The Importance of Mindfulness in Education

By now, almost everyone has heard about the concept of mindfulness. Some think it’s connected to Buddhism as a religion and stay away from it, while others get deeper into the topic. There’s nothing religious about the concept, it’s all about being connected to yourself, your body, everything you feel and do.

It helps calm your mind, think clearer, have more high-quality rest, and improve your life from all sides. Education isn’t an exception, mindfulness can bring you to a new level of understanding of studies. You’ll become a better student, and not only because you’ll be more attentive and disciplined, but because the way your brain works will change for the better.

Now, let’s discuss the topic in more detail.

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Mindfulness Reduces Stress Levels

Education is often associated with a lot of stress. Piles of assignments, strict teachers, and trying to fit in the peer group all come with some degree of anxiety. And while the essays can be easily written affordably with the help of professional essay services like Cheap Writing Help, it won’t hurt to treat your mind every now and then.

The simplest mindfulness technique is breathing meditation. Now, don’t be afraid of the word “meditation”. Yes, a lot of Buddhists use this tool on a daily basis, but the modern concept of mindfulness doesn’t touch religion in any way.

Try doing the following for 5 minutes:

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  1. Sit comfortably with your back straight;
  2. Do three very deep, slow breaths;
  3. Return to your normal breath and focus fully on it;
  4. Let all other thoughts pass by, don’t catch any of them, just focus on the breath;
  5. Don’t alter the breath in any way, just follow your normal pace.

Do this for 5 minutes and you’ll notice how your mind calms down a little. Doing this technique for the first time may be difficult because our brain isn’t used to not thinking actively for such a long time. Such a short meditation will lower your stress levels and bring some clarity to any situation you’re in.

Mindfulness Will Improve Your Focus

Improving focus is what everyone needs now. There are so many distractions around, everything is trying to get our attention. Colorful advertisements, music everywhere, our own thoughts. It’s difficult to concentrate, and your hand automatically reaches for the phone to check the Instagram feed for the third time in 5 minutes.

But if you eliminate distractions from your head and just 10 minutes to one task, focusing on it fully, you’ll see how much faster and better you perform.

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The same breathing technique can get you back to the working mood in times when everything is a distraction and studies are the last thing you want to do. As a result of the deep focus on what you’re doing, homework will take less time because you’ll work faster and better. 

When you’re focused, you’re in control. Lots of homework and assignments that are due next week? It’s time to come to the teacher’s office to negotiate additional tasks for a better grade? Having an important exam tomorrow?

Focus deeply! And use mindfulness as a tool that will teach you that deep focus.

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Mindfulness Will Improve Your Discipline

If you take up meditation, it can provide so many benefits! One of them, you’re becoming disciplined because you have to take those 5 minutes to half an hour and sit with a straight back, following your breathing and dissolving in it.

After all, when you have an assignment that is due in two days, you’ll start it in time and finish without trouble. No rush, no mistakes, gradual learning and writing. And it won’t feel like a burden, you’ll just know it’s time to do it and hand it in on time.

The same with exam preparations and all kinds of study-related activities. A lot of students are suffering from doing everything at the last minute. There’s so much hate in the moment when you’re sleep-deprived, hungry, and thinking of leaving all of this and forgetting you’re a student at all. You don’t need that kind of vibrations in your body, right?

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Mindfulness Will Bring Balance to Your Life

Listening to your body and being in contact with yourself for about half an hour a day will bring balance to all spheres of your life. You’ll become more compassionate, the pressure of studies and society won’t seem as high as usual. You’ll beat anxiety and will be able to think clearly in any situation.

The way your brain works will change as the new neural connections are created. The connections of mindfulness towards everything that happens. Your memory and focus will be improved, allowing for faster and better learning. As a result, the grades will become higher, and every experience – more memorable.

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Implement Mindfulness in Your Day-to-Day Routine

The most difficult thing is to begin. Those first 5 minutes might seem very boring or your focus will go off all the time. But as you train and discipline yourself for a month, the changes will start to come by.

For education, your clear thinking, minding your body and thoughts, and deep focus are essential. Clear thinking will allow for better learning, minding your body and thoughts will allow for balance in studies and rest, improving your physical and mental health. And the  deep focus will make you faster, smarter, and more successful at school/college.

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