Symbol for Mindfulness: See Through Past Fogs and Focus on the Present

We’ve all seen the symbol for mindfulness. The water drop is symbolic in so many ways.

The idea of mindfulness is to be aware of the present moment and to avoid getting lost in the darkness of life.

Focusing on the present moment allows us to embrace the idea of living in the now and to see the bigger picture.

Time ticks by, and there’s nothing we can do to change this. Worrying about the past and the future can cloud how we take on the present.

So, why is the mindfulness symbol so powerful? Also, why is it so relevant in our day to day lives?

Read on to find out all the must-know information behind that water drop symbol.

What does the mindfulness symbol mean?

The mindfulness symbol is a water drop. The drop is both in and out of the water, it’s at one with both water and air.

The water drop symbol represents the now- the present!

The past and future play a part, but the main point of focus is the present. This center point holds the most prominent focus as it’s representing living in the present.

The past can’t be changed, it can only be learned from. Dwelling on it won’t do you any favors, it will just make you lose yourself in the ‘what could have been.’

The future comes with uncertainty, feeling anxious, or stressed about this won’t change the inevitable. Worrying about the ‘what ifs’ will send you crazy!

Living in the present moment allows you to concentrate on what you want to happen right now. It gives you a fresh focus and allows you to be more empathetic toward others.

Losing yourself in ‘what could have been’ or ‘what may be’ is clouding for the mind. If your head is full of fog, then how can you expect to see the path you should take?

The form of a water drop

In a world of stresses, daily grind and uncertainties, be like water drops!

Be free-flowing, let your effect on the world ripple out, and take the form you need for your current moment.

Don’t get stuck in a mold when you have the ability to be whoever you want to be.

Sometimes the simplest of images have the biggest meaning. The mindfulness symbol may look straightforward, but it’s full of deep symbolism.

The vertical lines represent a halt. The water drop is central and allows you to focus on the now.

The past and future have meaning, but the present moment is your current point of focus.

A good present leads to a bright future.

Learning from past mistakes and not dwelling on them leads to a happy present. 

They’re all connected like a dot-to-dot puzzle. Practice present moment mindfulness so you can keep the dots joined together.

Giedrius Cibulskis

Created by the Lithuanian graphic designer called Giedrius Cibulskis, the mindfulness symbol is one of self-reflection.

In a world full of anguish, fulfillment, and selfishness Giedrius wanted to create a symbol to help people reconnect with themselves and the world around them.

This open source symbol is copyright free, so you can use it wherever you like.

Many people have turned it into tattoo designs and had it inked onto their skin. This reminds them to stay mindful and to remain in the present.

Giedrius recently created the open source symbol as a reminder for everyone to be kind, caring, thoughtful, empathetic, and to not lose sight of the present moment.

Not only does his symbol now universally represent mindfulness, but it also provides us with a powerful message that in difficult times we are stronger when united.

If we flow off in different directions, then the likelihood of getting lost increases. Thus causing havoc not only for ourselves but for each other.

Giedrius created the symbol to show us that there is strength in the idea of mindfulness.

What is the Symbol for Meditation?

There are many symbols to represent meditation and peace of mind.

The most well-known one is the mandala. This can come in many different patterns, colors, and designs, but it’s meaning is the same.

The mandala helps adsorb negative energies from the mind and allows us to focus the mind more clearly during meditation.

Regarded highly in both Hindu and Buddhist cultures – they are a powerful symbol of creatively, self-empowerment, and connection with the universe.

The word mandala is Sanskrit for ‘circle.’

Mandala’s are traditionally a circular pattern made up of geometric lines.

Interpreting the Mandala

As with all symbols, there are many interpretations and meanings behind them.

The mandala is acknowledged worldwide as a powerful symbol that represents our spiritual journey, personal growth, and connecting with the universe.

With so many colorful mandalas out there to choose from, which one you’re drawn too gives insight into your mindset and what you may need guidance with.

Red is all about strength and passion. This energy-boosting color will fuel your senses and your heart and help you find the strength to accomplish your goals.

Black represents believing in yourself as an individual and taking some time out for those important deep thinking moments.

Pink is a symbol for femininity, letting your intuition guide the way and following your heart in matters of love.

The colors of the mandala are symbols for healing, stress and anxiety relief, and reminding yourself to unleash your creativity.

The Unalome

This winding, single-lined symbol crops up pretty much everywhere.

Tattoos, notepads, t-shirts, and so on…so, what does the Unalomesymbol actually mean?

Well, these aesthetically pleasing designs are a symbol for following our life path toward enlightenment.

In a world of different paths and life directions to take, it can feel like a swirling confusion.

But opening up to grow, take risks, and allowing yourself to flourish can lead to self-discovery.

The design stems out into tighter knots and calm lines to symbolize direction achieved.

Your mind is on the road to clarity.

What is Mindfulness?
The Short Answer

Mindfulness is the practice of living in the moment and staying aware of your surroundings.

Instead of auto-piloting through the day, pay attention to the goings-on around you and take note of your thoughts and feelings.

Don’t see the world through blinkered eyes – instead, open your eyes and be aware of the here and now.

Tune your mind into the present moment, and don’t lose yourself in your past regrets.

Mindfulness is about being aware of the present and being kind to yourself.

Don’t punish yourself for your past mistakes. Instead, allow yourself to grow and learn from them, as constantly dwelling on the past will send you to a mentally dark place.

Don’t let yourself panic about the future. Instead, you should live in the present but always be ready to embrace what’s yet to come.

Top tips on how to practice mindfulness

You want to practice mindfulness, but you aren’t sure where to start.

Write down your thoughts – keeping a journal is a great way to keep your mind happy.

It’s not always to keep track of our day-to-day lives and general mood, but keeping a log of our thoughts and feelings helps us to reflect.

Put your focus into one thing at a time. Trying to do everything at once is a surefire way to feel burned out quickly.

Focusing on one thing at a time allows you to put your all into that thing, and not let a pile full of tasks overwhelm you.

Take a walk and pay notice to your surroundings. You should take time to reflect on the beauty of the world, and remain aware of each step you take.

Take a time-out break! In 5-minute slots throughout the day, relax your mind, as this will lead to clear thoughts and a refreshed mindset.

Practicing mindfulness allows you to be a more relaxed version of yourself.

Symbol for Mindfulness: An Overview

The mindfulness symbol is a reminder for us to breathe and take in the moment. To let go of the past, be accepting of the present, and to focus on the now.

We need to trust in ourselves and not let our pasts dampen our future.

Getting lost in the void is avoidable if you focus on the present moment.

Always practice mindfulness and be aware of the mindfulness symbol. Maybe you could put a picture of it in your wallet, planner, or set it as your laptop screensaver?

Be aware of the world around you and the people in it, show compassion for others, and take comfort from the now moments, as they are the points in time that’ll shape your future.