How To Harness & Develop Spiritual Connection

Want to crack the mystery of spiritual connection?

How do you know if you are spiritually connected with someone?

And how do you spiritually connect with someone far away?

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What is a Spiritual Connection?

A spiritual connection is a unique and mysterious thing that you experience with special people throughout your life.

You may have many friends, coworkers, and acquaintances that you interact with every day and know well. But are all of these relationships a true spiritual connection? No, they’re not. 

A spiritual connection goes deeper.  Have you ever felt like you knew someone instantly upon meeting them? This person would have made an impact on your life.

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They’d be on your mind constantly. You will feel a sense of unity with this person and things between you will become deep and intense.

Other times, these spiritual connections aren’t noticed right away, but they’re still there.

They may become apparent over time as you grow closer to the person. 

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Many argue that every relationship has some degree of spiritual connection.

This may be true as we are all spiritual beings at heart.

But, it’s the deeply spiritual relationships that create an unbreakable bond, depth, and understanding that are the true, meaningful spiritual connections. 

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Whether romantic or platonic, these people are your soulmates. These relationships will enrich and fulfill your life.

Spiritual vs. Physical Connection

While a true, deep, and meaningful spiritual connection is something rare and to be cherished when found, a physical connection is much more common. All this means is that you’re connected to someone on a physical level.

This could be about pure physical attraction. You are attracted to each other’s outward appearance and you want to act on these feelings. This can potentially happen with almost anyone.

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Being physically attracted and even physically intimate doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll connect on a spiritual level. 

Most people only have a handful of spiritual connections. One of these is usually with your romantic life partner but you can have the connection in a friend as well. 

How to Recognize a Spiritual Connection With Someone?

While some spiritual connections are instant and obvious based on how both parties feel, others are not.

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There may be people you look up to, admire, and really like who you’d like to think you have a spiritual connection with, but it can’t be forced.  

There are a few universal signs to be aware of that can tell you if you have a true spiritual connection with someone: 

  • You feel free around them. Their presence brings you a sense of peace and liberation.

    You can express yourself without restraint or discomfort. You have no fear of being judged or rejected by them.

  • It feels like you’ve known them your whole life even if you haven’t. They have a comforting familiarity that drives you to them and gives a sense of lifelong connection.

  • You trust them without question. You don’t ever have to question whether you trust them or not. There’s no worry or fear, you just know they are to be trusted.

  • Your conversations are deep. When you are spiritually connected to someone, you talk about things that have depth and meaning.

    You explore your inner self and they do the same. You talk about big issues and have discussions that grow your knowledge and understanding.

  • You can communicate silently. When you’re with them, neither of you need to announce the fact that you’re happy, joyful, anxious, or scared. You just sense and know these things about you

  • Complete honesty. You are completely and entirely honest with each other. Nothing is hidden, and you’re never afraid to tell them the truth about anything. You’re completely open.

    If you’re generally afraid of being this open and honest, connecting with this person will help you become more comfortable with it.

  • They dream of you. This person will not only support your dreams and ambitions but they might help you realize dreams you never even thought you had. And then, they will fully support these as well.

  • They help you realize your purpose. Similar to encouraging your dreams, they will help you find a sense of purpose.

    If there is something missing in your life or you’re too scared to try something important they will give you the push you need. 

A spiritual connection will be all of these things to you, and you will be all of these things to them. If there is someone in your life with whom you share all of these qualities, then you’re experiencing a spiritual connection.

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Ways to Create a Spiritual Connection With Someone

While a spiritual connection with an unwilling party can’t be forced, sometimes it does need some work even when two people are both feeling it. Especially in a long-term relationship, people grow and change as time goes by. 

You will experience different seasons of life as well. There are times where you’ll feel extremely close and united, and other times where there is more silence and perhaps a little bit of emotional distance.

This is okay, as long as you deal with it properly and don’t give up on your partner. 

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There are ways you can create, maintain, and nurture your spiritual connection to make sure it stays strong and healthy. Some are small things, others more significant, but all will contribute to the strength of your relationship

Eye Contact

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Eye contact is so important. It creates a sense of emotional intimacy and closeness while letting your partner know they have your full, undivided attention.

It’s respectful and tells them that you’re engaged and interested in what they’re saying. 

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Make Time For Each Other Regularly 

Life can get understandably busy and overwhelming, but none of it is more important than your partner. Always being “too busy” to spend quality time will cause the relationship to break down in no time

Regardless of what’s happening in your lives, carve out some time for each other often. If you’re living together, commit to every day.

If you are still living apart, for now, commit to several days a week, and communicate electronically when you can’t be together. 

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This will ensure you stay connected, stay involved in each other’s lives, and grow together. Being constantly apart can cause you to grow in different directions, eventually making it extremely difficult to be together. 

Touch More

Physical touch can be a powerful expression of love and connection. It doesn’t always have to be sexual, but simply being in contact is comforting, soothing, and builds the connection.

Laugh Together

Laughter has a way of healing emotional wounds and making problems feel less significant in the grand scheme of things. Find the time and ways to laugh together.

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Benefits of a Spiritual Connection

Spiritual connections are good things in so many ways. They add to your life, make you feel fulfilled, and put you with good people.

Developing and maintaining a strong spiritual connection will take some work, and won’t always be easy, but it’s worth it, in the end, for what it gives to you

Good Decisions

This person will be your spiritual guidance. You can go to them with your problems and decisions, and they will offer help and advice.

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You’ll never have to make a big decision on your own again. 

Never Alone

When you find that person you’re meant to be with, you’ll never be alone. They’ll be there for you through everything.

You’ll be secure in their love for you and you can rest easy knowing you’ve found a companion for life. 

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Manage Pain 

Life can throw some big curveballs at you sometimes, and leave you dealing with a lot of emotional pain and turmoil. To have to process this by yourself is difficult, stressful, and often scary.

When you have a deep spiritual connection with someone though, you don’t have to go through it alone. 

You have a shoulder to lean on and someone to carry the burden with you. They will support you, listen to you, sit with you, and do what they can to cheer you up. 

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Your Love Will Grow 

As you grow in connection with this person, you’ll discover a whole new type of love. A love that is unconditional, intense, and knows no bounds.

You’ll love this person like this, but you’ll also learn to love yourself with the same vigor and passion. 

The love will spread, too. It will shine out of you and you’ll show love to everyone in your life.

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You’ll show love to strangers. You’ll even learn to show love to people you don’t really like. 


This kind of connection can open your mind up, stretch its boundaries, and unleash incredible creativity within you.

The intense love and emotions you’re feeling will serve as beautiful inspiration for new creations as well. 

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How do you know if you have a spiritual connection?

Sometimes, you’ll know instantly.  You’ll meet someone and immediately feel as though you’ve known them your whole life.

They’ll be on your mind constantly, and you’ll feel connected and comfortable with them despite barely knowing them. 

Other times, it happens more slowly. If this is the case, you can look for certain signs of spiritual connection as you grow closer to them.

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These include complete and total openness with one another, deep and meaningful conversations, and a feeling of being free when you’re around them.

How do you spiritually connect with someone far away?

This is certainly more difficult than being physically with them. The best thing you can do is keep in regular contact. Have those conversations.

Today’s technology does make it a little easier. Do video calls so you can be face to face and look into each other’s eyes. 

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Make a point to send gifts, ask them questions, and check in on them emotionally sometimes. Most importantly, make time to go visit them as often as you can. 

How can I be spiritually connected?

A spiritual connection does take some work to develop and maintain.

Little things like eye contact, attention, and loving touches can go a long way.

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Regular contact and quality time together are also important. Laughing together and engaging in deep and meaningful conversations will both also strengthen your bond.