The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Wisdom

Many people want to equate wisdom with knowledge. They use the terms interchangeably but the reality is, they are very different.

Knowledge is certainly good to have, necessary even, to get through life. 

However, it is just facts. Facts are easy to come by and retain in your mind.

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What’s more difficult is applying these facts to your life.

Knowing how to relate what you know to how you live is where you find wisdom.

Spiritual wisdom operates the same way. Many people have spiritual knowledge.

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They can tell you about a higher power that they believe in and quote Bible verses to you. Maybe they’ve read lots of books. But, are these people wise?

Do they read these books simply to gain knowledge or do they truly want to deepen their spiritual understanding and experience?

Spiritual knowledge must be applied in order to become spiritual wisdom. You do this by taking the knowledge you have and making it a part of your life. This is a conscious decision you must make.

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Characteristics of Spiritual wisdom

Spiritual wisdom may seem like an abstract and unattainable concept.

It can be difficult to understand, but it does have a few notable characteristics that you can be on the lookout for.

The following are characteristics of spiritual wisdom: 

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  • It’s not natural or from the earth. Spiritual wisdom wasn’t designed by man. It came from our creator.

    Anyone who claims they have created the wisdom of their own is not being truthful. their “wisdom” will die with them

  • Spiritual wisdom is from God. Wisdom and the plan for salvation came from the mind of God. Every time we exhibit spiritual wisdom, we are representing God.

    The characteristics of wisdom are in line with the divine origin of original wisdom. 
  • Spiritual wisdom is mysterious. Paul uses the word mystery often in his Biblical writings ( 1 Corinthians 4:1, Ephesians 1:9, Ephesians 6:19).

    Simple human reasoning cannot understand spiritual wisdom, God must be the one to reveal it.

  • It “hath been hidden” – “kept in silence through times eternal, but now is manifested” -Romans 16:25-26. God has revealed His purpose of mercy through the gospel. In this way, He has spoken.

  • It was “foreordained before the worlds”. Before we even had the world, before man even, God had already thought about the sinners and how He would save them.

    Wisdom already existed before man did, we simply must learn and experience it.

  • It was foreordained “unto our glory”. The ultimate destination is glory when it comes to Salvation. 

Role of Spiritual Wisdom

Spiritual wisdom is important in our personal lives. We need it to make good decisions and understand what happens.

But, it’s not the only place we need spiritual wisdom. It’s an important aspect of our professional lives as well. 

If we’re committed to living a spiritually wise life, we must apply it to every area.

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Spiritual wisdom in the area of vocation must be discerned from the order of creation. We learn from the laws of the world and how it works. 

Take a farmer for example. He learns how to grow different things based on the seeds and the ground.

Different grains are different and must be treated differently.

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Dill, spelled, wheat, and cumin all require different methods. 

This information doesn’t come to the farmer through some revelation or ancient instructions.

He gets to know what each seed requires through his experience and the way he experiments with the soil.

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Creation itself teaches him how to farm the different elements.

When the farmer listens to the voice of God through the work of his own hands, he gains agricultural wisdom. 

Tips to Achieving Spiritual Wisdom

Developing and achieving wisdom is not a single event or moment, it’s a process that you must go through and work at constantly.

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There are some direct and actionable steps you can take to work on the development of your spiritual wisdom:

  • Choose it. Decide that you’re going to make wisdom a part of your life and commit to it. If you make this choice now, you’ll avoid a lot of questionable situations.

  • Trust your instincts. Oprah Winfrey is of the belief that wisdom is manifested in your instincts. Many see intuition as guidance from God and therefore should never be ignored. 

  • Set boundaries. When you bring wisdom into your life, things will change. The way you live will change and improve.

    You’ll make better decisions regarding your health and wellbeing as well as relationships. 
  • Learn from your mistakes. This is important for all areas of life. Making a mistake once is okay.

    Sometimes you don’t know better or don’t know what to do. The important thing is that you learn from the mistake and make a true effort not to make the same mistake again. 

  • Learn from the mistakes of others.  Sometimes, you don’t have to be the one to make a mistake in order to learn from it.

    If you watch someone else make a mistake and witness the consequences of it, you can take that experience and bank it away as knowledge.

    Remembering the incident when it becomes relevant to your life is being wise. 

  • Choose it daily. Even once you’ve made the choice to develop in your wisdom, you must continue to choose it. Wake up and choose it every day. 

Avenues of Spiritual Wisdom

Generally, there are seven avenues through which spiritual wisdom can be gained. Following any of these will eventually lead you to spiritual wisdom. 

  • Discovering the meaning of life. In the end, everyone wants to know the meaning of their life.

    If you put yourself on a mission to discover it, you’ll find spiritual wisdom along the way.

    This will be a lifelong journey. But, if you look in the right places you will eventually begin to find some meaning and purpose.

    When this happens, you’ll be able to live more intentionally and you’ll naturally become wiser.

  • Exploring the possibilities of what life is like after death. Life after death is a mystery to all. Some have claimed to have gone to heaven and come back to earth, but no one knows for sure what’s in store.

    You can study scripture, theories, and read stories. These will bring you closer to the truth. Examine all possibilities and come to your own conclusions.
  • Symbols. Symbols are another thing you can explore throughout your life.

    There are symbols everywhere and some are deeply connected to spiritual meanings and wisdom. 

  • Your spiritual life. Your own spiritual life is an important part of gaining spiritual wisdom.

    There are many aspects to living a spiritual life.

    You need to study, meditate, learn, and grow in the spirit. All of this will contribute to the development of spiritual wisdom.  

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Revelation of Spiritual Wisdom

Spiritual wisdom is revealed through scripture and experience. The scriptures contain the story of original sin and the nature of God’s grace.

This is the foundation of spiritual wisdom. God reveals it through His word and His character. 

Spiritual wisdom can also be revealed through the creation and your own experience. You can learn a lot from observing, watching, and living in creation. This is the call of wisdom. 

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Everyone must pay attention to wisdom, develop it, learn from it, and apply it. God reveals the creation order for us all to know.

If everyone heeds the call of wisdom, insight, and understanding will become available to them per Proverbs 9. 

Knowing the order and nature of creation is important for developing spiritual wisdom. This is ultimately revealed by God as He and His Spirit guide us into the truth.

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It’s important to note that revelation from God is not a single event. It’s a process and it happens often.

More and more things will be revealed to you as you navigate your life and advance in your studies.

The more you can open your heart to God and be receptive to the teachings and revelations, the more you will learn.

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The more you learn, the further your spiritual wisdom will develop. It’s a cycle that never stops as long as you never give up.