Stress Relief Bath: Create Your Own Bathroom Oasis and Calm Your Mind

I get the score- it’s been a long day! Works been a nightmare, your kids have been testing your patience, and you spent an hour on the phone to your sobbing friend as the guy she likes went off with someone else!

Finally! It’s time to fill the tub and spend an hour or two, soaking your troubles away.

Grab the essential oils, add copious amounts of warm water, and relax!

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So, why exactly are baths so relaxing? Do baths relieve stress? And why do they leave your skin, body, and mind feeling so rejuvenated?

Read on to find out all you need to know about why bath-time is so great!

What can I put in my bath to relieve stress?

There is a heap of products you can add to your bath – all of which claim to help soothe your body and mind.

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You could try some stress relief bath salts – Bath & Body works have some great ones- add a generous amount and let the relaxing scents fill the room.

If you have extra aches and pains or suffer from joint conditions, then try some Epsom salts- these soothe the inflammation and soreness in your joints.

Add essential oil or an aromatherapy oil- there are many scents to choose from, from mood-boosting lavender to zesty lemongrass.

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If bubbles are your thing, then Radox stress relief is the one for you- the rosemary and eucalyptus scents will give you fresh forest vibes and help transport you to your relaxation zone- bliss!

On your search for the perfect bath products, you could try bath bombs, body scrubs, and bubble bars (Lush have some great ones).

Different scents

There are endless scented products out there to add to your bath to give it that extra something.

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Here are my top 5 scents to take you to your own bathroom oasis.

  1. Peppermint- this cool and refreshing scent also helps headaches and muscle pain.
  2. Lavender- This favored fragrance is also used to combat stress and as a sleep aid.
  3. Vanilla- This classic scent is sweet, warm, has floral notes, and has calming effects.
  4. Chamomile- kind to skin and with a sweet and subtle fragrance.
  5. Lemongrass- not only does it have a refreshing fruity smell, but it is also used for headaches.

Are baths good for stress and anxiety?

Taking a hot and relaxing bath has more healing powers than you probably realize.

A happy mind makes for a happy body- so when you take a soak in the bathtub and take some time out for yourself, you will reap the benefits.

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Baths are a great way to unwind at the end of a long day. Take time out to reflect on your day, how you feel in certain situations, and how best to handle them?

You could even partake in some bathtub meditation heat your bath up, add your favorite Bath & Body Works essential oil, and clear your mind as you sweat away from your troubles.

Body and mind

Soaking in the bath is great for both your body and your mind.

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A warm bath gets your blood flowing, which is great for circulation.

warm bath can also lower your blood pressure and aid toward settling any anxieties you’re currently feeling.

Adding an essential oil will make your bathroom smell amazing, as well as aiding you with a multitude of ailments- Give your self-esteem a boost with ylang-ylang, and soothe your eczema with cedarwood.

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Be kind to your mind and body- to soak in the bath!

Do baths calm you down?

Have your bad day dramas got in your way? Have you let them overrule your mind and cause you unneeded pressure? Do you long for a calm oasis?

Well then, it sounds like you need to find time for a much-needed bath.

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Baths are well-known to help soothe away your troubles, soothe your muscles and help chill you out so you’ll get a good night’s sleep.

You could light a candle or two, play some calming music, put on an eye-mask, and soak yourself to a healthy mind and body.

A shower can be great and all, especially if you’re in a hurry, but it doesn’t allow for the same relaxation.

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Life is busy, and we’re always in a rush with work, home-life, and socializing- sometimes, it’s important to take a step back from trying to please everyone else and take some time out for ourselves.

Treat yourself to that Bath & Body Works product you’ve been eyeing up, then add it to your lovely warm bath and get out of your head for a while. Or you can visit the float spa shop for many more bath time products.

Sometimes the quickest escapes don’t have to be a sunny weekend vacation- instead, they can be as simple as stepping into your own bath and creating your own bathroom paradise.

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Bathing Your Troubles Away:
An Overview

Your body and your mind deserve some time out- so hop in the tub and relax.

Make your bath personal to you– pick your product, how much water to add, how long you stay in there for, and so on…easy peasy!

Throughout the centuries, baths have been a key factor in helping people to unwind, relax, and detox.

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There’s a reason why the Romans were so fond of bathhouses- they worked out that the benefits of bathing stemmed beyond just feeling sparkling clean.

Life’s never too busy to find some time for yourself. 

So go on a trip to search for your perfect scented product, and treat yourself to the one you like the most.

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Now. Add your favorite product and add yourself to the bath and relax- go on, you know you deserve it!

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