Using Psychology to Help Patients with Dental Anxiety

Have you ever seen the need to book an appointment with a dentist, but you could not just get yourself to do it because you feel nervous or anxious about it? Perhaps you are unsure what the dental professionals will find, and you are scared it won’t be nice or think the process will hurt you.

Well, the chances are that you might have a condition known as dental anxiety. But the good news is that you are not alone in this. Many other people like you worldwide are scared about booking an appointment or visiting the dentist. This is why dental professionals and organizations, like The Smilist Dental in Hicksville, have been working round the clock to find convenient solutions to the problem.

Fortunately for you, professionals have discovered an effective way to manage this problem, and it entails the use of psychology to help you defeat your dental anxieties even while dealing with anĀ All on 4 dental implants recovery time. If you are reading this article now, you are even luckier because we will teach you the top essential things to know about this treatment and how it could work for you. So, ensure to read to the end for the fascinating information you will find here.

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What Does Dental Anxiety Mean?

Perhaps, you are still confused about the concept of dental anxiety and what it entails. Here is a simple breakdown of the term to you: dental anxiety is a term used to describe a kind of anxiety, fear, or stress that is often associated with visiting a dental setting for some people. This anxiety can lead these people to delay or even avoid dental treatment when there is a need for it.

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Some of the things that can trigger dental anxiety for most people include drills, needles, the smell around the dental office, or even the entire office setting. It is also essential to note that you can categorize this fear or feeling into levels, and the highest level is referred to as a dental phobia.

How can Dental Anxiety Affect Your Oral Health?

Dental anxiety often causes people to delay or avoid visiting the dentist, even when necessary. Indeed, this is not good for your oral health, and it can lead to several issues for your teeth, including the following:

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It can lead to dental diseases: dental anxiety will make you delay an appointment with your dentist when there is a need to visit. This means that the issues which you need to see your dentist for will be left to continue growing and even lead to more complicated problems like dental diseases.

It leads to more anxiety: one bad thing about dental anxiety is that it is not quickly taken care of; it is bound to continue growing and might even develop into a case of dental phobia. This is often referred to as ‘the vicious cycle of dental anxiety.

It leads to poor oral hygiene and care: the process of adequately caring for our teeth involves regular visits to the dentist. However, people often want to skip this critical appointment with dental anxiety. Indeed, it will result in poor oral care.

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How Psychology Can Help Treat Dental Anxiety

Professionals have recognized dental anxiety as more of a psychological problem because it often has to do with the mindset and perception of the people who suffer it. Some psychological tips and processes are often recommended for solving the problem. They include the following:

Acknowledge it and Speak Up: the solution to most problems often starts with acknowledging a problem and speaking up about it. This also applies to dental anxiety. You have to, first of all, recognize that it is a problem for you and consult a professional about it.

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Employ Mindfulness Techniques: experts have recognized that the mind can be potent and vital for achieving attitudinal and perceptional changes. So, it would help if you practiced mindfulness in your quest to overcome dental anxiety. You should know that relaxation comes from the mind, and you are likely not to achieve your goal if your mind is not settled. So, try deep breathing exercises, body relaxation scans, etc.

Try to Distract Yourself: another psychological technique that could work for defeating dental anxiety is distracting yourself from the things that make you worry when visiting the dentist. For instance, if you are scared of syringes and drills, you can try to focus your mind on other things in the dentist’s office when you visit.


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Dental anxiety has proven to be a problem and barrier to good oral health for many people over the years. Thankfully, though, it has been discovered that psychological treatment can help solve this problem. We have discussed how it works in this article.