law of attraction states, at its core, that “like attracts like.” If this is what you’re focusing on and manifesting, it’s what you will attract more of. 

In order to rid yourself of the negativity and begin attracting more positivity, you’ll need to cleanse your aura and your chakras. 

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