Top Activity Bands In 2022

Lots of us rely on smartwatches and bands to track our levels of health and fitness. They are a great piece of tech if you’re looking to record data from your workouts as a way of reaching your goals. The market for activity bands to make fitness wearable is huge, so how do you know which is best for you? Below, we’ll look at some of the top activity bands for 2022.

Benefits of an activity band

If you’re looking to improve your general health and fitness, or you have specific goals you’d like to achieve, a fitness or activity band can be beneficial. This can apply whether you’re training after work or trying to stay fit and healthy during exams. Most fitness trackers can measure various elements of a workout or your lifestyle – for example, most of them measure heart rate, steps, and calories burnt, which is great if you’re looking to become more active and increase your daily movement.

If you regularly take part in a sport or exercise like swimming, running, or weightlifting to boost your energy levels or stay healthy, your fitness tracker can store data from these workouts so you can reflect on your performance and compare your progress. Activity bands can keep you accountable and on track throughout your fitness journey, as well as look stylish so you can wear them every day.

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Features to look for

When it comes to features to look for in your activity band, whether you’re training outside or you have home gym equipment to help with your weight loss and fitness, it all depends on what you’re hoping to use it for. As mentioned previously, most of these bands feature heart rate monitoring, as well as a step counter, so if these are non-negotiable for you, you’re likely to be able to choose from many bands. If you’re looking for a band that can measure a range of workouts, or you’re looking for a tracker that is made for a specific sport like running, you’ll want to ensure that the band you choose can offer workout tracking. It may also be worth looking at the battery life and if it is waterproof.

Below, we’ll look at the top activity bands that you could try this year.

Fitbit Inspire 2

This band was produced as an improvement on the Fitbit Inspire HR. With a few improvements like the battery life of the band, new features like Fitbit’s Active Zone Minutes, and a year’s trial of the premium subscription service, this model is most definitely a step-up. And all of that is at the same price! The band is small and sleek, it has a touch screen that is integral to the strap and can provide tracking of sports like swimming, running, and cycling. If you’re a more competitive sportsperson, you may find this watch fiddly. However, it is a great option overall.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 6

This fitness tracker is one of the best regarding value for money. The Xiaomi Mi Band boasts a high-resolution screen for an attractive, colorful display. The battery life of this activity tracker band can last up to 14 days, and the straps are changeable if you find that yours is becoming worn. Regarding sports, this band offers 30 settings and can track your runs and rides via GPS. If you’re looking for something that can offer lifestyle settings, this band has SpO2 sensors, heart rate, and sleep monitoring. If you’re looking for a more affordable product that offers more color than the Fitbit, this could be an option.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

Garmin is a well-known brand in the world of fitness trackers and activity tracker bands, and this band shows why it remains one of the most popular for those of us looking to track our health and fitness. You can track your usual workouts on this, along with having access to a heart rate monitor if this is something you’re looking for. It is much like the Fitbit in the way that the screen is integral to the strap, and it is thin, making it great for everyday wear.

This band could be the best option if you’re looking for high-quality health metrics, as it can show you your steps, calories, and staircase climbs and track your stress levels. It can track your ‘body battery,’ which tells you when you should be working out and when it is best to rest. The battery life is around a week, which is a little less than the Xiaomi Mi Band but is still great value for money.

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Whoop Strap 4.0

The Whoop strap boasts one of the sleekest designs on the activity tracker band market. It has the lowest battery life of them all, but if you’re looking for accurate health data, this band could be the best option for you. When paired with its smartphone app, it can show users the oxygen levels in their blood, skin temperature, as well as heart rate. It helps to show you when is best to rest and recover so you don’t become injured or burnt out. The only factor to consider regarding this fitness wearable band is that it is not a watch, just a wearable strap that connects with your app.