Things You Should Know About Glashutte Original

Did you know that back then, the Roman numeral for 4 was not in the correct format? It often came out to be IIII instead of IV format. Several theories exist as to how this was the case. One of which was that the number used to be in that manner, but since number 3 is closely the same, thus the change took place. Others claim that due to some people lacking the ability to read, it came out that way. Another claim was that it appears pleasing on the dial of the watch. For whatever reason it was, modern watches usually have the correct format of the Roman number now.

Another watch trivia you would want to know is that watches saved the Jews during WWII. In Germany at that time, inside the concentration camp, a watch workshop was in place. Approximate 160 watchmakers are in there to repair the watches. Thanks to their horological training, most of them made it out alive. From here on out, one could say that watches played an essential part in the world’s history. It is notable for most how watches evolved through time. Several brands came to be and left quite a legacy in the world of watchmaking. One of those brands is the Glashutte Original.

Looking Back On Glashutte Original

Several years ago, Glashutte Original began its journey before it reached where it was now. As people would claim, word travels fast, and for these watches, it did not take long when people recognized its high-quality and reliable timepieces. During the 19th Century, the Glashutte Original brand traces its history to Ferdinand Adolph Lange’s man. He sent a letter indicating the need to have a watch factory in Glashutte, Germany, to the Royal Saxon government. He wrote in full a detailed plan regarding the factory. The letter says that the apprentices specialize in different fields to enable the industry to flourish in Glashutte. Before this, Ferdinand Adolph Lange has recently come back from his visit to Switzerland. He got the inspiration for manufacturing watches there.

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Gradually, the Royal Saxon government agreed to his plan and approved the loan, to begin with, the project. Along with Moritz Grossman, Adolf Schneider, and Julius Assmann, Ferdinand Adolph Lange became the four fathers for the Glashutte watchmaking. Though along the way, the company suffered, especially after WWII, Glashutte Original still pushed through. Due to its success, Glahsutte had to add the term original on its name to differentiate it from the ones that somehow became copy cats of the Glashutte watches.

It is an excellent thing to note how the cases and dials for the watches of Glashutte Original are Germany-made. However, they came from different cities within. Amidst the wave of a quartz crisis, Glashutte Original prevailed. Instilling its six core values, Glashutte Original proves to be your exquisite find when it comes to watches. Not only would you have an appealing wristwatch, but you would also have the ideal wristwatch that suits your tastes.

Glashutte Watch Collections

Glashutte Original left a mark in history. In the modern world today, it is one of the watch brands to look out for. Each timepiece for Glashutte Original is sure to have a classic and elegant look. Additionally, it displays the history of Glashutte and how it came to be.

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The Senator Collection

These watches are perfect for the classic and elegant-looking watches that you would want to have. It possesses the traditional design elements and keeps the highest standard in timekeeping. The watches in these collections are:

  • Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 1920 –Limited Edition
  • Senator Tourbillon
  • Senator Chronometer Tourbillon – Limited Edition
  • Senator Moon Phase Skeletonized Edition
  • Senator Manual Winding Skeletonized Edition
  • Senator Cosmopolite
  • Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar
  • Senator Chronometer
  • Senator Chronometer Regulator
  • Senator Chronograph Panorama Date
  • Senator Observer
  • Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase
  • Senator Excellence Panorama Date
  • Senator Excellence

The Pano Collection

These watches exude innovation and creativity. It has contemporary appearances and has asymmetrical dial visuals. It is perfect for giving you that perfect modern look for watches. In this collection, the watches are:

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  • PanoLunar Tourbillon – Limited Edition
  • PanoLunar Tourbillon
  • PanoGraph
  • PanoMaticCounter XL
  • PanoInverse
  • PanoMaticInverse
  • PanoMaticLunar
  • PanoReserve

The Spezialist Collection

This collection depicts a rich heritage. The watches in this collection proved to be something you would surely want to have in your hand. The watches you would like to look out for in this collection are:

  • SeaQ
  • SeaQ Panorama Date

The Vintage Collection

These watches combine two fascinating periods notable in the history of watches. The sixties and the seventies are two periods that are rich in history and play a more significant part in this collection. The watches for this collection are:

  • Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date
  • Seventies Panorama Date
  • Sixties Chronograph Annual Edition
  • Sixties Annual Edition
  • Sixties Chronograph
  • Sixties Panorama Date
  • Sixties

The Ladies Collection

For the ladies, these timeless timepieces are indeed a sight for you to behold. They depict beauty and elegance in the different watches that it offers. The unique style and design and add the high-quality of these watches would surely catch your interest in an instant. The watches available in the collection are:

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  • PanoMatic Luna
  • Lady Serenade

Glashutte Watches In The Modern Times

These watches may not have the same fame as all other watch brands throughout history. However, it does not change how great these watches can be. The craftsmanship, the uniqueness of the designs and styles, and the history of Glashutte are enough to lure you towards these adorable and one-of-a-kind watches. And though it is not as famous as it may be, Glashutte watches majorly makes a name for itself.

Carrying six core values, namely, originality, excellence, tradition, beauty, modernity, and exclusivity, Glashutte watches are indeed worth having in this modern era.


Glashutte Original wrist watches offer you a durable, reliable, and stable timepiece. Additionally, these watches depict creativity and even originality for each of their timepieces ever made.

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Whether you would use it for yourself or as a present to someone, a Glashutte watch would undoubtedly be an excellent accessory to pick.