Stress Kit: Everything You Need to De-Stress

Stress is a body’s reaction to danger, threat, or exhaustion. Most people’s lives are filled with stress. Thankfully, there are a lot of things that can help you de-stress.

Keep reading to know the things that complete your stress kit.

What is Stress and What are its causes?

Essentially, stress is tension. It can be bodily or mental tension. There are internal and external factors that cause it.

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External factors that cause stress can be linked to the environment. As well as a person’s psychology or the social situations they find themselves in.

Money and job-related stress are one of the biggest contributing factors for people today. Many people say their email is one of the biggest contributors to stress levels.

Internal factors that can negatively impact someone’s stress levels are illnesses, underlying medical conditions, and recovering from a medical procedure. Some prescribed medications can impact someone’s stress levels, as well.

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Living with high levels of stress can severely impact your quality of life over time. Stress can wear you out physically and mentally.

Tension can also cause a whole raft of health problems. This includes respiratory and cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure, as well as depression.

Tension and anxiety can be relieved by making changes in your body and mind.

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These changes can be small and large and range from everything from thought patterns and breathing techniques to bath salts and essential oils.

What can I do to relieve physical and mental stress?

Stress relievers are behaviors and products that help restore a sense of calmness and serenity into a stressful and chaotic life.

Some stress relievers are related to the behaviors and routines that make up your day. Research has shown how important physical exercise is when it comes to managing stress.

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Anything that gets your heart pumping is good and can include jogging, yoga, biking, swimming, hiking, and gardening.

The food and drink you put into your body also affect your stress levels. Try to eat a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables while avoiding too much sugar, alcohol, and tobacco products. All of which have been shown to increase stress and anxiety.

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Sleep is linked to stress as well, and it’s one of the first factors to look at if you’re struggling.

Lack of sleep and irregular sleep patterns have been shown to dramatically raise a person’s stress levels. So try to go to bed around the same time every day and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

What are the most effective stress relievers?

There are also numerous products that can help you de-stress. Bath products like Epsom salts and bubble bath help you relax in the warm water with soothing smells like lavender, jasmine, and bergamot.

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You can also get essential oils for anxiety, such as rose and ylang-ylang, as well as lavender, jasmine, and bergamot.

One of the best products for stress relief is herbal tea. There are thousands of kinds of tea out there, and it’s worth finding one that works for you.

Popular herbal teas include peppermint, camomile, green tea, lemon balm tea, and passionflower tea.

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Lots of companies do a specific kit for stress relief that includes a few teas perfect for stress relief. Just add boiling water and feel the stress melt away.

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is a great stress reliever for some people that you may want to try.

Popular stress relievers, products such as scented candles, stress balls, new comfy clothes, and affirmation cards, can relieve tension.

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It’s worth trying a few and seeing which one works for you. Although, it may not be the first thing you try, and it’s worth spending time doing a search as it will pay off in the long run.

What to give someone who is physically and mentally stressed?

When we’re stressed, it can be easy to fall into negative patterns, both thinking patterns and physical behaviors.

It can be really difficult to find the time or space necessary to search for a method that works, let alone give ourselves the chance to de-stress.

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This is why it can be so valuable to help someone you know or love who is under a lot of stress. Getting a helping hand from the outside world can be the thing that breaks someone’s negative stress cycle.

There are plenty of ways you can help somebody who is battling stress. Taking them out for a walk or for a quiet dinner and a chat can be a great way to get them to open up. This may also help them to start seeing things differently.

You can also buy them a small gift that will encourage them to take some time to be kind to themselves.

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Bath bombs, essential oils, hand creams, and massage oils are all great personal care products for stress relief. There are specific products like a de-stress kit and a de-stress basket that are great for helping people reduce their anxiety.

Our pets experience stress too

Pets especially dogs and cats are stressed out too. They are not thrilled to stay at home 24/7. Their behavior changes. They need to de-stress as much as we do. There is a lot we can do to help them feel better. Take them for a walk, create a routine and stick to them, take them to a vet, or try the method called healing crystals.

We and our pets can de-stress together! We can do as much for our furry friends!

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What is a Stress Relief Kit and What Should be In It?

Stress kits are perfect for someone who is experiencing unmanageable stress levels in their daily life.

A stress kit is sometimes called an anxiety kit or stress relief kit. It comes fully loaded with plenty of perfect de-stressing products to help people lower anxiety and stress levels.

While the contents of each specific stress kit can vary, the essentials usually remain the same. You’ll usually see a selection of essential oils in your stress kit, which are known for their therapeutic and stress-relieving properties.

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A stress kit, like the popular Neom de stress kit, usually comes with a selection of hand creams, face creams, skin oils, and massage oils.

They’ll often be scented and infused with essential oils to increase their therapeutic effects. Stress-relief candles are also popular items in a stress relief kit.

Other items you’ll often find put in a stress relief kit are stress balls, stress cubes, dark chocolate, herbal teas like camomile and peppermint, and affirmation cards.

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What is a Stress Relief Basket and What are the Essential Things That Should Be In It?

While similar to a stress relief kit, stress relief baskets make a perfect gift for someone you love or care for who is dealing with high levels of stress or anxiety. A well-timed stress relief basket can be the perfect thing for lifting someone out of a bad place.

A stress relief basket can have the same contents as a stress relief kit. Like essential oils, bath products, scented candles, skin creams, and massage oils.

Also, it can have more gift-like products than a kit.

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Think about including a new bathrobe and slippers into your stress relief basket to give it more of a ‘day at the spa’ feel.

You could also include a bottle of wine or champagne depending on the person it’s for, as well as glasses.

If alcohol isn’t right, then herbal teas, hot chocolate, or good-quality coffee are great substitutes. A nice mug is a great touch.

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Once you have the items for your stress relief basket, you’ll want to wrap it in nice paper or cellophane wrap and put bows or ribbon on top to make it look extra special.