Should You Get Married Before Your 30s?

Getting married and forming a family is not something that you decide on a whim. There are a lot of things that you have to think about and consider before making your final decision. However, it’s inevitable that deciding for your future feels like a long and tough journey because of societal pressure—that you should be married at a certain age, usually before or during your early 30s. 

The thing is, should you really consider settling down by this age? Here are a few important questions that you must ask yourself.

Am I financially stable?

This is usually the first question you should address when it comes to marriage. Having children and supporting them is costly, so you must have at least enough savings to ensure that you won’t go broke and face more financial problems in the future.

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Am I mentally and emotionally prepared?

Deciding whether you’re ready to tie the knot is not necessarily based on your age, but your preparedness to enter a new chapter of your life on the mental and emotional aspect. There are various issues that are associated with being married. 

Are you ready to sacrifice your late night parties with your friends to take care of your spouse and children? Once you’re already married, you have less time for yourself as you have to tend to your responsibilities first.

Are you sure with your current partner?

So, you met this certain person while probably having fun at the pub or hopping from one dating app or site to another. Although you haven’t spent much time together as a couple, you’re already wanting to have that person as your spouse. Your strong emotions may affect your decision and lead to cloud judgment. That’s why you should think about it without being influenced by your emotions. 

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What you want to get out of marriage?

We probably have our own reasons for getting married, but probably, the most popular one is to be with someone we really love and build a family with this special person. Determine why you would want to tie the knot during your 30s. Is it simply to conform with the old traditions or you’ve found the perfect partner and you don’t want to let go of him or her? 

Saying “yes” because the former may lead to disappointment and regret in the future. Try to dig deeper and follow what your heart truly wants. If you choose not to get married at all, that’s totally fine. Marriage should not be an end goal. You should do it if you feel that it’s for you.

The bottom line

When you should get married should not be based on your age but on various factors. Your preparedness and willingness to get married should be based solely on you, not on other people’s beliefs. Don’t get pressured because of expectations placed on your shoulders. If you’re not ready to get married during your 30s, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Work out on things that you feel you’re still missing and enjoy this time that you’re still single. 
Thinking about the negative consequences of making the wrong decision takes a toll on your mental health and overall well-being. If you feel overwhelmed, take a break and try various ways to fight anxiety to help you feel much better.

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