The Meaning & Spiritual Significance of The Blue Sapphire Stone

Blue sapphire stones are coveted for millennia. This is also for a good reason. For one, this stone looks incredible. It is believed to possess different qualities that the beholder may have a deeper connection with. In terms of wearing it, it can also work well in combination with different outfits.

Let’s dive into what makes sapphires special by focusing specifically on the blue examples of this gemstone. We will look into the meaning that’s been ascribed to them over the years.

A royal lineage

You’ve probably heard the term ‘royal blue’ before. There’s a link that’s ties sapphires to the monarchies of various nations.

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Royal blue is one of the blue auras and it signifies someone who is both empathetic and intuitive. It also exhibits personality traits that make them suited to escaping negativity and taking any opportunity that comes their way.

blue sapphire: a royal lineage

Image Source: Pexels

An eastern symbol

Another association that sapphires have gathered is that with the countries in the eastern portion of the planet. For example, the deep blue version of this gem represents wisdom. The blue sapphire stone may bolster the process of cultivating self-discovery.

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A tool for communication

Sometimes we can feel stifled in our attempts to communicate with others. This might be because there’s a blockage at a spiritual level; one which drives a wedge between us and the people who are most important.

When you shop sapphire rings on, you’re not just investing in a beautiful piece of jewelry. You are also hoping for a stone which promises to open you up to the world around you. For example, a blue sapphire stone can help in rebuilding bridges and working towards a solution most especially in relationships.

blue sapphire

Image Source: Pixabay

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A sign of hope

We all need hope in our lives. Blue sapphires evoke ideas of the universe beyond our tiny blue planet. This gives us a sense of perspective which translates into the promise of something bigger and better waiting just around the corner.

In combination with healing meditation, a blue sapphire stone will allow you to look to the future with optimism about its possibilities. The stone gives you hope about what is to come. In effect, we are not cowed by concerns about the uncertainty of things yet to pass,

A means of finding forgiveness

The role of forgiveness is emphasized throughout human history. This is in the form of forging civilization and strengthening the relationships.

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The blue sapphire stone has absorbed some of this meaning within various cultures and civilizations. If forgiveness is what you want to achieve, this blue stone could be the motivation you need.

blue sapphire's cultural significance

Image Source: Pixabay

A force for unification

We can think of our bodies and our minds as separate entities. The spiritual realm is detached from the rest of reality. Even so, it is possible to aim to align and unify these various sphere. The blue sapphire stone is instrumental in achieving this according to old beliefs.

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With this unification comes the serene feeling of being at one with yourself and with the rest of existence.

Final thoughts

The dazzling appeal of blue sapphire gemstones is enough to make them a must-own item. This is regardless if you are a spiritual person or not. If you feel compelled to purchase one based on the meanings mentioned above, then you have enough reason to do so.

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