The Heroes of the Pandemic: Five Steps the Nurses Took To Help

Woman in White Coat Wearing White Face Mask

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone globally. The impact hit every sector and disrupted the daily life routine, including education to healthcare, corporate to industrial. Apart from financial damage, this global pandemic has caused the loss of millions of precious lives. But the role of nurses in the healthcare sector deserves special appreciation and applause for serving patients day and night by putting their lives in danger 

During the pandemic, the role of nurses became more crucial as they had to respond to emergencies. They reacted to critical situations efficiently by identifying the patient’s behavior that positively reflected on recovery efforts. Nurses have got a significant role to play in the healthcare system. They have to lead from the front to handle situations while reporting to higher authorities. This article will help you understand which steps nurses took during this pandemic to help patients. 

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Patient care 

Patient care was one of the crucial parts of this current pandemic. Nurses with sound educational backgrounds are suited to fit critical patient care. They served emergency units efficiently with their skills and competence. 

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Besides, online education has made it pretty easy now to attend classes from anywhere. So, you can also opt for different options like DNP programs online and other nursing diplomas to strengthen your profile as a nurse. It can help you pursue your education in a hassle-free way and to fulfill your duties more effectively.

Nurses have played a pivotal role in providing necessary care to patients and monitoring their condition during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses are also responsible for implementing social distancing practices to secure the hospital setting. They have to take safety measures, including wearing masks and gloves, using sanitizers, keeping a distance from everyone, and ensuring that everyone follows the standard operating procedures (SOPs). The most common symptoms of the coronavirus are cough, high fever, and shortness of breath. Nurses closely evaluated every patient’s condition to ensure they do not have these symptoms. Millions of coronavirus cases were recorded, and it was hard to deal with many patients. 

Managing medical equipment properly

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Another duty that nurses have fulfilled successfully is to manage medical supplies and equipment appropriately. They safeguarded supplies such as hand sanitizer and masks in hospitals and healthcare centers. It is essential to keep such items secure during the pandemic and use it properly so nurses have ensured the proper utilization of these resources. 

Imposing sanitation 

Sanitation is a crucial aspect during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to regularly disinfect floors, doors, and every single thing because the virus mostly remains on surfaces for hours. Cleaning all rooms is essential, and nurses enforced hygiene practices while working with patients. 

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Working in extra shifts

Nurses work long and tiring shifts day and night to fill the workforce gaps. They have worked overtime during the pandemic by putting their lives on the line. In countries like Canada and UK, retired nurses were asked to come and serve patients in extra shifts. The retired nurses also did not show any reluctance to go and help emergency units full of coronavirus patients. It shows their sincerity and dedication to serving society in this pandemic. 

Spreading awareness 

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Nurses have played a prominent role in spreading awareness among people related to COVID-19. They have guided people about the symptoms of the virus and what precautions they have to take to secure themselves. Being frontline healthcare workers, they have educated patients on staying at home and avoiding social interaction. They guided patients about taking precautions such as washing hands and using hand sanitizers frequently. Doctors and medical experts do not interact much with patients as nurses do. They constantly stay in touch with patients, so they positively impacted patients by guiding them about social distancing and other healthcare aspects of this pandemic. It shows that nurses have a more influential and powerful voice as compared to other healthcare professionals. 


The nurses were heroes in the face of the pandemic. They ensured that patients got their medication on time and monitored them for signs of worsening symptoms while also providing emotional support. 

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The role of nurses in the COVID-19 pandemic holds special importance as they have dealt with the risk of virus by putting their lives at stake. Nurses have played a heroic role in preventing the spread of coronavirus and treating patients with real passion. They have shown that nothing can beat a true spirit to serve the people. From serving patients in intensive care units to working overtime, nurses have poured their blood and sweat into fighting the endless battle against COVID-19. 

Fulfilling duties successfully as a nurse in the current scenario is a daunting task. No one can deny their significance in the healthcare industry to help patients fight this deadly pandemic.

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