Can Engaging in Self Forgiveness Meditation Really Help You Forgive Yourself?

Let’s be honest, we all experience guilt and regret at some point.

Although these are negative emotions, they do have their benefits. According to the APA, those with high levels of shame are less likely to engage in risky behaviors.

But, there comes the point where guilt has a negative impact on us. Sometimes, guilt can lead to anxiety, stress, and depression.

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Some of us are just better at handling the negative impacts of shame than others.

If you’re looking to find ways to subside these feelings of suffering, we have a suggestion. Try forgiveness meditation!

How Do You Find Self Forgiveness?

Self-forgiveness is critical to living a happier life.

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The first step on the road to forgiveness is to tell yourself that it’s okay to feel remorse. Emotional pain is something we all feel at some point.

You must also acknowledge the fact that we all have things we wish we didn’t do or say. Or, maybe we regret something we didn’t do or say.

That’s just part of life. None of us are perfect. We all have something we wish we did differently. We all wish there was someone we didn’t meet. Surely, there was a time where we wish we could go back in time.

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But, we have to take the bad with the good.

We must understand that our feelings as humans are never stagnant. We’ll feel happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy, a whole array of emotions. Not all emotions are comfortable.

How Do I Forgive Myself During Meditation?

Forgiving yourself is never easy. Yet, many find that taking part in a meditative practice can ease their suffering.

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There’s a thing known as forgiveness meditation that’s perfect for this.

Basic Steps to Forgive Yourself During Meditation

The process is easier than one may think. But, it takes time and feelings of discomfort.

Identify Your Problem(s)

The most important part of forgiveness meditation is recognizing your problem(s).

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Why do you feel guilty? How has regret had an impact on you? Do your feelings of shame affect others?

There are minor and major ways we might need forgiveness.

Did you cheat on your partner? Do you wish you took that job? Do you regret being mean to a family member?

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As you identify your problem(s), allow yourself to feel all the negative emotions. Don’t repress them.

Accept What is

Once you identify what it is you need forgiveness for, it’s time to meditate.

Sit or lie down with your eyes closed. Allow your breath to be as light and airy as possible. Focus on breathing into your heart. Feel all your emotions as your breath “carries” your pain away.

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Throughout this practice, it’s critical to feel to let go. Never assume that the pain will go away if you simply ignore it.

Before it gets better, it’s going to get more painful. But, at some point, you’ll begin to feel a huge weight come off your shoulders. That’s how you know you’re becoming accepting of what used to be.

Move Forward

After your mind accepts your past mistakes or struggles, you must push forward.

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Many may find this the most difficult step of all. Sometimes, people find themselves relapsing. They may begin to feel regretful again later.

To get out of this trap, you might need further meditative practice.

Why is it so difficult to move forward? Because we get too comfortable with our pain. We don’t know what it’s like to be free of guilt.

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And, we worry that if we no longer feel guilty about our past, we won’t learn from it. This is how many, if not most, people feel.

But, it’s one thing to choose to let go, be happy, and see the purpose of your mistakes. But it’s a problem to ignore your guilt completely or even to hold onto it.

How Do You Heal and Forgive Yourself?

You can’t heal and forgive yourself overnight. But, you also can’t hold onto guilt for life.

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It takes an understanding of your problems, acceptance, and letting go to fully heal. It may take months, weeks, or even years to reap full forgiveness.

But, one thing’s for sure: it might take several, consistent meditative sessions to fix.

Some find that guided forgiveness meditation with an instructor offers faster healing.

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In extreme cases, you may need other forms of healing in your life apart from meditation alone.

In the end, there are many ways to practice self-forgiveness. No matter how you approach it, you must achieve forgiveness in some shape or form. It’s good for your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self.

What is Forgiveness of Self?

Forgiveness of self involves letting go of any negative past feelings. These feelings might involve sadness, regret, and mental pain.

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You’ll know when you have full forgiveness for yourself. The pain from the past will no longer bother you. And, you’ll begin to see your regret in a whole different way.

You’ll notice that you view past mistakes as lessons rather than as problems. They’re really meant to be things that guide us and allow us to be better people, not make us feel bad about ourselves.

When you invite forgiveness into your heart and mind, you’ll see a huge difference. Your overall character and perspective will be better and clearer than ever.

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