Sleep Positions: 3 Tips for Better Sleep

People often try many things to sleep well but forget to change their sleeping position. Our body structure has many convenient positions that aids in peaceful sleep.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of them. Although after falling asleep, we don’t know when and how we change our sleeping position. 

But which position is beneficial and effective depends on individuals. You can also discuss them with some experts because many people have some physical conditions for which some positions might be harmful. 

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Different Sleep Positions and Advantages 

Based on their alignments, there might be different results of sleeping positions. For example, if you are plus size, you might have some problem zones around your belly or neck. So sleeping on your stomach might not be comfortable for you.

Similarly, it is a very subjective issue, and we will talk about some of them. You will be amazed to know that sleeping position directly impacts our sleep. we will focus on the benefits of each sleeping position. 

  • Sleeping on Your Back 

This is a classic position of sleeping where you can rest your entire body in a straight line. The neck is slightly lifted because of the pillow, which perfectly aligns with your body.

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If you are relaxing before sleep, your arms and feet are all in the same line. Some people often keep their hands on their chest for more comfort. 

A recent study by Sweet Island Dreams shows people with frequent heartburn issues can quickly try this position as it is supposed to soothe their discomfort. On the other hand, lower back pain can be triggered by this position, so it is better to try out your comfortable place first. 

  • Sleeping on One Side 

Sleeping on the right or left side is common and effective. The entire body is tilted towards one side, with knees sometimes reaching for the chest or staying straight. This is spontaneous for most people. The effect of such a position is positive on the brain, and scientists have proved it. But people with injuries or bruises on each side should avoid the position, or they can be severe. 

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  • Sleeping on Stomach

The stomach is an essential part of our body, and people who sleep in this position have often improved their snoring issues. Although this is not a suggested position, still, this comes naturally to many. The trick is to make it beneficial and to do that, and you can’t ditch the pillow. 

Tips on How to Choose The Best Positions

Now that we have discussed the most common sleeping positions, we will give you some tips. 

  1. The first and foremost thing is to find which position is not uncomfortable for you. Like, if you have any preference towards any side, you can pursue that. Whether in a spooning position or any other one, your comfort comes first. Never compromise on that unless you have been guided otherwise by a medical expert. 
  1. You should not follow any position that might trigger your health issues like back or neck pain. Due to the wrong position of sleeping for an extended period, you may develop some new problems. It is better to know about them first and then follow a pattern.
  1. Last but not least, you can change your sleeping position anytime. If you are sleeping on your back and feeling uncomfortable, switch to other positions. You can have the best of both worlds without harming the body. 

The sleeping positions are advantageous but based on body structures, and their disadvantages are also there. So go ahead, study about them and see which one suits you the most. Following your doctor’s suggestion is of utmost importance if you have surgeries or any procedures. Because the wrong sleeping position might worsen the condition of your pain, to talk about sleep, you can be assured that it is dependent on your comfort and not when your body is in a difficult situation. 

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