The Changing Nursing Profession – 5 Key Improvements to Look Out For

Surgeons performing surgery

The famous saying about change being the only constant rings true in the nursing field. In today’s era, the nursing profession is constantly transforming and advancing. Undeniably, the primary motive of nursing remains the same, that is, to provide care to patients. Nonetheless, the functions and dynamics of this field keep on evolving with time. People attribute nursing trends to technological advancements; it is partly true, but other factors also affect nursing practices. Scientists and health experts conduct research and bring out new treatments and solutions to the forefront. On the other hand, nurses are tasked with utilizing these new procedures and treatments to improve the quality of care.  

Nurses are the critical constituent of medical organizations, and their contributions can improve healthcare services at large. Nurses, when given autonomy, can provide better care to their patients by utilizing their skills and capabilities. Similarly, collaborative work between healthcare practitioners can improve patient outcomes, reduce medical errors, and overcome other work challenges. 

Today, many efforts to improve care coordination, enhanced efficiency, care redesign, and safety are underway. Some of the critical improvements in the nursing field are as follows:

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  1. More Opportunities for Nurses

The nursing profession has expanded by leaps and bounds, and new fields of nursing keep on emerging. Today, nurses strive for leadership positions in their organizations, continuously expanding their skillset and aiming for higher positions. The paradigm shift in nursing has brought forward more opportunities for nurses in various settings and across multiple domains. Besides, the alarming rise in challenges facing the healthcare sector during the pandemic has further heightened the need for competent nurses. 

We can now expect to see many nurses taking on leadership roles and spearheading large healthcare organizations. Additionally, the expanding profession of nursing is opening doors to various lucrative opportunities in almost every setting. From community health and informatics to rehabilitation and clinical research work, nurses can now venture into virtually any domain. However, to secure a lucrative position in the nursing field, opting for MSN to DNP programs online will prove immensely beneficial. The online DNP program can propel your nursing career in the right direction, providing several pathways ensuring leadership positions. 

  1. Deployment of Telehealth

Deployment of telehealth refers to people using technology to reach healthcare workers in times of need and receiving their consultation almost instantly. It saves them from the hassles of commute and a considerable amount of time. Moreover, it is cost-effective. 

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Aside from doctors, nurses who possess advanced degrees and have an in-depth academic knowledge of nursing can also help patients over telehealth. They can guide them through video conferencing about different ways of treating mild health issues at home. 

  1. Focus on Holistic Well-being

Healthcare practitioners are well aware that mental, physical, emotional, and social well-being are interrelated. Today, nursing encompasses providing holistic care to patients. Several patients, while struggling with a disease or illness, also battle mental health issues. And that’s where the role of nurses heightens. 

Numerous medical facilities are devising programs to address the many difficulties patients experience throughout their entire treatment process. And nurses are the ones who primarily lead these programs.

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  1. Priority to Preventive Care

The worldwide healthcare system now emphasizes preventive care as it helps lower organizational costs and improves people’s well-being. Consequently, nurses are actively raising awareness about the causes of severe diseases and educating people on preventing these issues. They talk about the importance of mental and physical well-being while educating the masses on environmental health hazards. 

Through extensive research and innovation, they collaboratively work with other healthcare researchers to identify underlying causes of various illnesses and devise treatment plans to provide optimal care. They primarily strive to unearth ways to prevent emerging diseases at the initial stage and inform the masses about preventive techniques. From the significance of a balanced diet to the effects and dangers of environmental changes, they promote the importance of health and well-being at all levels. 

  1. Increased Responsibility on Nurses

A nurse’s primary responsibility is to ensure that patients receive quality care with little to no room for complaints. Today, nurses shoulder more duties than any healthcare worker, explaining why they are known as frontline warriors. They’re the ones who spend a substantial amount of time with their patients and help them overcome physical sufferings alongside emotional distress.  

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Nurses with advanced degrees and years of experience serve in authoritative positions and have the liberty of making strategic decisions. They assist doctors in diagnosing illnesses, devising treatment plans, and ensuring optimal patient outcomes. 


Undoubtedly, nurses have always served as the focal point of the healthcare industry worldwide. Nonetheless, their commendable work and dedication to serving society were highly recognized and appreciated amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Such recognition compelled healthcare aspirants to opt for the nursing profession and serve their communities. However, the nursing profession is fast-changing given the population dynamics, changing environments, and advancements in technology. 

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The future of nursing promises professions in various settings and across several sectors. Thus, if you seek to venture into this field, you can opt from a multitude of subfields.